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My Possessive CEO

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Leon Vitorino Is there such a thing as love at first sight? I believe so! Because it happened to me, as soon as I laid eyes on her. This woman was like an angel. So beautiful and so perfect. Her eyes showed me a great sadness that made me want to protect her from everything and everyone. She doesn't know who I am yet, but she will soon. Pleased to meet you, I am your POSSESSIVE CEO. Maria Eduarda If they had told me that on my birthday I would be r*p*d and beaten, I would have laughed. A pity that everything I went through was not a simple bad dream, the one where when you wake up it is already morning and you forget about it. But it was not just a dream, but a nightmare that came true and made me commit an attempt against my own life. I tried to kill myself, yes! Am I wrong? Did I deserve this? Can love overcome this pain? Come and see this beautiful, passionate, and at the same time sad story, and follow this couple!


Maria Eduarda

Honestly, I don't know how I managed to get home. I enter quietly so as not to wake my sister, and end up groaning when I accidentally bump into the banister and clench my teeth so as not to scream, letting out only a small groan of pain.

I go up the stairs, or rather, I crawl, and finally reach my room. I close the door and don't turn on the light - I was afraid to see how badly I was hurt.

I walk very slowly, and every step I take is torture, and I always lean on the wall until I reach my desk, where I have a notebook and also some books.

I didn't always have to turn on the light in the room, since I had a light fixture. As soon as I can reach it, I turn it on and see my bruised fingers. I feel the tears already flowing. I open the journal that I had gotten from my sister and start writing. Even writing hurts. I begin to cry softly.

"Dear diary, today was my eighteenth birthday!"

"I don't deserve to live."

"I was r*p*d and drugged, and I decided I must die today!"

That's all I can write, and I leave the journal. I open the drawer, and there was a small pocket knife in there. I take it and go to the bathroom. When I get there, I turn on the lights. The tears come down more and more and I can't control them. I was ashamed, in pain, angry.

My face was bruised, my hair was disheveled, and my clothes were torn. I was already aware of one thing: I couldn't live with this nightmare, and the only thing I had to do was to kill myself, it was the only solution.

I take the stiletto straight to my wrist and start to pass the blade. I feel the burn of the cut and already see the blood coming out. I do the same thing to the other one, and before long I was falling to the ground. Just before I do, I hear my sister's scream:

- Forgive me... - I ask, and finally I feel death coming and I surrender to it in peace, knowing that nothing in the world would harm me.

Chapter 1


The best way to end a night is to be with a cock inside a pussy. I hear the whore moan, and I feel none of the thrill that my friends say they feel when they are fucking, or rather, when they are making love to their wives. The emotion they talk about, they call love, and I don't know what that is!

- That cock is so tasty, Leon! - says the whore.

- I know it is! - I agree with her. I know very well that women desire my body. Ever since I was a teenager, I've known how to attract attention.

- Don't you want to fuck me? - she asks me, in a complaining voice. Of course I would fuck her. After all, a man like me knows how to fuck. I didn't even have to touch her to know that she was already aroused enough to put my cock inside her pussy.

- You are a little whore who is desperate for my cock, aren't you? - I ask, already knowing the answer.

I take my cock out of her mouth and turn her over, spreading her legs and putting h


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