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My boyfriend's brother

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"Meghan , will you marry me " The 22year old stares at the man kneeling in front of her. She is so stunned by this gesture and doesn't know what to see. The excitement that she is feeling right now is too strong to even let her say a word. She opens her mouth to say something but her mouth betrays her . She can't say a thing. Ethan looks worried that he might possibly be rejected twice by the love of his life. He faced this rejection three years ago, he has no idea if he will be able to live with this rejection once again. ” okay, am sorry I think I was -" he begins thinking it was all wrong to make this move . However Meghan stops him just as he turns to go away full of disillusionment. ” Ethan , wait " she whispers in her seductive voice one thing that turns Ethan on. ” I will marry you ” she tells him. Excited, Ethan turns quickly kissing her until a point when she needs to breathe and then he pulls away . ” I have to make it honorable " he says once again going on one knee and getting her hand carefully putting the ring in her finger. ” Meghan , Ethan .." both of them are starled at the familiar voice both of them turning to the direction of the voice. ” Sean !" ” Ghost!" Read the Twist for Romantic pleasure to know what happens before and after.

The sweet memories

Meghan stands sadly looking at everything that has been her sweet memories. Nothing is the same now . The sweet memories of her Short term love relationship with her Husband ,Jeff. Yes he was her husband jokingly as it sounds . The first time the two looked at each other, they never knew that they would end up falling madly in love but they eventually did fall in love and had a very beautiful relationship which was eventually ruined by that nasty accident.

Meghan POV

Looking everywhere that is in my bedroom, tears roll than my eyes uncontrollably even if I try so much to control them. I had no idea I would feel so much pain at the lose of my husband. Many people fall in love in different ways . Like many people fall in love at first sight, some of them fall in love after reading different books that have been written by prominent Writers in the history such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen and so many others.

However nothing of that describes the weet relationship that I had with my husband. Though this relationship actually started on a bad note, it actually turned out to be the best . I have no idea if I will ever meet a person that I will love madly like I do , Jeff even at this moment.



" No way, this can't be " I say shocked as I look at myself in the mirror.

" What is it ?" Ethan who has been sitting on my bed asks coming close to where I am putting his hands around my waist.

" I have lost so much weight in only a few months " I cry out

" But you so s*xy " Ethan compliments me as he begins placing soft kisses on my neck earning little irresistible moans from me.

I am Meghan Rivers first year student doing Business administration . We have a few days to end the first semester but the truth is I have lost a lot of weight. This course is really a tiring one. Ethan is my boyfriend. Actually we have been friends for so long but only made it official the other day .

He is such a sweet guy that can Influence any girl to fall for him. We have so plans for when we go off campus this semester. Some of the which include visiting my parents as well as his brother .

" Ehmmmmm" that is enough. I say getting out of his hold." Don't forget we have a paper tomorrow" I remind him.

" I know that but I just want a few kisses first " he insists continuing to kiss me. He then turns me around to face him and then cupping my face in his gigantic hands.

" just this once " he says in his husky voice that will never stop amazing me. With that he capturing my lips into a very amazing kiss turning me on in the process something which was not in plan right now.

He always has away of getting what he wants from me and the truth is I am not complianing at all.

" Ehmm" a small moan escapes my mouth as he lifts me up from where I am lying me on the bed that is just beside . I immediately become nervous at the thought of what is going to happen.

This is not the time for any of those . We are supposed to be preparing for our next paper.

Lying me down on the bed, Ethan lays carefully beside me his one hand in my waist while the other hand is cupping my face in for an intense kiss. We continue to kiss his tongue trying to gey it's way into my month and I indeed give him permission . I open my mouth as a soft moan escapes from it and he uses this as a chance to enter his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues toss around as his other hand finds it's way between my legs

" You are already wet " he murmurs in his husky voice after pulling away from my mouth for a little time

His fingers find there way shoving my panties to one side and then sinking two fingers into me

" Ehmmmm" I moan out loud due to the feeling of having him inside me. Though we have not gone beyond this, everything time he pleasures me I feel so good .

" Sh*t!" we are however interrupted or rather caught in the act by my roommate , Ciara. D*mn it! How come she chose to come at this time. I didn't expect her to come at this time. I thought she had a paper until later in the day .

We quickly pull away embrassed. I can't lie when Ethan pulls his hands out of me I feel a little disappointed. I didn't want things to end just like that . Infact it is like I was eager to give in to him finally after a few weeks if dating.

I have always wanted to lose my virginity to him but there is always something that keeps interrupting us every time.

" Am so so-" Ciara begins to say for sure looking embarrassed but I cut her Short. It was infact our horniess and therefore she doesn't need to apologize to us .

" No no, you don't need to apologize it is us who have failed to control ourselves " I say the three of us laughing out .

" I think we should head out " Ethan finally speaks. We therefore get out to go and do one of the last few papers that are going to mark the end of this semester.


We are finally done with our paperrs and now next on the list is going back home. We have so much in stock for this holiday. Actually it is going to be the first holiday as boyfriend and girlfriend. I am so sure my mom is going to be happy that I have finally got a boyfriend. That has been one of the things that she has been talking to me about.

In fact she at one time thought that I was even gay . I mean I have good looks, a tall girl with a slender body, ling hair and a beautiful face . In short so many men have been after me but I rejected of of them..I didn't want to have any distraction while at campus but tye moment Ethan shown interest in me, I could not reject him and here we are now..on a plane to introduce him to my parents.

Tragedy hits hard

Meghan POV.

Throughout the flight I keep looking at Ethan who is sleeping peacefully beside me. What did i give God to give me such a man. I mean he has it all. Handsome and with brains. Infact I met him the first day that I came to campus . I had no idea that at the end of the semester he would be sitting beside me heading to my home town.

I lean in blushing my lips onto his a little but as am pulling away , he pulls me into him taking me by surprise.

" Come on Ethan, what is that ?" I say controlling a laugh by the way I have landed into him earning attention from the neighboring passengers in the plane.

" you started it " Ethan replies after pulling away from my lips alitttle . By this time I don't know how but am sited on his lap.

" But look, every one is looking at us " I say feigning as though am shy at what we are doing .

" Let them look . Infact they all need to know that you are mine alone and no o


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