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Giss Dominguez

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About me

Hola soy Giss, me encanta escribir novelas de romance. Soy mamá de dos niñas, escribir es mi fuente de ingreso y mi pasión.


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Brianna, who still feels an emotional void in her life, agrees to marry Lautaro under a contract, and together they begin to build a home. However, Brianna soon realizes that Lautaro cannot let go of the past and still misses Lucía, his deceased wife. Lucía wasn't the perfect wife Eduardo thought she was. Only Brianna knows the true Lucía. As their days together pass, Brianna finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions. The facade of their contractual marriage starts to weigh heavily on her heart, especially as Lautaro's longing for Lucía becomes more evident. Despite Brianna's efforts to create a real bond between them, Lautaro remains trapped in the memories of his past. He often talks about Lucía, reminiscing about their moments together, their shared dreams, and the life they had planned. Brianna listens, her heart aching as she realizes that she is nothing more than a substitute for the woman he truly loved. One day, as they sit together in the garden, Lautaro takes a deep sigh and says, "Brianna, do you ever wonder if it's possible to truly move on from someone you've loved deeply?" Brianna gazes at him, her eyes filled with a mix of sympathy and frustration. "Lautaro, moving on is a choice we make. It's about embracing the present and looking towards the future." Lautaro looks into her eyes, searching for answers. "But what if the past is too beautiful to let go? What if it feels like I'm betraying Lucía by trying to replace her memory?" Brianna's heart aches for him, but her own pain is becoming unbearable. "Lautaro, I understand that Lucía was special to you. But I am here now, trying to create a life with you. I'm not trying to replace her; I'm trying to build something new." Lautaro's gaze drops, his fingers tracing patterns on the grass. "I know you're right, Brianna. It's just... so hard." Days turn into weeks, and Brianna's patience wears thin. She finds herself growing resentful of the shadow of Lucía that lingers between them. The more she tries to bridge the gap, the more she realizes how deeply Lautaro's heart is tied to the past. One evening, as they sit in silence at the dinner table, Brianna decides it's time to confront the truth. "Lautaro, I need to talk to you about something." He looks up, his eyes filled with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. "What is it, Brianna?" "I've come to realize that this marriage, this contract between us, it's not what I want anymore. I can't continue pretending that everything is fine when it's not. I deserve a love that is genuine, a relationship that is built on mutual feelings." Lautaro's expression shifts from surprise to realization. "Brianna, I..." She raises her hand, stopping him from speaking. "Let me finish. I know that you're not ready to let go of Lucía's memory, and I can't keep living in her shadow. It's not fair to either of us." He bows his head, his voice barely a whisper. "You're right. I've been holding on to something that I should have let go of a long time ago." Brianna takes a deep breath, her heart heavy but resolute. "I want us both to find the happiness we deserve. I think it's best if we end this marriage, Lautaro." Tears well up in his eyes as he looks at her. "I never meant to hurt you, Brianna." She reaches across the table, placing her hand on his. "I know you didn't, Lautaro. We both made a choice, and now we need to make a different one for our own sake." As they sit there, hands intertwined, they both come to terms with the difficult truth. The contract that brought them together must now be the catalyst for their separation, allowing them the chance to heal, grow, and find their own paths to happiness.

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Ana was in love with Leonardo since she was a little girl. He himself never had feelings for Ana, whom he saw more as an older sister. Since they were both raised as siblings. Ana always spied on him from her window; she could see how he always talked to a different woman in front of her house. Ana decides to forget him, meeting other people. Leonardo eventually realizes that he begins to feel annoyed to see Ana with someone else. Ana does not understand Leonardo's behavior, since he was always seeing different women. Ana knows that she is not her parents' daughter, she was adopted when she was a little girl. Leonardo has no idea of the truth. He feels guilty, when he accepts for himself: he has feelings for his cousin. He feels fear, disgust and regret. But Ana has no idea of his feelings; she decides to forget him and meet someone else. When Leonardo can no longer bear the love he feels for his cousin: he kisses her without caring about anything else, he discovers that she is not his blood cousin. He feels relieved, although partly betrayed by his whole family, who were never able to tell him the truth. He, after a while, decides to forgive Ana and her family. They start a relationship, which is frowned upon by everyone and annoys Ana. Ana can no longer bear the pain that others cause her, but decides to continue with the love she feels. When they both go to college, things improve for them. Nobody bothers her anymore, and they decide to get married, since they love each other very much.


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