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My world upside down

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Being young and surrounded by the pleasures of life is amazing, having to get married by a strange decision of your parents is a horror!!!! Jeremy decided to let himself be manipulated by his parents so he would play in a game that he would form, he could be the one who would win, at the best time playing the cards in his favor. But being married didn't solve all their problems as two destructive personalities came together that brought only many consequences. Two destructive people who formed a marriage You could be in a shadow play, If the villain is not the villain, who really is? ...

Chapter 1 War

I should have escaped!

I had to resist!

I had to stand against everyone!

That morning, as I walked down the hallway to the great hall, I ignored the warnings, finding that laughter muffled against the back of his hands must have been a great and very obvious warning.

There were at least six female employees of the family, in the hallway, one on each side as if going out to honor the guest.

"Sir, you are looking very well today." Some smiled, others averted their gaze to the floor, hiding their faces. Nodding in response I passed by, adjusting my suit jacket.

As I got almost near the stair railings another employee approached me. "Congratulations, sir!"

"Ah?" I replied confused at her elation, she walked away in such a hurry.

I averted my gaze to the floor.

Frowning, I grabbed the railing and went down with my eyes on the wood.

I did not understand.

There was something wrong.

In my clothes, it would be the shoes.

As I stepped on the last step of the staircase on the first floor, piano music began to play.

A wedding march?! I raised my head so quickly, looking straight ahead, I swallowed saliva.

My wide eyes didn't seem to help me, there were too many people.

"Jeremy!" I didn't even recognize that voice, because a horde of applause quieted it down, it was getting far away and the palpitations of my heart rose.

There were so many people.

"Welcome the groom!" one of my cousins pushed me, making my steps automatic. "Congratulations!"

A girl was dressed in white, she was supposed to go to the office.

Why was she at a wedding!

Directly in front of me, maybe about eight meters from the stairs, was that d*mn fancy altar waiting with a bride and a minister of the prosecution who would conduct the ceremony.

I felt my legs wobble.

I stared behind that altar and focused on the main door, the exit to my escape, it could all be over. But, it would not be so easy, I advanced three steps and quickly turned my gait to the left and started to run.

I pushed the people.

And regardless of the results, I slammed my body against the window, breaking the glass. It made a thunderous noise, I jumped into the courtyard, juggled and rolled on the grass.

It hurt.

"If it moves..." I let out a sigh, making my bones put weight on my body. "We'll use the guns!"

I had eight guns pointed at my face.

It was the first time I hated the efficiency of my father's guards, it would be easy, in my mind it must have paid off. F*ck, they were so prepared for so many possibilities.

"Don't make it harder, Jeremy." My father's voice didn't give me much hope, I was led inside like a prisoner.

When I positioned myself near the altar.

I had a busted lip, a suit full of dirt and a terrible pain in my shoulder. However, every person looked so excited about a wedding that was not theirs, but mine, the one that would be my undoing.

It was unfair! Those parents of mine!

The pounding of my heart seized my throat, I had to get married, I didn't even know who I had next to me. What if she's a madwoman and ends up grabbing my neck!

"Young man, Jeremy. Sir..." The minister literally checked in front of my face, my hands were balled into fists. I would not accept that mockery. "Do you accept the young lady...?" I must have been a bad dream, I averted my eyes to the crowd, they seemed to be holding their breath... "as his wife? Young man?"

F*ck, I had stopped listening for a few seconds.

"No" I answered sharply.

A gun pressed against my head, the one that kept pressing to keep me in the same place.

"Sir, Minister, repeat the question for my son." My father, who was holding the gun against the back of my head, clicked the trigger clip.

"Young man, do you take the young lady to be your wife?" No sooner had he finished the question than the gun clamped down so hard that it made me bow my head.

I hate that damned monarchical system they want to maintain, I hate it, I felt so much humiliation for keeping still as a submissive before the others.

It was making me look weak.

"I don't want to..." I heard the clip of a second gun against my temple, they were making my palpitations so high, even my mother was watching. "I don't want to! I don't want to let the opportunity pass!"

I screamed, feeling my lips trembling.

I had two guns pointed at my head, I had to be cunning, those are not family. They set a trap for their only son, my chest was rising and falling. I saw a tear fall on the tip of my shoe.

D*mn family!


"I do. I do." my voice that would never be low, sounded so weak, in that instant I engraved in my heart all that they have done, I hated them. Those who are my kin would fall.

I wrote on the paper so slowly my signature.

They set a trap for me.

"Clap for the husbands!" my father shouted, pulling his gun away from my head. "It's a night of celebration!"

I signed the document.

With my eyes on the floor, I blinked repeatedly, silencing and keeping inside me what I felt for that unjust obligation.

Their business was not my business.

"You may kiss your wife." declared the Minister in the midst of the hubbub.

The moment she removed her veil, Jeremy turned and moved forward.

A hand caught his arm.

"You're leaving? Without kissing your wife!" The woman's voice made him look back.

Jeremy smiled.

"You want a marriage, win that husband." The Anderson heir withdrew his arm from her grasp roughly.

The wife nimbly caught the collar of his shirt and pressed her lips to his.

"F*ck your insecurity, young husband."  she murmured against his lips as they parted.

"You!" Jeremy cupped her hand around his cheeks and squeezed them, both of them were being contrary. "You!" though his voice was coarse.

It seemed like they were both so stuck in their married bubble, which was far from the truth.

"It'll be your worst marriage ever." Jeremy mumbled, not taking his eyes off the young woman.

"Same here, husband."

They had so much at stake that giving up would never be their bright option.

They unleashed their own war.

Chapter 2Mission

Jeremy was going so fast burning the tires on the asphalt, with his experience behind the wheel, he wasn't afraid to push the speed limits.

Within minutes.

A large sky-colored house appeared in the optical field of the young wife, it was a trap, as it seemed to be guarded behind huge iron bars.

"Is this a joke? Isn't this the airport?!" She became impatient when she noticed the suburban place.

"I know. I've been driving." Jeremy got out of the car, there was a strange smile on his face.

"I'm not going in there."

"Okay. You can live in the car!" A scathing reply was all he got from the young husband, really, he didn't care. Jeremy walked through the front yard as soon as he crossed the gate. "The keys. My keys!"

Jeremy rummaged through his coat pockets, so desperate.

He knew he had brought them with him, and at the thought of losing them, he started kicking at th


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