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Marked By The Demon

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Ecca never expected that breaking off a contractual deal would consume all her energy. Torn between her reputation as the Lancaster heiress and the shirtless mysterious temptation at her home. One mischievous touch from Khuraan touch ignites her. Unknown to Ecca, he’s the lucky charm she had been holding onto. Hellfire or fireworks, Khuraan is willing to do both. If that’s the price to win Ecca’s heart!

Lights off and you're mine

The whole hall fell silent when the immaculate doors opened. Every single gaze curiously followed the direction. A woman gracefully walked while holding her gown. Her emerald eyes radiated confidence as she stared in the direction of her nose. Taking a step further, as air brushed sneakily past her tainted cheeks and blonde airlocks which escaped her bun.

“Who is she?” Khuraan tilted his head towards his secretary in amusement. His silvery cold gaze followed the woman who had just entered the hall. Clad in a long regal black shaded gown which hung till feet. “Miss Ecca Lancaster, sir. The sole heiress to the corporation.” Leaning against the pillar, Khuraan twirled the wineglass meaningfully. “Fascinating!” A lopsided grin displayed his investment.

Everyone gawked at her but none of them dared to approach the lady. In the midst of greedy business oriented men, the vixen walked with her lioness gait. Her dominant aura was confirmed by the gazes of the comrades. The bodyguards inside the hall also hitched their breaths to prevent themselves from ogling at her. A few horny gazes devoured her too much which got traded with the pain in their groin.

‘Walk of a queen. And the smile of a fox.’ Khuraan smirked while his secretary shoved his specs over his nose. Knowing that master Kilantro had something evil ongoing in his mind. In the grimly silent hall which welcomed Ecca with all types of praises. Be it a verbal compliment or a glorified applaud from the boner. Meanwhile, Khuraan stood in the corner, normal and calm compared to the turmoiled comrades.

Meanwhile Ecca walked to the front and ascended the podium. She knew her curves at the right places were emphasised in that dress. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Ecca Lancaster.” A grin appeared on her red matt shaded tainted lips, as the lady halted in front of the crowd. And everything went absolutely quiet.

Ecca found herself standing a bit higher than the rest of the hall. ‘And I, Khuraan Kilantro want you.’ Khuraan’s eyes never left her face while she completed her speech. Ecca’s temperament snagged everyone’s attention and they willingly heard her whole speech. On both sides of the podium, there were plenty of men staring at her daringly.

As she placed her creamy soft hands on the golden podium. A silence hovered in the hall leaving every single individual speechless. ‘Bold of her to wear black to mock us all.’ Khuraan examined her from head to toe. In normal circumstances every woman must have avoided wearing black being a VIP in the event. Whereas Ecca’s intentions were clear with the boldly chosen colour of the gown.

Despite acknowledging the dangers lurking in that hall, the woman was confident that no one would dare to hunt her. Although, she could feel cold sweat skittering on a few business men’s skin. Upon witnessing her glory and success in that celebratory event. Ecca was prepared to rub salt on their wounds by wearing black dress to mourn over their dreams.

“Marco, I want all the lights off after 10 minutes and back after 7 exactly. No mistakes.” Khuraan’s secretary took his leave to conduct the order. Meanwhile, the man’s silvery gaze was fixated on her face. “I will mark you as mine, Ecca. You are my prize!” His silvery eyes turned crimson as a grin appeared over his lips. Khuraan licked the red wine from his lips meaningfully.

The prying eyes of men were admiring her like the bright stars draped in the darkness. The silent praise she accumulated was enough to make Khuraan jealous and acknowledge her worth. Ecca nonchalantly glanced at those awestruck faces with her smokey eyed makeup which highlighted her sparkling orbs.

Khuraan closed his eyes and took one more sip. “Just about time.” He whispered and in a second the lights went off. Just as he planned a panic surged through the crowd, which gave him a clear chance to approach her. Using his super speed Khuraan hopped over the podium. Only he could see in the prevailing darkness and hear everything.

He tucked both his hands over butt and leaned in, Khuraan’s breath brushing over Ecca’s neck. “Uh? What is this?” She lifted her hand and touched the spot. The gesture made Khuraan amused that her sharp instincts could sense him. He intentionally leaned in and sniffed her neck and then licked the base of it.

“Who is this?” This time Ecca somehow managed to grab the collars of his coat. Instinctively she could feel someone’s presence around her. Khuraan was caught off guard for a moment but he was impressed by her. He grabbed her waist and pulled the woman closer, a gasp escaped Ecca’s lips and fright crawled in her body.

“Doesn't matter who I am.” Khuraan tucked his nose with hers, Ecca felt his cold breath over her face. Unusual. The woman grasped her senses and pulled him closer to threaten. Even though Ecca could not see him in the dark, she could guess his height. The firm grip around her waist and Khuraan’s ripped build assured he was a tall and buff guy.

“But now you are mine. Ever and forever.” He whispered in her ear and licked the earlobe. Meanwhile, Ecca widened her emerald eyes over his audacity. “Wherever you will go, I will be your shadow.” Before Ecca could answer she felt the hand over her hand vanishing. The lights immediately came back and the chattering grew louder.

Meanwhile, Ecca impatiently looked around to find the man who boldly proposed to her. There was utter shock and confusion on her face when she saw nobody around her. “How can he vanish so fast?” Upon not seeing anybody running her curiosity increased. She shook her head and forced a smile on her face before getting off the podium.

Outside the hall, Khuraan walked on the red carpet towards the exit of the building. “Find everything about her. Spare no detail.” Marco nodded and trailed his master out. Khuraan smirked and twisted his moustache and caressed his beard. “Tasty and sinful like lust. Ecca Lancaster.” Only if anyone could see his shadow with two crooked horns!

Fated bride and knife

“Do I have to repeat myself each time?” Ecca burst into anger and raised her voice while rebuking the secretary. A young rookie who stood by her side lowered her head and apologised. “I specifically asked you to pick decent looking broke men. How hard is it to follow such a precise command?” She gritted her teeth and banged her fist on the table.

Meanwhile, everyone outside her cabin continued to do their work without making a noise. Everybody was well aware that miss Ecca Lancaster was not in a good mood. Since last night’s event where a random stranger daringly made a move on her. Ecca was disturbed by the incident and vented her rage on the staff. She leaned against the chair in agitation.

“Forgive my incompetence, madam. This is the new list, I could only find 10 such men who fall under the given criteria.” The secretary shoved the tablet in front of Ecca. The heiress grabbed it and swiped a few times with distaste. How could she pick anybody to contractually marry?


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