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No Matter What

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Cassandra Wolf is a very smart, intelligent, and very beautiful lady who works for one of the best technology companies in New York City. She became friends with her boss' daughter Iris and She never knew that Iris' only brother, Christopher Hunt, actually loved her deep in his heart. She was happy with her life. Until one day, her life became hell when she got kidnapped by a hot and handsome billionaire Hendrick Black. Hendrick Black is a monster who wants to cage Cassandra forever for himself. Will Cassandra ever be able to live in peace? Will she ever find someone who will love her unconditionally?

No Matter What.

Friday evening after work me and my best friend Iris, we both go to our favourite cafe to have milkshakes, cookies and chats and gossip all week.

Iris: Finally the weekend is here, I'm so relieved.

Cassie: My God! Yes. This week was tiring. It feels like Friday came after two d*mn weeks.

Iris: What! Are you kidding me? This week was amazing for me.

Cassie: Yeah yeah! I know, because your father is not in New York, right?

Iris dramatically said: oh Cassie! You know me too well. By the way, what are you doing after this?

Cassie: Well first I'm visiting your brother's school because the children must be waiting for me, well actually they wait for all the candies I buy for them.

Iris laughed hard.

Cassie: Then I have a date with Sammy tonight.

Iris: What? I thought someone told me no time for girls night out tonight!

Cassie: Okay don't get too emotional because after the date, I have to work up all night. That's why I'm not even going home tonight.

Iris: So, you're coming over.

Cassie: Yep! Staying at your place. I need your lab to work tonight.

Iris: Well you know you don't have to ask for my permission to use my things. Just like I don't bother asking before using your things.

Cassie: Haha! And I don't mind that you know. Well I better get going. I don't wanna be late. I'm going to Chris'. I need to get back before 7. I can't go on a fancy date in my work clothes.

Iris: Yeah yeah! Don't even bother explaining it to me. I don't wanna Know a thing about that fame starved boyfriend of yours. I don't know how you're even with him. I remember you never even liked men like him.

Cassie: Well, to be honest, I also don't know, I still think it's just a joke or dream or something. But really he's not so bad. I mean we've been together for two years.

Iris: Oh! You can stay with anyone, more than just longer. It's him who surprises me.

Cassie: See, In a while you'll like him too.

Iris: Yeah! It hasn't happened in two and a half years since we met him.

Cassie: Hush! I'm still hoping for good.

With that I got up, started walking towards my car and Iris shouted.

Iris: Remind my brother he also has a biological family.

Cassie: Haha! Fine. I'll tell him that.

Chris, Christopher Liam Hunt, Son of my boss and he has no interests in his family business. He made his own dreams come true. He worked so hard for years and created a school for all kinds of handicap children. I visit them every Friday with lots of candies and I wait all the week to spend time with all those kids and also with Chris. He is a great teacher, well at least for me. Whenever I have an issue I can't resolve, I talk to Chris, well yeah, He is a psychologist but still he knows how to resolve my issue. Or at least give me ideas so I can resolve my problems by myself.

I parked my car in the lot and I heard CANDIES ARE HERE.

Miss polly: Cassie is here with candies children.

Seth: Sorry miss Polly! Everyone, Cassie is here...

Miss Polly is one of the teachers in Chris's school. She is very lovely and sweet.

Miss Polly: Sorry the kids do that sometimes.

Cassie: It's ok. I like to see them excited. Go everyone, candies are waiting for you in my car.

Riley asked me in sign language: Where are my candies?

I replied to her in sign language: Your candies are in the driving seat. Go get them, girl.

She laughed and ran towards my car. Riely is a deaf and dumb child. She can't hear or speak. So just for her I learned sign language from Chris to talk to her without anyone's help.

Miss Polly: She just loves you.

Cassie: Yeah and I love her too. Now tell me where your boss is?

Miss Polly: Oh! Mr. Hunt is in his office. Just be careful, today is not a good day.

Cassie: Oh! One of those days.

Miss Polly: Yep! One of those days.

Chris and his father, My Boss, are very much alike. Except for the anger. In 8 years, I can't remember Mr. Hunt getting angry like Chris. Chris ain't got angry easily but once he gets angry his staff avoid facing him.

Chris to his staff: I clearly told you all about this week's schedule then why nobody followed?

Staff member: Sir we...

Chris:I don't want your explanation, I want answers. And I....

Just then I stepped in and clapped my hands once.

Cassie: Okay everyone the meeting is over. You all can go now.

Chris: What? Cassie....

Cassie: Shhh! I'm talking here.

Staff members mouthed the words before leaving.


With that I turned to Chris who is now smiling and not angry anymore.

Cassie: you're welcome, Mr Hunt.

Chris: You're a disaster Cassie. You Know I have to put up a sign board just for you not to come into my room while I'm in a meeting.

Cassie: Meeting! Really? You call it a meeting? You were literally eating them alive.

Chris: Anyways, What would you like to have?

Cassie: Well my original favourite.

Chris ordered on the phone:" Hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies for two."

Then he put his work aside, leaned over on his desk and asked me.

Chris: So what is bothering you Miss Wolf?

Cassie: Well, you know, It's Sam

Chris raised a brow and ask,

Chris: What about him?

Cassie: I don't know, I'm a little confused about him. I mean I really don't understand what he wants? It's like I'm not even in this relationship. Two days ago, I let Iris down for the girls night out and yesterday he asked.. no actually he ordered me for a date tonight and I had to agree. Sometimes I think Iris is right about him.

Chris smiled

Chris: He is just a different kind of guy. He first set up everything and then asked you out. Just give him and your relationship some time.

Cassie: It's been two years Chris.

Chris: I know, just trust me and give it some time. Bad things happen to us because we don't give time to our relationships.

Cassie: Hmmm... Talking about relationships, What about you?

Chris: What about me?

Cassie: Well you had a date last Saturday I remembered. How did it go?

Chris: It didn't work out.

Cassie: But...

Chris: Drop it. Your hot cocoa is here.

Cassie: Well cookies reminded me of something. Your sister told me to tell you, Oh no... She told me to REMIND you that you also have a biological family.

Chris smiled but I could see the sadness in his eyes.

Chris: Well they don't have to remind me of anything.

Cassie: Oh my God! I'm late and now I don't have much time.

Chris: Don't make puppy faces, you brought your dress with you?

Cassie: Yes!

Chris: Ok then, Feel free to use my bathroom.

Cassie: Chris, you're a lifesaver.

I hugged him from behind and they walked out of his room to get my dress.

A bit later when I walked back to his room he was busy with his work so I quietly stepped in the bathroom for shower. Twenty minutes later I got out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to go. I walk towards the mirror in his office to check myself one last time. I felt Chris was staring at me so I asked awkwardly..

Cassie: Chris, Why are you staring at me?

Like my voice just snapped him out of his thoughts. He replied with a smile.

Chris: Nothing.

I felt the awkwardness as well so I changed the subject.

Cassie: So I have to find you another date now?

Chris: No. Thank you very much. I'm happy with whatever I have.

Cassie: Oh my God Chris! Will you please stop? Look whatever Emma did to you, you just stopped living your life. Can't you just give it another chance?

Chris: Cassie I can't expect anyone to understand my work or dreams. It's impossible. My parents, my sister. Hell! Even my ex wife. They all hate my job.

Cassie: Well I don't hate it.

Chris: Well you don't because you have a big heart Cassie.

Cassie: And your family don't?

Chris: I didn't say anything like that. Now aren't you getting late? Get out of my office.

Cassie: Fine fine. I'm going but this conversation is not over yet. I'll be at your place tonight and you're gonna answer me.

Chris: Cassie be careful and if it gets late tell Sam to drive you back or call me. Understood?

Cassie:Yes Boss!!

An hour later the cab pulled in front of a gorgeous restaurant where Sam made the reservation. I walked towards the host and asked.

Cassie: Dinner for two, Sam Peterson's reservation!

Host: Yes miss you must be Miss Wolf?

Cassie: Yes

Host: Follow me ma'am. Mr Peterson is waiting for you.

Host took me to the table and left when Sam nodded at him.

Sam: There you are beautiful, What took you so long, I couldn't wait to see you.

Cassie: Relax Sammy. I'm here now. The traffic was extraordinary tonight.

Sam: Yeah baby. I noticed that too.

With that Sam came across the table and pulled me in a light embrace. After that he pulled a chair for me to sit on and when I sat down he went back to his place and started normal chats.

Sam: So, How's your job going?

Cassie: Good but a lot of pressure.

Sam: Pressure, On you?

Cassie: Yeah! You know my birthday is coming Monday and I really want to finish this project before Monday.

Sam: Ok, No need to worry. You are smart and very talented. I know you'll be able to figure out all of it in no time.

Cassie: Thanks Sam.

Sam: Happy to help.

Then Sam ordered food. We ate in silence at first and then with small talks that made me forget all of my worries.

After dinner Sam took me to a long drive. After a long romantic drive he pulled in front of a mini park. Fully decorated with lights. It was all breathtaking. When I pulled my eyes away from the scenery I found Sam, down on one knee with a ring in his hands.

Sam: Cassie, My love. Will you marry me?

Cassie: Oh my God Sam! I can't believe it. Are you.... Is it ..... Am I dreaming?

Sam: No my love. It's as real as the blood in your veins and the beating heart in your chest.

Cassie: But you said you're not ready for any kind of commitment or anything yet!

Sam: Well now I think I am. Cassie, will you please answer my question? You're embarrassing me in front of everyone.

Cassie: Everyone! You again told the press, didn't you?

Sam: Well it will help me you know.

Cassie: Sam! Really?

Sam: Ok I'm sorry.

Cassie: How many of them are around?

Sam: I don't know.

Cassie: SAM!!!!

Sam: Okay okay. Four or five magazines, two or three Newspapers and maybe a business channel or two.

Cassie: Are you kidding me?

Sam: I said I'm sorry. Now for how long are you planning to keep me down on one knee?

Cassie: I don't know, I'm kind of admiring the view.

Sam: Cassie!!!!!

Cassie: Well!!!!....

No Matter What.

Cassie: Oh Sam you're adorable when angry. Of course I'll marry you.

Sam: What?

Cassie: Yes! Yes! All the way Yes!

Sam: Oh my God!

With that he slipped the ring in my hand and hugged me tight and I was just enjoying his embrace. I rested my head on his chest, his heart beat made me feel relaxed. At this moment I forgot everything in this world. It was only him and his calm heartbeat and the rest of the world just melted away.

Cassie: Oh God! It's half past midnight.

Sam: What! God! I should be running. I have a flight in an hour.

Cassie: What? No. First you're dropping me at Iris' house. It's late Sam.

Sam: Baby. I would have done that if I hadn't had flight.

I sighed and nodded in understanding.

Cassie: At least wait until the cab's here.

Sam: Of course babe! I'm not selfish, you know.

Cassie: Sam!!!

Sam: Ok. Just sit with me and I will call a cab for you.

Cassie: Okay.

In 10 minutes the cab r


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