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Marriage with the Curvy

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Olivia crosses paths with Emilio and falls madly in love with him. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she wakes up in an unfamiliar room, with no memory of how she got there. Filled with fear, she makes the decision to escape and begins a tireless search to rebuild her life from scratch. To avoid being recognized by Emilio, her husband, Olivia stops taking her thyroid medication, resulting in significant weight gain. This physical change allows her to hide and go unnoticed. But a year later, she finds herself face to face with a completely transformed version of the man who took away her freedom. Now, Olivia faces an emotional crossroads, where she must confront her conflicting feelings and decide if she can overcome the love she once felt for someone who deceived her and held her captive. Will she be able to find the courage to leave her dark past behind and reclaim her freedom? In this intense story, Olivia will face her own journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Chapter 1

"Why do I have to go with you?" she asked uncertainly, adjusting her shiny dress on her body.However, she didn't want to attend."Because I need you there, I don't want to be alone among all the rich people," he replied."Well, I'm far from being rich," commented Olivia, raising an eyebrow as she chased after her cousin.She still had some difficulty walking in heels, while Emma wore them with impressive ease."Please, you're already dressed. We'll get in the vehicle now, and I'm sure you'll have fun.""No, I think I'll just be in a corner, eating.""Come on, don't exaggerate.""But it's true, and besides... I don't think a millionaire would notice me.""What do you mean? You're beautiful.""Supongo", dijo ella, encogiéndose de hombros.Subieron al vehículo y en menos de 15 minutos llegaron a una gran residencia.Caminaron hasta llegar a las grandes puertas y Olivia suspiró.Les entregó sus invitaciones y entraron. Tan pronto como lo hicieron, el ruido de la multitud se hizo evidente, junto con el sonido de la música.Olivia prestó atención; el lugar era inmenso y muy lujoso."Cada rincón de este lugar grita 'rico'"."¿Ves? Pero tuvimos suerte de estar aquí.""Lo sé pero..."Y en la distancia, vio al hombre más atractivo que sus ojos jamás habían visto. Llevaba una máscara como Olivia, pero su postura y musculatura eran increíblemente elegantes.Estaba en el extremo opuesto del salón de baile, pero Olivia no pudo evitar notar cada detalle del aura de ese hombre misterioso."Vamos a dar algunos golpes", sugirió Emma."Claro, ¿quién es ese hombre al final?" preguntó Olivia con curiosidad.Emma miró hacia arriba y vio a varios hombres guapos."¿Cuál? Hay muchos hombres guapos aquí"."Amigo, el del final".

Chapter 2

"Where?""There! I'm not going to point him out to you.""Oh, him! Who is he?""I thought you surrounded yourself with rich people. How come you don't know who that guy is?""Well, I don't know, friend. Why do you like him?" Olivia asked, amused.She rolled her eyes as they passed through an area covered in mirrors on the walls."I feel pretty," Olivia thought as she looked at her slim and beautiful reflection. She remembered the thyroid problems she used to have and how difficult it was for her to maintain her weight.Indeed, a person can experience weight problems if their thyroid is not functioning properly. The thyroid is an organ that produces hormones that affect various functions in the body, including weight. Thyroid problems can cause weight gain or loss. They are usually treated with synthetic hormones to compensate for the deficiency or excess production of thyroid hormo


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