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Not Yours, Not Anymore

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"I agree. I will grant her the divorce she seeks." These words were haunting Angelo Giordano. His wife of two years had divorced him and was now working in his office and Man! she is s*xy, beautiful and a passionate worker. "Are you ashamed to let anyone know that you were married to me?" He whispered in her ear in the elevator which made a shiver run down her spine. "I don't give a d*mn about the past." Alessia told him but she slapped herself mentally. Who was she kidding. Now she has Draco on one hand and Angelo on the other. Is it right to have these thoughts about Angelo when she is happy with Draco? At the altar standing with Draco, will Alessia change her mind? Or her happily-ever after is written with Draco?

Chapter 1


She breathed a heavy sigh and didn’t stop pacing around the large hall, something she was doing for the last one hour, knowing that her husband will not step foot into the house before 9:00. He deliberately came late, so they wouldn’t have to cross path. But tonight, she was determined to cross paths with him.

She was fidgeting, and repeating everything she wanted to say to him. She breathed heavily again and looked at the huge vintage grandfather clock, only to see that it was only 8:30 now. Why was she waiting like a fool when she knows that he isn’t coming back for another half hour? Why is she trying to rehearse? It’s her husband she wants to talk to. Should she be worried?

“I know I am pazzo.” (crazy) She mumbled to herself.

But the thing she wants to talk to him about is huge and she knows that he will make the hell rain down on her. But she has to talk to him, no matter what.


Angelo walked into his house. He undid two buttons on his shirt as it had been a long day and he just wanted to relax now. But he heard faint rhythmic breathing. His brows furrowed and he moved to the large sofa in the drawing room, while loosening his tie.

As he reached the sofa, he peeked and found his wife sleeping in a foetal position. He looked at his watch. It was 10:30. But time was of no importance as the sight before him was making him look at her longer than he had in their marriage of two years. She was wearing a caramel brown knee length sleeveless dress, and matching flats. Her hair was open and her face was glowing. He never knew his wife looked so beautiful while sleeping. And how could he when they don’t even sleep in the same room?

In that moment, he was feeling a certain tightening in his pants but he knew better. His eyes roamed on her exposed legs and bared arms and he frowned. The house help might see her in this position.

It made him angry at once. No one is allowed to look at Angelo Giordano’s wife even though he doesn’t look at her himself. He pulled out his jacket and covered her legs.

Author’s POV

Alessia woke up as she felt something soft on her legs. She immediately sat up and found her husband looking down at her. His cold, grey eyes were looking at her as if they want to freeze her to death. In their two years of marriage, Alessia had never seen even a speck of warmth in his eyes for her. Even now, he had something on his mind which she didn’t want to hear.

“Offering quite a spectacle for house help, aren’t you?” His low baritone voice was chocolaty. The world is right about Italian man, Alessia thought. They are just something else. S*xy cavemen.

It took Alessia a moment to understand what he meant and she gasped in horror. What does he think of her?

“How dare you say that?” She reacted but he was already leaving.

“Stop.” She called but he didn’t stop.

“Stop.” She screamed this time. And he did halt. He turned to her while undoing his cuff and raised his brows as if she was a naughty child and he was going to punish her.

Stepping out of the sofa, Alessia moved to him on her shaky legs. This man has never given her anything. Anything except pain and she doesn’t deserve it.

She stopped about a feet away from him.

“I need to talk.”

Angelo smirked and turned to leave. Alessia scoffed. “I said I want to talk.”

“And I don’t.” He was already ascending the stairs. He didn’t consider her human enough to answer on her face? Alessia thought and stomped her foot.

“It’s important.” She asserted.

“I am tired and don’t want to listen to your blabber.”

“It is important and you must listen.”

Angelo was really tired and wanted to have a nice nap. When Alessia reasserted what she wanted, he felt anger surging.

He turned to her and once again his eyes fell on the curve of her waist. Why the hell is he noticing such things in her?

He took a deep breath and spoke, “Look, I work all day, and I need to rest. I don’t intend to hear you right now. I don’t enjoy all day on someone else’s money. So, just shut up and go to bed rather than enticing house help.”

Alessia gasped and tears threatened her eyes, but she was ready for a fight. And she will fight. She took the nearest vase that cost more than her life and flung it at him. She missed It deliberately and it ended on the stair beside his leg.

Angelo smirked at her tantrums and clenched his fist as his anger was getting out of control. He turned and looked at her angry face, which had a hint of fear on it as well. Good, she should fear him as she had awoken the beast inside him. He descended the stairs quickly before she could take two steps back. She was still retreating but Angelo caught her wrist and jerked her to him. His other hand flew at her throat.

Alessia blinked a couple of times and forgot to breathe as terror filled her body. Angelo was looking down at her as if he was devil incarnated, ready to punish her for her sins.

Is he going to hit me? It was her only thought and she didn't want to know the answer.

“What in the f*ck*ng hell you want, Sig.ra?” (Mrs.) He spat the words as if they were venom.

This is the moment, thought Alessia. This was what she was waiting for. She has all his attention right now. She gulped and spoke the solitary word. “Divorce.”

It echoed and as if it hurt Angelo, he stepped back, his brows knitted in confusion.

He looked at her in confusion for a few minutes and then shook his head. Chuckling slightly, he asked, “What?” How could she say such a thing? What is wrong with her?

Alessia had gotten her confidence back and she repeated. “You heard it right. I want a divorce.”

Fanculo.” (F*ck) Angelo muttered the curse and ran a hand through his jet black hair which were soft, shiny, and as dark as his heart.

“There is no need to curse. I am freeing you.” She seethed. What else could he want?

Angelo chuckled again and the sarcasm wasn’t lost on Alessia.

“A woman like you has no guts to trap me. So, there is no point in believing that I will be freed. Get that into your head.” How could she ask for a divorce? She married him for his name and money. She has it. What is this new drama? Angelo shook his head.

“Consider it whatever you think, but I have stated my wish.” She crossed her hands with finality ad immediately let go when his eye brushed over her chest.

“And I am denying it.” He said flatly.

“There is no place for negotiation this time.” Why isn’t he even considering it? She was amazed.

“I am rejecting the offer.” He spoke by putting more meaning in his words as he spoke them.

“You won’t like it if I take the route of the court.”

“And on what grounds will you be asking for divorce?” Angelo crossed his arms over his muscular chest and Alessia’s eyes didn’t miss the tightening across his broad chest and on his muscular biceps which were ready to be freed from the confinement of his shirt. She looked away.

“That we haven’t even consummated our marriage. We can get the marriage annulled.”

Angelo smirked and smiled; a smile he knew worked on every woman. He stepped towards Alessia but she didn’t retreat.

“So, in short, my dear wife wants s*x.” His voice was a whisper. He trailed a finger on her bare arm, but she squatted it away.

“I would rather die than sleeping with you.”

“Looks like you have fancied someone else.” Is she in love with someone else? The thought didn't sit well with Angelo.

It was Alessia’s turn to smirk. “Don’t worry, you have got no competitor. Why is it so hard to believe that a woman can ask for divorce to live her life the way she wants?”

“I don’t need your feminist speech. I am rejecting your plea.” He was about to turn his back on her again.

“It is a decision, not a plea.”

“Without my blessing, it is a plea. And FYI, in Giordano family, there has never been a divorce and there will never be.”

“There is a first time for everything.”

“I would rather eliminate your ground for annulment.” And Angelo grabbed her wrist. He was dragging her to the stairs but Alessia freed her hand.

“I am not asking you to r*p* me.”

The word hit the wrong spot in Angelo’s heart and he spun quickly towards her. His eyes were red and jaw clenching.

“R*p*? Seriously? Did you say r*p*? Tu ragazza sciocca!” (You silly girl)

“I don’t want to have s*x with you. So, if you go on with it, it will be construed as r*p*, as my consent is not involved.” Alessia was no longer looking at him. She had not expected that things will turn out this way. She had expected that he will be happy that she will be gone from his life, but here he is. Ready to consummate marriage now. A painful memory visited Alessia.

She looked up and found Angelo peering down at her with his stone-cold eyes. He grabbed her arms and jerked her body to his. “I am your husband. I have a right on you. Ti possiedo!” (I own you)

“I don’t belong to you. I am my own self, and I want divorce.”

He jerked her away. This woman has clearly lost her mind. She has everything. Everything money can buy. Food, shelter, cars, an entire army of servants, his money and most importantly, his powerful name. What else does she want? And isn’t it why she had married him? For the money? Now why does she want to leave him?

Angelo was right when he had said that no couple in their family had separated ever. It was true. Yes, people had mistresses, had multiple partners, had separate houses, but divorce? No. It had never happened in Giordano family and it will never happen.

“For the last time…” he wanted to say her name, but he couldn’t recall it. Fanculo! (F*ck) He couldn’t recall his wife’s name.

Alessia took in the shock on his face and then it hit home. She realized what had stopped him. She felt a terrible pain in her heart. This is not the life she had asked for. This is not how she wanted her marriage to look like. When the shock subsided, a smile crept on her lips.

“You don’t even remember my name, do you?” It was not a question. It was a realization for both of them that their marriage is dead, a mere façade, a charade that both of them are continuing for God knows whom.

“All the more reason why you must fulfil my demand. This is final.” And Alessia left for her room. Though, she didn’t let Angelo see the tear that started falling from her eyes. Life was too cruel, but in that moment, it was worse.

Angelo stood there. His mind was blank. What could he possibly think? His marriage was a farce. Why is he holding her a captive of this marriage when he is as free as a bachelor? Until tonight, he had never thought about his marriage, but right now, he thought that it was very much needed. He must think about his marriage.

He slipped into his room, while Alessia was in hers. Both of them didn’t sleep that night.

Chapter 2

Author’s POV

Alessia woke up before dawn and went on to her daily run. If there is nothing she could fix, she could at least complete her circuits. After all, what is the point of being the mistress of such a huge property if she couldn’t even run around freely?

Last night was hurting her. Her husband, her own husband had forgotten her name. What else could she possibly expect from the world? There is no one in the world for her but her younger sister. Apart from her, there is no one who will remember her if she dies. Not her husband, not her grandfather, who had compelled her to marry a complete stranger, or her father-in-law, who was as absent from their lives as air from the moon.

This is how men are, she thought. They are unreliable, unworthy, and total mascalzoni (rascals). Alessia knew from her childhood that love isn’t something you can rely on. She had seen her mother after all, suffering due to love. So, Alessia al


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