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Montenegro Sinful Love Series

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Falling in love with her brother, her uncle, and people who will not love her... Book one- Aurora is A simple maiden living in the occupied lands of Montenegro. At a banquet truss, she was invited to the mansion of Montenegro. One night changed her life when she met the Montenegro siblings, Manuel and Ezekiel. She discovered that the siblings had a strange feelings for her. She discovers that she also has a secret love for Montenegro. How can she fight that love without hurting the other one? Book Two- He's like a moon and I am a poor girl staring at it patiently. It was a beautiful sight and as far as I could see. I can't touch him and reach out. He's like a sinful tree and I am a sinful woman. I lured the sinful tree and bit its fruit even though I knew it was forbidden. Even though I know I can't. Just like our situation. I am his f*ck*ng niece and he's my f*ck*ng uncle and we f*ck*d! How can we face the world with our sinful love? Book Three- At a young age, Catalena fell in love with Ezekiel Montenegro. She was desperate, and she chased him. She achieved love from him. But one night, she made a mistake, which destroyed all she had worked so hard to get Ezekiel Montenegro. The mistakes she committed were the beginning of her misery.


There is a prosperous and peaceful town. It is hidden and the very end where the expanse of the ocean can be seen. Where to see the beauty of the mountains.

Here I grew up and saw the gradual growth of Hacienda Montenegro. I am one of those who help make organic mats, backpacks, and chairs made of solid wood from the mountains of our town.

I can say I am content with provincial life here. Abundant in living and natural resources. My grandparents raised me when my father and mother died in a forest fire. Because our house was in the middle of the forest, they did not survive the relentless fire.

I was eleven years old when I was orphaned and adopted by my grandmother and grandfather and brought here from the mountains. They had no one with them, especially since their only child was my Father. I help my grandfather harvest rice. I help make a backpack and a mat for grandma once in a while. That helped my studies because of the money raised there.

Many of them here are still leaving for the City. I don't know why they have to go out when this town is rich. Based on what I heard in my class, the buildings in this town seem to be so high! There are many opportunities to work there. Others I knew there went to college.

I once had a curiosity about what the City is. What do they call a building with lots of light and lots of drinks?

I looked up at the lofty sun. I close my eyes. I bent down and wiped the sweat off my forehead. I grabbed the backpacks and went to the barn of my grandmother and others her age.

"I'm done, grandma." I am proud of my work again. They looked at me and smiled.

"You're a nice girl, Aurora, why don't you send her to the town, Tessa?" A friend of grandma's said. I put the bag and others on the table and listened to them. This is not new to me. I always hear praise.

"Yes, Tessa... and she is in age she doesn't have a boyfriend yet? Oops! Such a maiden is kept. Take a look! Her nose is nice! The eyelashes are long! Her eyes are like dolls! The body is like those models! I immediately remembered my girlhood." I just smiled at what I heard.

Grandma shuddered and laughed. "You know because Aurora is the only one with us so I'll take care of her. That's why I'm so desperate for her to go to college. The tuition is expensive now. “

I rested deeply. Hopefully, I can afford to study. I don’t want to disappoint them.

"Don't worry grandma! I'm going to take a part-time job so that I can somehow add to the school expenses."

"You're really smart! I hope my daughter is like that too but she's stubborn! So she got pregnant!"

The conversation continued as they worked on another project. Despite making organic things, grandmother was also one of the land managers of Montenegro. She was the leader when harvesting and tending the rice fields of Montenegro’s as well as Grandpa.

Entering our house made of wood. I saw my grandfather listing and counting the bills.

"Wow! The amount of money we have grandpa ah!" I said. I saw my grandmother preparing a bag and a bracelet that we once made out of sea shells that I had picked up.

"For this when you go to college we'll keep it. The rest, for the electricity and our food."

I lost my smile as I felt so much pity for the family I have now. We are not rich but we are rich in love. We don’t even have money but nothing equals our appreciation. I was very lucky with them.

"Thank you, grandpa! When I graduate from college we will leave for the city! I will work there for a Montenegro’s company and I will always take you around!"

I once met a Montenegro’s couple at their gathering. Every Christmas we were all invited to their mansion and we celebrated Christmas together. Montenegro’s cares about their people. I also heard that Senyor Juanito would give me a scholarship but that has not been confirmed. But I hope it's true that we will pay only for books and other expenses.

We no longer had dinner at home because that was where we would eat at the mansion. I feel like it's still the same as before. They will throw a party, I’ve heard.

I wore my old white dress. When I got dressed I sighed deeply. I pulled it down because a few years later it had shrunk to me. It was off the shoulder and only up to my thigh.

"Grandma! It doesn't fit anymore. "I said to my grandmother and she looked at me.

"My granddaughter's really s*xy! That's okay! Come on! I'll comb your hair!"

She combed my hair and left it loose and untidy. Its waves are more intense. I also wore sandals. My grandfather gave it to me just a year ago so it still fits.

When we reached the Montenegro’s mansion, the table was long with people sitting who were also Montenegro people we also knew. The flower leaves glow because of the decorations. The people were already making noise.

We immediately mingled with the group of grandma’s peers. Grandpa went to his friends at the other table.

"Oh! You brought Aurora! She is so beautiful!" there I noticed that many people were looking at me, especially men.

"Of course !" Grandma Tessa was proud of me.

It's all fun to start the conversation with them. I saw Senyora Patricia come out with her husband Senyor Juanito. We applauded.

Their two young sons are very serious. Some came there as a family and socialized.

I only focus on the siblings that I only really see once, especially since they only come home once.


"Stay here Aurora there huh ?! I'll just give it to the lady!" Grandma, Show the bag and bracelet in the bag at the same time.

"Yes, grandma!"

I distracted myself with food when I felt like urinating. I politely left our table and went to the bathroom here at the back of the mansion.

I made a turn toward the bathroom when I heard a moan that seemed to hurt.

My eyes widened and my mouth closed. I was so nervous and out of nervousness I picked up the dustpan seen on the side and prepared myself. In the TV movies that I saw like this, the growl of a woman in pain is like this!

I was more nervous when the woman almost cried and it seemed like really hurt. My tears are already welling up, especially since there is no light on this side.

"Uhh! You like it?" I stopped when I heard the man's voice. Then the woman started shouting again!!

When I reached the source of that voice I didn't hesitate to strike the man behind the woman. Huh? woman in a mai


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