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Married to a strange Billionaire

Married to a strange Billionaire

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Chelsea's dreams are now sheltered, her dream of becoming a world model would remain a fantasy. Because her dad had given up on her, he had sold her out to an unknown man who they say is a billionaire, and yet nobody seems to know anything about him, not even a photograph." hello, hello"... It was hard for a girl like her to live a life of pretense and negligence. All attention had been on her since she could remember. A night mistake threatened to break her unannounced married which she had grown to accept wholeheartedly. What happens when she finds out the stranger she slept with was her husband?

Chapter 1

"hey golden, what up with you? are you fucking ignoring....." Jannie's mouth falls to the floor as she peered into the room. Her eyes were wide open, and the rest of her sentence died in her throat.

"what the hell......" her words came almost as a whisper.

Is this some kind of prank?!!

No! she thought, who would pull a prank by hiring designers and putting on an expensive wedding dress?

She slowly closed the door from behind her eyes fixed on the girl in front of the big mirror with a lady dolling her face. Her back was facing her so she couldn't get her expression.

Jannie dropped her bag on the couch near the door and strode toward her, she placed a hand on her shoulder"golden," her voice was as soft as a caring mother when she cut a glimpse of her beautiful sorrowful green eyes." golden talk to me" she pulled a chair and dropped a part of her ass on it, she didn't want to make herself comfortable as she was already feeling uneasy looking at how her lively golden was down and the beauty of her eyes fading.

"don't tell me you are getting married?" she doubted, the golden she knew is not a married material, she had never dated in the whole twenty-two years of her life. Apart from molding and partying, there is nothing else to award her with.

Jannie was just staring at the lady beautifying her hair.

"mam is time" a man peered through the room announced after starting at his wristwatch.

Jannie flared her gaze to the door. What is happening here?

She had been trying to call golden since early morning but she didn't reply, the next that she answered she remained silent which was unlike her.

"hey dear, you look absolutely beautiful" Mr. Golden, her dad walked in with a smile which doesn't seem like a happy one. As much as he wants to keep his daughter by his side forever he couldn't. Sometimes life makes decisions for us, and not all are in favor of our interests but due to certain circumstances you can not reject them. Especially when there is no other safe alternative.

"How are you, Jannie " he greeted for her to smile in response.

Yes! Mr. Gold is familiar with everything concerning his beloved daughter, he knew every single thing about her. That is how strong their bond was as father and daughter.

He had done everything for the girl including supporting her in her decisions which he believed were good ones.

He stretched out his hands for her but she ignored him"yes am getting married" she answered Jannie's question with a smile and left the room holding onto her long dress.

Jannie stared at her back till the door got shut. Confusion was written all over her face. How can she not tell her nor Nessa?

She concluded something was amiss because Chelsea would never hide anything from them.

Mr. Golden sighed in frustration. Apart from his well-designed black suit which made him look dashing, his expression was as bad as a deceased spouse's, his forest green eyes looked exactly like his daughter's own were of no satisfaction.

He believed one day she would thank him for making such a decision without her concern. He knew his daughter so he didn't tell her anything about the wedding until the d-day which is a very horrible thing for a parent to do but his hands were tight, what can he do?

Chelsea would have never paid heed to him if he had informed her or sought her permit.

Jannie chased after her but before she was able to get there, the white car with the flower decor had already set on the road with another black car behind.

Her dad had made sure to provide enough security. He needed to prevent her from doing something stupid before it was too late.

Jannie sighed staring at the direction in which the car took with her hands On her waist her chest hammering up and down like one who just returned from a marathon.

Mr. Golden was carrying a worried expression pacing up and down the corridor.

Chelsea's car left before his but she hadn't reached yet"what is the occurring?" he murmured."Thomas, are you sure she would show up?"Catherine's voice came impatiently from behind.

She was one of the many reasons why Thomas choose this path for his daughter. He glared at her"don't fool yourself, Thomas, that spoilt girl..." before the conclusion of her sentence, the white car came to a halt just in front of them.

Thomas strode to it and helped the bride out. Catherine rolled her eyes and swooped inside the hall.

"thank you dear" he whispered to her as they walked hand in hand on the red carpet in the grand hall with all eyes on her

Chelsea was dressed in a white wedding gown with a revealing backside. She was holding a white bouquet with her long golden brown hair dancing willingly to the tone of the air, looking beautiful as always even though her smile was missing.

Minute has. past since she got to the altar, she was standing there alone.

Uneasiness sunk in, did he stand her up? she started regretting not doing anything to escape this horror of life.

Though she knew nothing in this world can change the old man's mind and to run away from him is like hiding from the air which Is an impossible thing.

Her father took the microphone "am sorry but the gloom will not be joining us" he declared openly with no expression on his face. What can he do if this arrogant man had refused to show up at his wedding?

Chelsea was dumbfounded, she sniffed holding back her tears.

What kind of a man is she marrying?is he an oddity?

What kind of a man would skip his wedding and for what?

She stared at the whispering guest and her palm started sweating when her eyes met with that of her aunt Catherine.

A smirk was on her face. She seems to enjoy the situation.

Catherine had wanted Chelsea to marry her son, Fifi even though they were family but not related by blood. Catherine's mother had her before getting married to Don Golden, Thomas's father.

Catherine was only interested in Thomas, wealth which would be handed to his daughter sooner or later.

hi readers, what do you think? will Chelsea push through with her wedding or will she demand her freedom even though she had no idea of her fathers reasons.

Chapter 2


" a life mermaid!" I heard the scream from ahead, a girl, I interprete the voice.As thin as it was it was only normal I think that. Where are they taking me? I glared up in panic as i give off my best frustrating growl.

The trapping net was hard to break free from but i wasn't going to give up like this. There was nothing i wanted more than to break free from all this emotional and physical torture.

I couldn't let myself fall in his hands again even though i had no idea how i ended up in that glass shell nor how long i had been there but i had find a way.

My struggling continued.

The net was pulling up fast as if they knew i was trying to escape.

Seriously didn't know what was going on but I knew someone was pulling up those rope which was tired to the edge of the net. What if i was in trouble again?

They might have purposely trap me inside. I struggled to grant myself the opportunity to escape but my effort w


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