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My Wife's Revenge

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Ena Marquez is living peacefully with her husband Cedrick Villaurel together with their twin. They are settled and have a graceful life, but one accident changed Ena's life.  When she found out that her husband had cheated and lied about their marriage, Ena promised herself she would come back. If it was not because of the accident, she would never know her husband's skeleton in the closet. She needs to plan how to get revenge on her husband and break his heart as he did to her. She will surprise them with the new version of herself, and what she is capable of after they ruined her life.

Chapter 1

"Mommy, I'm starving! Get up, Rick's crying!"

When I heard a shout and a crash outside Cedrick and I's room door, my eyes widened. When my husband moved a little, I looked at him.

He slowly opened his eyes, searching for me with eager and loving eyes. He grinned at me and then tightly hugged me.

"Good morning, honey. I feared you abandoned me. I love you always, my wife," he said, putting his lips next to me.

The flutter I felt caused me to slap his chest. I smiled and giggled in front of his eyes. "Remember that I love you and our children and that I won't leave you. Is there a reason why I shouldn't stay with you?"

He merely held and kissed me on the cheeks instead of responding to my raised eyebrows and careful examination of him.

"Mama! Papa! Have you woken up? Rick and I both need to eat!"

Cedrick and I exchanged glances before laughing simultaneously. Our children are requesting their breakfast.

I never imagined that Cedrick and I would have twin children, but I am content with my current situation. Cedrena and Rick Villaurel are four years old and are a girl and a boy.

"Get up, sweetheart." I got out of bed. Our infants are calling because they are hungry.

Cedrick pouted and I know what he's asking for. A kiss for good morning. I walked up to him and pressed my face against his. He anticipated my kiss, but I refrained. I muttered while bringing my lips up to his ear.

I smiled and grinned at him, "Later, sweetie. Let's take care of the kids first, okay?" I can sense his disappointment. But I'll prioritize the kids. Cedrena and Rick might be hungry later. Because when Cedrick and I started kissing, perhaps we should find another location.

I let the door open. Rick and Cedrena, my two little ones, are crying.

"We've called 100 times, Mama. Why are you out here now? Where is papa? Rick and I are starving." Cedrena exclaimed.

I glanced away from Cedrick as he said, "I'm sorry, babies. Mama and Papa were weary last night at the company, so Mama woke up late." He came after me.

Rick said as we sat in the chair to eat breakfast, "Are we going to Grandpa and Grandma's house?" He's talking about Cedrick's parents.

Cedrick responded to Rick, "Yes, baby. So eat now so we can go to Grandpa and Grandma's house and then, we will go for a walk in the mall."

Suddenly shouting "yey," Cedrena was kissed on the cheek by Cedrick.

Kids can be misbehaving at times.

Cedrick arched an eyebrow and asked me, "How's that, sweetie? We can't keep going to Medel? Maybe next time?"

As usual, "Yes, perhaps next time. Besides, it's alright, I miss Aunt Federia and Uncle Fedrilo, too.

The time went by quickly. My two kids are in their room, and I'm helping them get ready.

Kida, my friend, is her name. She looks after my son Cedrick on a personal basis.

I looked up at her as she said, "Ma'am, shall I still come with you, or will I just stay at home?" I grinned.

I didn't pay attention to what she said and asked, "Do you want to come or you want to stay here?"

Her head was touched by her hand. She had been wanting to visit Hacienda Villaurel for a while.

"Don't be embarrassed," I urged her, "I know you want it too. Come with us."

She inquired, "Ma'am? Really?" with a look of shock.

I merely smiled and shook my head. Do you want me to return it?

She responded, "No, Ma'am. I'm coming," and hurried out of the twins' room.

I used my hand to hold the twin. Cedrick was waiting for us in the main room as we left their room.

He smiled and said, "I'm very happy to have a gorgeous wife and adorable kids."

I begged, "Is that a compliment or something else?"

He responded right away, pinching my waist, "It's a complement, honey."

I shook my head at his peculiarities.

"Grandma and Grandpa are waiting for us, are we leaving?" Cedrena frowned.

Cedrick and I were both in awe of her. She crosses her two arms across her chest after pouting. She reacted with laughter, and we did too.

I knelt down and made her hair a mess. "Sorry about that. Come on. Our baby is excited."

As I followed Cedrick to the garage where the automobile was, I stopped the two of them. But I came to a stop as I recalled something.

I yelled, "Nanny Kida! Come on! We're going!" as we stepped outside.

Kida appeared to be running toward us when I heard her footsteps. "Sorry, ma'am, the equipment needed some time to be fixed."

I gawked at what she was wearing as I turned to face her. Her outfit is current for today. She appeared as if she was headed to the beach.

"You even beat me for what I was wearing, Kida. Are you going to the beach show or the hacienda?"

She laughed back, "Ma'am? Let me be. It's only for once." Simply shaking my head, She is decked out in a red floral dress, high heels, and black sunglasses.

I told her to get in the black Everest car and I said, "Hey, let's go! Hop in so we can go."

"Yes, Ma'am! "


Mommy Federia remarked as we sat in a chair at the dining table, "It's nice that you and Cedrick were able to visit at this house. We believed you would never visit again. We already missed this twin."

Lunch has already been served.

If only Rick hadn't already asked, Lola, They wouldn't have known that we were coming here today, according to Cedrena.

I twisted my head as Cedrick and I exchanged glances.

"If it weren't for these two youngsters, you wouldn't recall that you will visit here," daddy Federilo pointed out as mommy Federia raised an eyebrow.

"No, Father. Simply put, we lost track. Rick's prior query was helpful in that it helped us remember. We are already here, so no. As if he wasn't busy at work, Cedrick proposed that they come by once a week.

"You told Cedrick that, huh?"

"Yes, father." Then, laughter erupted throughout the entire house. "You know me."

Mommy Federia started questioning me again, "The twins are going to study next month, do you and your husband have any arrangements about that?"

"Yes," I said, "Cedrick and I will enroll kids in a private school."

Mommy responded joyfully, "It's a good idea, Federilo and I will be nice and joyous for the protection of our grandson and granddaughter."

Daddy Federilo continued, "Don't abandon the twin."

"As you wish, Dad. Yes," Cedrick answered.

I was sitting and Cedrick was watching the twins playing in the mansion's yard.

Cedrick began, "I never believed we would have twins." I gave him my full attention as I regarded him.

"Thank you," I say as I hold his hand. "I didn't expect it either."

Then gave him a hard hug. My hubby Cedrick has my utmost love. When he leaves my side, I will perish.

He said, "You gave me a child-like them, and we are just the same."

I grinned and released him.

I said, "That's not it; we have twins. I love those twins; maybe my world will fall apart when they leave my life.

He lowered his chin as he gave me a behind-the-back hug. He rests his shoulder on mine.

He questioned abruptly, "Will, your world be destroyed too if I disappear?"

I said passionately, "Of course, you and our kids are both vital in my life.

"Thank you, Ena; I love you; you are also significant in my life."

"I adore you a lot. I can't bear to let you go from my life."

"Avoid worrying. In your life, I'll never get lost. I adore you a lot. I love you so much."

He then gave me a kiss on the lips.

Chapter 2

I hurried into my office. There is a lot of work on my desk. I have my boutique- Miss P. Boutique. It also has many branches in different parts of the world.

"Ma'am, you have a guest. They are waiting in the lobby." My secretary reported to the intercom.

I pressed the intercom before speaking. "Alright, thank you. Please tell them to wait for a few minutes."

I got up and arranged the papers scattered on the desk. I started walking towards the door, carrying my small pouch bag.

I went to the lobby and two people were waiting for me with a kid. I frowned, wondering who they were.

"Medel ?! Diego ?!" I was shocked when I found out about them.

I hugged them immediately due to the excitement that I felt.

"Friend! You're really beautiful! You're even younger!" Medel said, at the same time losing my hug with her.

"You too, you get younger and look better. It's not just m


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