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Maid For Three Billionaire Heirs

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5 million dollars, I bet the beautiful lady beggar will fall for me first, said Jagger."Double the bet, she will be mine." Rio, one of the twins added."Are you serious? 10 million bets, I promise she will love me first!"" the other of the twins, Rome shouted. For years, Ava was a beggar who can only feed on begging food. It seemed that she will live in this way forever, but one accident turned her world upside down. She was taken to a luxury mansion and was introduced to three handsome men. Jagger, the oldest son of the Montemayor family, looked cold and emotionless staring at Ava. Rome and Rio, the twins of the Montemayor family, also eyed Ava from head to toe. And Ava thought that her life would be thrilling. What will happen to Ava? Read to find out."

Chapter 1

"It shouldn't be like this Jagger. It can't be." I kept shaking my head.

His kisses flowed down my neck towards my chest. My sleeveless was already loose enough to expose my chest.?

We were at the table and it was dark in the house, hopefully, no one could see us.

I pushed him, "Jagger, please. Not now! And Rio is my boyfriend!"

"He is your boyfriend, but now you are moaning and screaming my name happily in my bed?"

I fell silent. I couldn’t deny that because it was true. I have regretted why I did this, but every time Jagger touched me, I would forget everything.

"Can't answer huh?"

"Jagger. Rio is your brother. He's my boyfriend..and Rome is just kind to me... "I said, and his kisses dropped from my neck to my stomach.?

I moaned.

"Stop thinking about my brothers! I can't forget that you and Rome kissed! Maybe you want me to tell that to Rio?" he warned.?

I can not believe him! Maybe because of fear or the will of my body I had s*x with Jagger. He's my first anyway.

I was moaning his name repeatedly while he was above me. My legs were trembling so badly in pleasure!

Oh! Jagger! I- I'm c*mm*ng!" I screamed and his bed creaked!

He just looked up and bit his lip!?

“Like this Ava huh? “ he teased me while pounding on top of me!?


"Ava! Wake up! We need to beg! There are already a lot of people!" Wena, my friend, and my fellow beggar shouted at me. I was still slightly dazzled by the steep sun.

I blinked! Where am I? Am I dreaming that I had s*x with my crush? D*mn it! I even mention his other brothers? What the hell?! I am going crazy about my billionaire crush!?

Jagger, Rome, and Rio were so hot! I only saw them in the magazine and I even kept their pictures!?

I looked at Wena.?

"Wait!" I shouted back and fixed myself. I cleaned our cardboard bed and placed it on the side of the tree.

What we always slept on was on the side of the fountain. So when we woke up we just washed there.

We were also lucky because we were not sent away from here.?

When I finished washing I wiped my face with my clothes. I had no clothes but this was all I wear. Sometimes some people shouted at us that we stink!

I took the pouch of coins I had used in begging but then again, I think about my dream earlier! D*mn! I cannot imagine myself kissing my crush! Jagger was hot and his brother Rome and Rio! How could I resist them? I wish it was true though. I pouted at what I am thinking.?

"Wena! How much money do you have? Let me see!"

"Here!" she showed me the little money.

"That's good! You are so lucky today!”?

Wena glared at me. Her hair is the same as mine that is not combed. We are so ugly and stinky!?

“Yeah!” she eyed me. “D*mn, you’re so beautiful even with your dirty clothes. Why don’t you accept the offer of recruiters?”?

Every day this is what we eat. Many beggars are on the road and begging like us.?

I bit my lip and shrugged. “I don’t like that kind of work, Wena. I’d better be beg than to strip for money. I still value my body.”?

“Oh, yeah. You have a point. But we can't be like this for life. Maybe next time we won't be together. We will have a life of our own.”?

My eyes warmed up. There’s something in my heart that hurt.?

“I’m going to miss you in that case, Wena.”?

We smiled at each other and continued what were doing.?

While begging I saw an old woman who seemed out of place. I stopped what I was doing and stared at her.?

Why was she in the middle of the road ?! There was a car that almost hit her! Was she out of mind?!?

I saw another car heading towards her and she didn’t even leave!?

"Hey!!" I shouted at her and I ran our distance to pull her over!?

I could no longer bear the pain of my elbow and head hitting the gutter of plants and flowers by the side of the road.

My waist hurt too! When I stared at my elbow, it was scratched and bleeding.

I looked at the old woman and saw that she was okay and I looked at her with concern.

"Are you all right?" I asked.?

"Yes, dear. T-Thank you very much. If it wasn't because of you I might be dead by now!"

"Ava! Are you okay ?! You have a wound!" said Wena.?

The old woman covered her mouth.?

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm missing and you know that because of old age I don't know where I am! The last thing I remember is I was at the mall !”

I stood up and Wena supported me.

"Ouch!" there’s severe pain in my right elbow. It bled even more!

"We need to take Ava to the hospital! Jesus! Her head is bleeding too! " Wena was concerned.?

"No. I'm fine. I don't have any money-"

"Don't worry about that dear. I'll take care of you. I'll take you to the hospital. I'm sorry.”?

Wena helped us get a taxi to take me to the hospital. I don’t like this idea!?

The taxi arrived quickly at the hospital and I was immediately treated. I was lying in a hospital bed and being treated. I was wondering why they call the old woman ‘madam’? The old woman talked to the nurse.?

She is rich. That’s what I see in her. She was talking on her cellphone when she stared at me.

"Jagger! I didn't even know I was lost! I'm old and I don't know how to get around the city! Call Rio to pick me up and I have an emergency now. Why do you put your women before me, I am your mother! "

A few moments later she ended the call and approached me. I can see her concern for me.

“Uh, Madam-“

“Don’t call me that! Call me Flora.”

I smiled slightly at her. “Uh F...Flora. I have to go back to my place.”

She stared at me.

"On the streets? How long have you been there? How many years? Do you know how beautiful you are? It's dangerous for you to be there. Where are your parents?"

I shook my head. "Uh, Flora, I don't have any parents. They left me when I was a kid so I lived on the road and everywhere. I am begging to live. That's really it. " I smiled sadly.?

"You know dear, I like you. I hope you don't feel bad but I want to take you to my house and support you. Are you studying?"

My jaw dropped! I was so shocked!?

Chapter 2

"Really?" I didn't know what to say but when I heard what she said I could finally study! That's my dream! “ I haven't been able to study. I would have liked to but..."

She looked me in the eye. “I know you don’t trust me so much coz’ we’ve been new to each other but I am seriously offering you whole kindheartedly Ava, Ava, right?”?

I nodded and think.?

“You have a nice name.”?

“Thank you.”?

Over time, I asked the lord of the sign when I would have a good life, maybe this is it.?

But I don't want to abuse Lady Flora's kindness. She was kind enough to offer me.

I took her hand and held it. She smiled at me and hold my hand too.

"I want to but I will not abuse your kindness. I want to work with you for allowing me to study. I want to be your maid or anything to repay your kindness to me.”

“Are you sure dear?”?

I smiled at her and nodded. “Yes! Flora.”

“Then be ready. We’re leaving today.”?

Damn. I hope that this o


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