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Marked Heart

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“I just want to know what happened to me!” roared Emily. She pushed him away agitated and snorted. “I told you everything that you was supposed to know...!” yelled Richard. He made his disorganized black fitting suit, tacked his shirt and sighed. “Everything? Everything that I was supposed to know but... But you are selfish with yourself! You call your nonsense story genuine?” asked Emily turning to face the wall. She focused her meditation on the ceiling, sighed and rolled her fist harder. “I will grant you one last chance Richard! Just tell me whose heart is under my fucking chest or I break up with you once and for all!” added Emily. Richard got nervous when he heard of her talk about divorce. He adored her dearly and that was the reason why he had to do what was setting them apart. “What hell was I supposed to do? You wanted to die? You wanted to kill me? I did it... Yes!” yelled Richard. He rubbed his nose and cleared his throat. He said what he had promised himself to remain silent but she forced him to betray himself. Love is blind. “So you killed someone for me to live? What a hell! How could you give me life that belonged to someone else without my consent? So you think you are the reason that I breath? So you are my creator now?!” she roared back. “Yeah! And... And you have to do whatever I say because I brought you back to life. I can't lose you sweetheart. I adore you...” “Love my foot! Leave me alone Richard! I will kill myself!” she promised and banged the door behind her. Richard looked around, staring at the empty room perplexed. When he opened the door, she was no where to be seen...

Chapter 1. Happiness isn't Forever

Chapter 1. Happiness isn't Forever


In the automobile, only joy was evident. They sang on top of their voices. Anyway, happiness isn't forever. Richard was responsible for the steering wheel and moved it at the highest speed that he could. Beside him was his lovely wife with a pretty attractive smile. She occasionally bent and laid on his chest as he drove. Unfortunately, it was during the night and no one witnessed their enjoyment, except me. Emily opened another lyric and Richard joined him.

“My passion; my life; my only one… I adore you; I love you…”

“I adore you today, tomorrow and forever… Love, that word…”

“That word burns in every corner of the city, everyone adores it…”

“Everything has consequences, even what we adore least…”

Both laughed simultaneously and Emily leaned on his shoulder joyfully. She kissed him passionately and held his chest delicately. Richard kissed her back, trying to see the dark road that was only visible because of his car's dim flashlight. The music inside the car burned their hearts with love, especially lustful desires. Richard felt shivers by her romantic moves. That took his mind seven years back, during their honeymoon. A day that remained fresh in his memory. Everyone has a special day, despite the occasion. Specialty depends on our experiences, and his was a joyful moment just after the wedding night. He couldn't compare it to the one-night stand that people cherish the most.

“Thank you for such a wonderful birthday, sweetheart! It was really spectacular!” said Emily on top of her voice. Richard smiled at her and kissed her on her red-hot lips. She was attractive despite her depreciating beautiful face. Age is always the reason. Sporadically, I wonder about how old couples live, loving each other until death. Probably there is eternity in love, or what people call true love. Trust me, Richard loved his wife abundantly and whenever he looked at her, his body turned hot. It was a night to remember planned in their hearts, but unfortunately, it was doomed.

“I wonder why this car isn't moving fast! I want to throw you in that bed, stripe you naked and make you forget your name!” yelled Richard, laughing loudly. His voice could outdo that of the music inside the car. Emily smiled at his and kissed him deeply.

“I won't wait for you to stripe me naked! I think I will do it myself, sweetheart. I will make you forget not only your name but also yourself!” said Emily, throwing herself on his chest.

“That's my virgin wife!” added Richard jokingly. He sang other lyrics following the music inside the car and danced his head rhythmically.

“I'm sure you will like it in another realm! The world of fantasy!” said Emily. She reasoned for a while like someone who had forgotten to do something significant.

“Wait!” she said, bending to pick her purse. That was the last word she said to him. Richard proceeded, enjoying the music as she prepared to surprise him with a gift. She took out her perfectly decorated gift box and opened it. Before handling him it's content, the car diverted from the road and the box fell between them. Richard struggled to take it back to the road, but it was too late.

“What a fuck! Fuck! Oh my goodness!” roared Richard.

“Richard…” cried Emily. Richard's eyes saw nothing than darkness and the car lost control, collided with a tree trunk and busted into fire. Trust me, love and pain compliment each other. And everything has its end, either perfect or imperfect. Nothing is painfuller than losing a loved one.

Emily was the first one to open her eyes. She couldn't believe what she saw. Every so often, we wish we were blind, but no one doesn't desire to see the beauty of the world. When she looked around, she saw a spotlight moving towards the car. She was delighted to see that there was hope. She looked at her husband, who lay on the steering wheel unconsciously. Furthermore, she was perplexed and felt nervous. Likewise, she opened his safety belt and pulled him, but he couldn't respond to her.

“Richard! Sweetheart! Honey! Can you hear me?” asked Emily, trying to open the door. Fortunately, there was someone outside the car. They were two men who had arrived at the right time when rescue was needed. She cried on top of her voice.

“Help us out, please! Help me! I require help!” cried Emily.

“Don't worry, we are taking you out!” said one of the men. He broke the door and pulled Emily out. Emily rushed inside to rescue the love of her life, but the men pulled her from the back. She was surprised by their actions since she expected them to help him out.

“I want to take my husband out! What are you doing? Where are you taking me to? Let me take my husband out, please.” cried Emily, pleading for help, but the men dragged her away. She tried to resist, but their massive energy overdone hers.

“Don't worry, we will rescue your husband.” roared one of the men harshly. Richard was left in the car to die in the fire. They pushed her to move and drag her inside their car and moved away. She tried to scream, but the crew warned her sternly.

“Shut up woman. Stay quiet, otherwise I will teach you a lesson of life.” roared the other man who seemed to be the kindest. She was perplexed by what was going on. The car left overspending.


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