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PROLOGUE It is a fiction novel just about imagination, Noticed you can never change your fate in life, How will you feel to waste all your young age in a coma? Her revenge was all that would make her whole again she wanted revenge for wasting her ten years in a coma, anyone could go to any length just for revenge. Justin and Clara had been best friends and their relationship grew stronger, so Justin invited Clara on a date to his house, Not knowing the betrayal Justin and his family are planning to test a chemical experiment on her. Innocent Clara went to his house in the evening, she took the chance to go out when her parent was on a business trip, Ungetting their it was an automatic pause to her fifteen years on earth, the chemical experiment went wrong and made Clara enter a coma, a long sleep of ten years. After ten years in a coma Clara finally woke up and find out that Justin was now the world, YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE and he married successfully with two kids, this felt like a sharp pain in Clara's heart, she got annoyed and finally took a plan to revenge but love calls, mike was a worker at Justin company but a boss to Clara they grew a tight bond but Clara realized the secret of Justin and what the chemical had damage in her body, All after Clara. Who will win is it Justin or Clara? what should Clara choose love, revenge, or both after swearing an oath to destroy Justin's family, find out in the novel, God bless you?

Chapter 1




I was on the bed my heart kept on pounding like that of a mortal and pestle, ....' please Stop just everything you are doing to me...' I whispered in a weak tone

I can't even remember anything again when I was injected and knocked out, as tears rolled down my cheek.




Justin has been my boyfriend since school, we attended the same school, we live near and he was always there for me when I needed him the most, while my mom and dad were just like a bulldog they don't even seem to care for me they only thought I was cursed to them because everything has gone wrong after my existence, all they did was t0o pay, my school fees and that all, then I realized one day that I was adopted, found the document when mom mistakenly dropped her file to attend to our neighbor, gasp after seeing that, I did not even bother to ask why? just kept playing along and pretending with them.

then the day of regret, chaos, a day that if I had foreseen I won't let it come to past, It was a bad date I had with Justin, he asked me out on a date to his house, meanwhile, Justin's families were great doctors and they were super rich, I got there at the right time in the evening since mom and dad are on a business trip, I put on the most decent and beautiful cloth ever.

I sat down with them at the dining table, I, Justin, his dad, and his mom were present then Justin said something suspicious to his parents codedly.

....'Dad, I hope she is better than the last one....' he said and his dad nodded, I was blushing not knowing what he meant and what was coming for me.

suddenly, they all left the dining table with different excuses and I was left there alone, I decided to peep at them, I was shocked my head was spinning like that of a clock, Justin and his parent want to test their new chemical experiment on me I was shocked, I wanted to run for my life when I tripped over something that made a loud noise they came running over to me I tried to run but I was caught it was three against one.

A huge man carried me to a medical room in their house they tied all my hands up and my mouth I heard him saying.

...' these my second experiment to change every setting in a female body...' he said

And when I heard that my heart began to pound like that of mortal and pestle ....' please just stop everything you are doing to me...' I whispered in a weak tone

I can't even remember anything again when I was injected and knocked out, as tears rolled down my cheek.


After five years in a deep sleep, I regained my consciousness it seems as if everything had changed, people have changed a lot better and it seemed as if I was pushed out of the arrangement.

It felt as if my life was like a car screeching and it finally stop, Is back to life I guess, I stood up gently from my bed and walked straight out of the strange room I was in, I walked out and found out am in a church house, I saw one reverend sister in there I went to ask about my parent but she was shocked to see me

...' she is awaked..' she said screaming, all the reverend mothers and sisters came out and celebrated me then the reverend mother came and she asked for a check-up on me I was fine and good to go.

she sitted me down privately and told me that my parent gave up on me when they found out have been in bed since when they were back from their trip, they did their best to wake me up but I was knocked out they were scared and decided to put me in a church(adoption), that how I got there.

I heard that and a hard bell was ringing in my head then I remembered the past when Justin's family did to me, I could not hold the trauma I grabbed my two hands on my head and shouted.

...''' Justin...' I shouted, and ask what month we are, then I realized am twenty-five years old, I wept I wasted my childhood plays and love I cleaned up my tears sniffing and ran back into my room crying so hard it just that am empty, nobody, everything I had on earth was lost, like a needle falling into water losing its visibility.

Weeks have gone after the soberness I decided to change myself and leave the church orphanage, I took a bath it was as if it was my first time bathing in my life, I wrapped my towel and put on the shabby reverend gown and I tuned the television on and what the freak I saw Justin ...'' THE WORLD BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE..' I off the tv out of annoyance.

...' how he wasted my life and his free, am going to take my revenge back on them..' I said in an aggressive tone, I put on the shoe and left my room, I went straight to the reverend mother and told her I needed to start a new life elsewhere I told her and appreciated her kind gesture towards me then she handed me my...............old phone I was in shocked and amazed, I hugged her tightly and she gave me some money and she stared into my eyes wishing me success.

Chapter 2


I left, I was planning to go over to my old house then I boarded a cab, the driver ignited the engine and we were moving, and then he drove me to another dimension I was quiet I thought everything had changed but he kept going till we reach a bush he asked me to come down, I knew that how people like them are so I picked up to my hills when I heard a gunshot...

...'' if you move an inch I kill you there..' he said and I was shaking and tears flush out, I don't want anyone to harm me again but I had to surrender so I will be free to get my revenge back.

he then whistled and then five huge men appeared and I was shocked, they took me in and I was forced to sleep with them one by one after the disgusting moment I noticed that when the first man was with me I did not feel any force in me not a point of blood coming, my


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