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Thirteen years later...... I yawned laying lazily on my bed and the book on my chest fall to the floor when I turned on my side. Thanks to Nancy, i wasn't an illiterate, not anymore. She did well in teaching me good stuff, I could read and understand but my writing wasn't good so i spend most time reading to get that part right. I couldn't be horrible in both faced. My golden brown hair spread wildly on the bed as I ran my head around from the pillow. I took on a sharp breath before opening my eyes to the darkness in the room. I wondered when i will see something different , something i haven't seen before obviously nothing like my room. I was stuck , i sighed glaring through the darkness. " i wonder how the outside world was like" i didn't know anything since i was never sallowed outside. I wondered how people would look at me. I chuckled to myself. They would definitely like me , Nancy said i was a lovely person and I believe her. My thoughts was interrupted. Someone suddenly barged in and when I opened the light I saw Nancy, the same woman behind my sane growth. " Mary Jean" she called in a small tone, her voice was heavy and carried a lot of emotions on her face. She was wearing a black hoodie which she pushed the head from her head . I almost didn't recognize her. She stared at me in worry met her gaze. I wouldn't know what I would do if I hadn't met her after Marcella" I want you to come with me" she said , her eyes carries a lot of worries and fear. She seemed terrified like someone was after her. " you can't stay here like this, dear. For your own good come with me, lets get away from this insane people" she took my hand, what, this insane people? Why was Nancy speaking like this? Did something happened? She has never spoken like this with me. I sat on the bed confused as hell, my eyes staring into her eyes mulling over whether to agree with her and go from here" but this is my kingdom" I said and she shook her head. " they won't let you live freely" she said confusing me with her words. I wasn't smart, I only learned how to read and write that was it. Maybe I would be if I get the chance to experience something more than being locker up in a room my entire life" you are a threat and you will remain cage for the rest of your life" my eyes watered as I found it hard to believe her or doubt her. I knew she was very strict but i know when she was serious. Nancy was dead serious and she wanted to take me with her out of this place. This caged life, i looked back to my room. What would be waiting for me then? I sniffed What was Nancy talking about? something happened" no I cant " I pulled back my hand from her grip as I shook my head" I promise to explain everything to you once we are put of here" she said grabbing back my hand" they are bad people" she said and the next I saw was her falling on the floor with her head rolling on the white clean floor and then it stopped at my feet. Blood all over my face, hair and dress . I couldn't breath nor yelled as I found myself in total shock. " enough of your nonsense" I glared up to see my dad, the alpha of the season pack glittering his teeth as if angry. His eyes carrying alot of violence and blood shed, he seemed more than angry and just staring at him made me shiver as cold ran down my whole body coursing me to tremble back. My hands shaking as i flickered my gaze to the headless woman on the floor. Her red thick blood had stain the floor to colour red. I yelled running to the other corner when I realized what had happened. Who? I lifted my gaze and saw him holding the stained machete, blood on his chest.Nancy...... My whole body joined in the shivering. I couldn't stay calm. Tears blurred my vision, with difficulties , I wrapped my shaking hand around myself . My lips parted trembling. My vision stayed glued to the head. She was looking at me and for a moment i thought i saw tears in her eyes. I shook my head and tightly shut my eyes in horror. It must be a dream and i needed to wake up from it. No Nancy couldn't be dead. She should live, yes. She promised me, Nancy vowed to never leave me alone even if she had to die for me. She said she will go wherever i go. And if i stay here she would do same with me. She agreed for me to call her mother and pledged to be my only friend till dead do as apart! I couldn't hold my sob anymore. I broke down sobbing with my head in between my thighs, my legs were shaking with sweat all over my face. I had never seen anything as scary as this before. It broke my heart to see her like that. It was all my fault, I should have listener to her. I should have agreed to go with her. I hated myself, tears stained my face as I wept butterfly. I felt a hand on my shoulder and when when I stared up I saw the huge scary man who had sliced Nancy's head off with his machete . I pulled away but stayed still after meeting the alpha's gaze. I knew he hated me but that shouldn't have gotten this far. He shouldn't have engaged other people, Nancy did nothing, I knew her she was harmless. The man held my hand and dragged me towards the door. " call the maids to clean the room" he instructed " why?" I sobbed, I didn't why I was so hurt, the thought of me living alone in my room made me sad. " why did you kill her? Don't you know what is called heart?" without thinking I tanker my hand back and faced him with my red puffy eyes. He killed the only person I have, the only person I could say loves me! And for what! Couldn't he have considered my feeling for once? I had done everything he asked of me all these years without coursing any trouble. He asked me not to appear I'm from of him and for thirteen years I didn't try to anger him. He ordered me to stay in my room and never show my face outside my room and I did with a heavy heart without questioning him. I thought he was my father but I was wrong. I should have comprehended him. I wasn't a daughter to him, Nancy was right. I was just a slave to them. I blinked and years poured down from my eyes in agony. I couldn't stand calm as my body kept shivering. Slap!!!! I trembled back and fall on my *ss. Shock written all over my face. At that instant, the feeling I had been far from sipped in and I felt cold and lost. i didn't know what happened as I saw him yelling at me. " you are only allowed to obey me and my daughter. You illiterate animal" he hissed in anger. It was wrong to talk back at an alpha but he was my dad?" cant ...cant...." the words came out as a whidper. My eyes widened staring at his moving back. What? Did i hear him right? His daughter? And what about me? I started sobbing again. It felt like i was alone, a feeling i felt the moment i lost Marcella was back to hunt me. Nancy wad.killed infront of me . I stared down at myself and her blood which was all over me made me hate myself. She would have been okay if i hadn't been so stubborn with her. I could feel blood on my lips as I struggled to stand up, the huge man tried to help me but I yelled at him. He was the the killer and there was nothing I wished more than giving him a taste of his own medicine. He killed Nancy? I yelled in agony and rum away without know where. I was running through the ball when a huge figure towered over me and pushed me into a room. My heart stopped beating at that moment as I didn't know what was happening. I slowly lifted my gaze up to see him! The same man who had killed Nancy I'm my room without a care. At that instant, my brain stopped working, was he going to kill me too? Did my dad ordered him to kill me? Suddenly my legs gave up on me so as my eyes. They couldn't keep me company as I was dropping on the floor, I felt a huge hand on my waist. I blacked out and my whole body went nub. The only thing I was seeing was blood, the pool of blood on the white floor and the machete the had blood dripping from it.


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