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My CEO mobster

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King of the Underworld, it’s the most feared name in all of Costa Rica, emanating authority, power and danger. Behind every illegal empire was known as Nick Ross, the country’s billionaire and coveted entrepreneur. On a special day celebrating his son’s fifth birthday, Nick meets a beautiful waitress who awakens an intense and obsessive desire. Kamilla Lopez, a young, immature girl with a difficult life, had been raised in an orphanage in the poorest part of Costa Rica. After reaching adulthood and finding housing next to an old lady, the orphan manages to get a job as a waitress in a football arena, what she did not know was that it was the desire of a man who both listened and feared on TV news.

Chapter 1

— Are you all right?

— Yes.

At that moment Nick is called to the stage, there, he receives a microphone and starts talking about his newest red casino, he seemed a God exuding power and authority, everyone respected him and boasted with attentive looks at everything he spoke. Nick Ross showed everyone to be a kind man, but due to his dangerous words of double meaning makes me doubtful, something tells me that this is nothing but pretense, that everything is a great manipulation architected, for me, he hides his real nature.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m overreacting, but the way he sometimes treats me, especially look at me with a certain obsession, try to control me and manipulate no doubt. Nick leaves the stage and everyone claps warm applause for his beautiful words, he goes back to his table and the pianist returns to play. I’ll let Ethan know I’m going to the restroom, and I’m leaving the salon. I walk around the casino and find a bathroom closer, enter the place and approach a sink, look me in the mirror, I was serious. I’m a pile of emotions, I don’t know what my real feelings are to Nick, but seeing him next to another makes me uncomfortable.

I hear the door being opened, quickly look at the entrance, see him walk through the door with a serious expression, Nick walks towards me as if nothing had happened.

— What are you doing here?

— Why are you around that man?

— The same way you’re around that woman.

— I asked him to wait for me, not that he would be funny with the first one who showed up.

— I wasn’t making fun of anyone, I was just talking.

— It wasn’t what it seemed.

— Think what you want.

I gave him my back, ready to leave the bathroom, however, Nick grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his body, holding me in his arms with a terrifying expression on his face, I try to get rid of it, but he easily overpowers me.

— Let’s get out of this bathroom together and go to a table, sit next to me and be quiet.

— You really think I’m going to be around that woman?

— Are you jealous, little dove?

— From you? No!

— Of course it is, but let’s not sit next to the pretty blonde.

— If you think she’s pretty, you should have come with her and not made me come.

— You’re making me horny, my rabid kitten… — Nick touched his fleshy lips and kissed my neck, my skin shivered quickly.

— No… — I try to protest and take him away from me, but the strength of his arms prevent me and make my body soften surrender

— Come, let’s play a little doll. — Nick released my body from his possession and circulated the palm in mine, then took me out of the bathroom

Chapter 2

Kamilla Lopez

The alarm clock rings and along with the shrill sound I hear knocks on the door waking me up in acts of despair, startle from the bed with fallen hair on my face, I feel the sunlight in my face.

— Girl, you’ll be late again!

— I woke up! — I cried to Carolina claiming that she would stop beating on wood.

I get out of bed and look at the damn clock, turn off the alarm clock and still sleepily drag my body towards the bathroom.

After doing my hygiene and taking a cold shower I went back to the room and put on my uniform, when I look in the mirror and make sure I was ready, I left the room, as soon as I opened the door I smell coffee freshly made by the preciousness of my life.

— Good morning, Mrs. — I approach her and kiss her cheek.

If it wasn’t for her, I’d be living on the streets, I wouldn’t have a bed and certainly a job where I can support us without any problem.

— Good morning, green eyes, how did


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