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Lured by the double salary, she decided to become the director's assistant for six months. On her first day as an assistant, Sophia lectured an arrogant man in front of everyone. But when she realizes the man is her billionaire boss Lennox Ray, she faces the risk of being fired. "I don't need an assistant, but if you insist, then here.." he flung the papers at her. "Those are the rules, read and abide by them. If you break any, you're out." Rule number one: Do not go through my emails. Do not make loud noises. No heels allowed.Do not... Do not... Do not... It was never-ending. "Such an *ssh*l*... You've got yourself a challenge, Lennox Ray. I'm going to do my very best to please you, that when it's time for me to leave, you'll be begging me to stay with a triple increase in my f*ck*ng salary".

Chapter 1

"Hey! f*ck*ng Son of a mother-effing biscuit eater" ... Sophia yelled and swore as a car raced past her, splashing rainwater on her car in the process.

"Did you just cuss at me young lady" her mother shocked voice gasped through the receiver making Sophia wince. She'd forgotten that she had answered her mother's call and that they'd been talking before the rude driver's incident. She exhaled, softening her voice to explain.

"That wasn't meant for you Mom, it was some...".

Her mother cut her off. "I don't care what you have to say, Sophia, I didn't raise you to spit such words out of your mouth, if you had a man in your life, you'd have learned to filter your words and tone down that nasty temper of yours..."

Sophia couldn't believe it, she hadn't even used any horrible words, yet she was being reprimanded, and how was getting a man in her life even related to her having a filthy mouth. The sound of the rain splattering on the car drowned out Sophia's mother's voice on the phone, giving her some respite. She sighed, as she listened to her cutting words. They felt like nails driving into her coffin.

"You're not getting any younger Sophia, you need a guy in your life, even if he turns out to be younger than you. You go around with those single friends of yours and that's why you can't get any guy to notice you. You glare at anyone that approaches you, but you spend money on those little brats you call your workmates like there's no tomorrow, you don't even care about me, you don't care about your mother's feeling, are you trying to send me to an early grave with worry huh, is that it".

Sophia flexed her wrist on the steering, as she tried to sound like she was concerned about her mother's worry, but she knew she failed miserably.

"Mom, I do care about you, I'm always trying to please you, why are you doing this to me on a Monday morning?. What is it you want from me, I bought you that mink fur that cost a fortune right, also that Audi A5 you always wanted to add to your car collection so you could show off to your friends. I've been trying my best mom, can you just cut me some slack" she got out tiredly, trying to focus on the road ahead of her, she felt a migraine beaconing.

"That's just it Sophia if you were married or had a man in your life, or even little kids to give your attention to, you wouldn't be spending like that".

Sophia took another deep breath, counting to five before she answered.

"I'm driving right now, can we talk later, I'm going to get into an accident if we keep this up".

Her mother's voice got intense. "You're always running from having this conversation with me... Sophia, this is honestly serious, all my friend's daughters are either married or getting married... "

Sophia reached for a piece of nylon, she placed it on the mouthpiece of her phone, creasing it over to make a static sound.

"Hello... I think I'm losing connection, let's talk later ok... Bye"

She ended the call, glaring at her phone before exhaling tiredly. "Darn it! I'm so tired of this. Can't she give me a break for at least today, I thought we were making progress when she'd stopped disturbing my sleep at night... How wrong I was. It's like she doesn't have anything to do other than bother me. Should I just get a new phone?" she mumbled to herself, as she drove towards the RSVP parking lot, she maneuvered to her usual parking spot only to notice a black Ferrari SF90 Stradale occupying her space. She drove around it, till she found a free spot. She parked, got her stuff, and came out of the car. She trudged towards the sleek-looking car, examining it.

It was breathtakingly awesome. Her eyes darted around the environment, checking for the installed security cameras. Finding no one that was pointed in her direction, She hit the car with her heels, leaving a dent.

"Serves you right for being in my space just because you're an expensive car. My auto is way much better" she huffed, then walked around the car, spitting at the mirror for good measures. She smiled, satisfied at taking out her frustration. Sophia sauntered into the company in high spirit. Next time, the owner would find somewhere else to park. She grinned at the thought. Sophia's Mom made her depressed with her constant reminders that she didn't have anyone to call her own. Her mother wanted her in a relationship and had given her an ultimatum just the week before. Sophia had thought that with the ultimatum in place, her Mom would stop bothering with calls, she was very wrong on those counts.

Her mother had threatened her to get a guy before the year ran out, or else she'd take matters into her own hands. Sophia's friends had also been hired by her mom for that very purpose, so they were always trying to hook her up at the slightest chance. Her mother had been right about her spending, she could agree with that, but she only did it because she wanted her to have a good life. She also wanted her friends to enjoy any benefits she brought to the table. She was already rich, It was not like she could spend all her earnings on herself. She had everything she needed, except a man as her mother told her every other day.

Once she got into the company, she was met with friendly faces, saying their hellos and hi. They all liked her, mostly because she spent a lot at team dinners. She entered the elevator, punching the number to her department.

She adjusted her orange top, smoothing her black pencil skirt. She would have preferred sneakers, but heels gave a more cooperative feel. The elevator pinged open, and she stepped out to meet the familiar faces of her team. She was their leader and had been leading them for five years successfully. They designed pieces of jewelry, clothes, shoes, and accessories. She was in charge of making sure that everything was of quality, saving the higher-ups the trouble. She was a boss in her little corner. She had worked for nine years, painstakingly building up her profile, until the company felt almost helpless without her. Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but she felt it was that way. She approached her desk, surprised to see that it had been cleared. She paused, looking around at the curious faces of her team of ten designers.

"What's with my table. Are we renovating or something?" She looked around for an explanation until her eye landed on Leroy who was just stepping in.

"Miss Sophia, Mr. Sanchez is asking for you in his office. He says it's an urgent matter"

"Urgent matter?" She repeated, before smiling. He had been hinting at a promotion for a weak. She guessed that was what he was referring to as an urgent matter. It was about time she got one tho.

"I think he's going to promote you" Lyka chirped, her bob haircut bouncing at her enthusiasm.

Sophia's heart fluttered, but she played off Lyka's comment."Don't I wish". Sophia couldn't stop her smile from getting wider at the confirmation of her thoughts from another individual. "Wish me, luck guys".

Leroy smirked. "Not like you'll be needing it. You're the best worker LC has".

Sophia didn't want to appear too proud. "Oh please, it's not like am indispensable"

Lyka got up from her seat, all fired up."If he fires you, we'll go on a year strike, organize a huge protest for them to take you back" Lyka promised, all eager. Sophia chuckled.

"That's the spirit guys. I'll go now, fingers crossed. Get back to work. Time is money".

They all took their seats, watching as she got into the elevator. Once it closed, they scampered out of their seats, rushing towards Leroy's desk.

Mary was the first to break the silence. "Spill Leroy, is she getting promoted or fired".

Leroy shrugged. "I don't know. Mr. Sanchez didn't give a lot away, he just asked for her".

Lyka's lips pouted in a frown. "Mr. Sanchez better not fire her. I don't want to work under a new boss. Sophia is the best".

Ivan nodded in agreement, looking skeptical. "But it's not up to Mr. Sanchez. He's not the director, he's just the manager. He doesn't have a say if the orders are from the higher-ups".

Lyka crossed her arms, looking thoughtful.

"You're right Ivan. And there's nothing we can do to stop Mr. Sanchez, even the protest idea. I don't want to lose my job" she confessed. The others nodded in agreement.

"Well, no one would. Miss Sophia is competent, a great teacher, she makes everyone wants to be their best. It's their loss If they let her go"

"Yeah. Her family is rich so she won't feel it" Leroy added to lift the heavy atmosphere.

"Ugh! I hate Mr. Sanchez. Sophia's such a beautiful pure soul" Ivan got out dreamily, earning an eye roll from Lyka.

"You like her don't you?" She asked staring at him. It was so sudden that he fidgeted in his spot, losing his ability at forming a reply. Lyka pressed on, ignoring his panicked reaction.

"Sorry to burst whatever bubble you're in but she'll never be interested in you, so stop dreaming. Let's get back to work. Miss Sophia hates slacking off" she muttered, walking back to her desk. The others followed suit. Ivan dragged his heavy legs back to his desk, doing his best to avoid the gazes of everyone. He had always crushed on Sophia, but he hadn't expected Lyka to tattle on him like that. It made color rush up his face, he got speechless, unable to take a decent breath. Love was a choked-up feeling for him.

Sophia pushed the door walking back inside making everyone act more serious than they had been.

"Ivan, I want your report on my desk once I get back... I've given you lots of grace, today is your last day ok," she told. Ivan nodded quickly.

Sophia chuckled at the blush spreading across his cheeks. He was younger than her, but Mom doesn't care about their age right, should I just go with this guy since he clearly had a crush on me, Sophia thought... No way, mom was probably just playing, she'd have a heart attack if I brought this guy home. Sophia sighed, stepping out of the office. She hoped she got the promotion, at least then she'd have something to celebrate.

Chapter 2

Mr. Sanchez's office was interesting... Sophia thought as she looked around the room, before refocusing her gaze on the man who occupied the office- her immediate boss. There were paper wraps of chocolate everywhere, his documents pilled up to the roof of his office, slipping to the floor. He was an odd man, but he was an efficient administrator, the only problem he had was that his office was always a disaster, and so was his appearance.

He was in his fifties, his eyes a bit sunken with thick lashes that made them look unique. His nose had a little bit of crookedness to it, probably from fights while he had been a dashing young playboy... Maybe I should tell my Mom that he's the one I want to marry, Sophia grinned at the thought, shaking her head to stave off how absurd it was. He was too old, too disorganized to consider, plus he was getting bald, and the little hair he had, grew like a disease on top of his bald head. He wore suits throughout the season, even when


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