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My Heartless Enemy

My Heartless Enemy

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Harlin, whom everyone knows as the owner of the "Scharre'' restaurant. A 28-year-old ordinary woman who is the mother of a 5-year-old boy, no one knows about the mysterious past behind her. She flees from this city to another city with her son and sister. The reason for hiding like this is Rowen, the CEO of the “Cobra” group, leader of Mafia Gangster. Rowen has been searching them for years. In some way, he finds Harlin and her family. What happened next? Will Rowen really kill them? Or he will be revived in love with Harlin. Will Harlin be able to save her family from Rowen? What will win love or revenge?

The world of Mafia and A Mother

Rowen cleaned his bloodstained hand with wine. Next to him was a man's throat-slit body. He had killed the man a while ago.

Rowen had come to deal with the man, but he was talking a little too much, so he broke the bottle of wine with his hand and put it in the man's throat. Rowen sat up straight. He wiped his hands with tissue and threw them at the man. Edem came into the room. Rowen sat with a glass of wine in his hand and took a few sips. Edem lowered his head and said,

"President Rowen, there's a news," he said gravely.

Rowen looked at him.

"If it's good, give it, or clean up this garbage," he said, referring to the body next to him.

"The news of Diler's family has been received," Edem said in a low voice.

Rowen got up from the seat and said, "Where are they?"

"Bungalow No. 9 in Turin City, Italy."

"After two hours, we will leave. Keep the helicopter ready."

After Rowen left, Edem heaved a sigh of relief as his liver dried up in fear. He was too scared of Rowen because he couldn't be told when to sit down. Leaving everything aside, he took out his phone and asked to make the helicopter ready and arrange for the dead body

Rowen was sitting in the car and thinking that after a whole year, they got the correct address of Diler's family. In this one year, they ran away here and there. It was too tough to catch them. Rowen's men couldn't catch them at the last minute, so this time he said he would go on his own. His enmity with Diler had been professional. His enmity with Diler deepened when he tried to kill Rowen's father and brother. Since then, Rowen had been desperate to kill Diler. But unfortunately, Rowen could not kill Diler, so she wanted to punish Diler's family.

The car stopped in front of Rowen's bungalow. He got out of the car and went to the third floor of the giant bungalow where Rowen lived. He went straight to the room, put the coat on the bed, and placed the gun on the side table. Then he went straight to the washroom. Rowen was standing with his eyes closed, both hands on the wall, next to the fountain. He wished to count every drop of water, but his heart was becoming more and more emotionless. It was unclear to him why he couldn't feel anything. He considered himself a wild robot. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it down, wanting the water to wash away the blood inside his mind. He wasn't always like that. He had a sweet family with his dad, brother, and sister. Even if the blood stains on his body were easily removed, the wounds accumulated inside his mind could not be erased.

Harlin was standing far away from her parents' grave, tears rolling down her cheeks in silence. She wiped away the tears and spoke,

"How are you, Dad, Mom? I know you're definitely fine, and I am too. So you don't have to worry about me anymore. Now I have become a mother, and I have grown up a lot. You know my little Rother has grown up. He's five now, and he started going to school. You were right that my child will be as naughty as me. My little Rother is just like me. He understands everything differently from all the other kids. And Dad, you know Rother likes sweets like you, and he always likes to be tidy. I miss you so much. Please pray for my Rother and Jennifer that I may protect them. I have no one but them. I'm alive for them, or I would have died. Pray that I don't get tired of fighting with everyone.

Harlin wiped her eyes again, covered her entire face with a headscarf and sunglasses, and started walking around. After almost five years, she had set foot in her own country. Although she was born in Bangladesh, she grew up in London, and her parents died there. She was 18 years old when she went on a trip with her parents. Unfortunately, her parents did not survive a car crash there. With no relatives in the country, she went to her uncle in Paris after her parents' death, and she had not returned to Bangladesh since then. Today, she was only visiting the graves of her parents. She had not spoken to Rother since this morning.

As soon as she took the phone from her bag, Harlin saw more than 100 missed calls from a foreign number. Looking at the number, she realized that it was Jennifer's number. She called back, and the phone was picked up on the first ring.

"Jennifer, is Rother okay? Did anything happen to you?" Harlin asked as soon as the call was answered.

Jennifer replied in a low voice, "I'm fine, but your son is not well."

"What happened to my son? Does he get hurt?"

"No. He got up in the morning and sat crying because he didn't see you... Now your son is crying... I didn't pick up a grain in his mouth, just said I'd call you so many times, but you didn't respond."

Upon hearing Jennifer's words, Harlin became upset that her son had not eaten. Despite feeding him from time to time, the boy had not taken anything in his mouth and had been crying since morning. Thinking about this, Harlin reached the airport, checked in, and sat on the plane.

While seated, Harlin looked around upon hearing someone playing a whistle and saw a middle-aged man playing the whistle and making a nasty gesture towards her. Harlin smiled at the man's rudeness, put her bag in the seat, and went up to him. Harlin raised her eyebrows and ask,

"What's your problem? Do you need something?"

As Harlin watched, the old man was overwhelmed...

One by one, everyone began asking who Harlin was and what had happened. Before Harlin could say anything, the man got up. Harlin smiled at the man's departure and thought to herself that the old man did not even know that if you hit a brick, you have to pay for it.

After an eight-hour-long journey, Harlin took her bag and ran to the parking lot. Upon reaching the parking lot, she saw Lena and ran to hug her with a smile.

"I missed you, Lena."

"I missed you too, Harlin. Now, let's go home," Lena replied.

Harlin nodded in agreement and got into Lena's car. Lena was Harlin's neighbor and a friend who was born in Italy. After Harlin came to Italy, Lena had helped her in many ways.

As they drove closer to the house, Harlin saw that they were currently in Turin, Italy. After saying goodbye to Lena, Harlin opened the gate and went straight inside, then entered room two upstairs. To her surprise, Jennifer was standing outside the door. Harlin hugged Jennifer and asked, "Is Rother in his teddy house?"

Jennifer shook her head in agreement and smiled. She then walked slowly towards Rother's teddy house. Harlin knew that if Rother was upset, he would come and sit in the teddy house. The teddy house, made of heavy marble stone, was filled with many teddies and was Rother's favorite place.

Very slowly, Harlin entered the teddy house and saw Rother sitting on his knees and crying. Harlin hugged Rother and started kissing him. This was the first time Rother had been separated from her.

After a long day, Harlin felt relaxed. She couldn't imagine living without Rother. Harlin walked out of the room with Rother in her arms and said,

"Baby, I've brought you plenty of sweets."

Rother shouted,

"Sweets, yeee... Rother loves sweets... But I won't give anything to aunty or you, I'll eat them all alone."

Harlin laughed at Rother's words and replied,

"Okay, let's go get some sweets, Daddy.

Finally I got U

Rowen was not pleased with the question of Harlin. It is difficult to breathe for her, the word cannot move the hand of the bound. Blood is coming out of Harlin's nose and mouth.

Rowen went so close to Harlin that she could feel his breath and told,

"I do not like to talk too much, no one is entitled to block my path anymore.

Rowen exempted her throat. Harlin sat on the enclosed ground and started hawking. Rowen stepped inside the other room…

Entering the room and looking around, he wanted to see who was in the corner room. He took off the glass and put it on the table next to him.

As soon as the people of Rowen started searching for the whole house.

Harlin came to Rowen and stood in front of him and asked,

"Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?"

The answer to the question of Harlin is far away, he did not care…

They checked all the rooms on the top floor, but they couldn't find anyone...


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