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Loving You Forever

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LOVING You Forever Meet Graham Grande, an alluring yet troubled CEO with a dark past, and Gigi, an easy going social butterfly and determined dreamer from Africa, on a mission to make it big and create a better future for her family. Everything seems to go downhill when Gigi suddenly finds herself in prison but when fate brings Gigi to Graham, she is suddenly on a mission to make his empire crumble. As their worlds collide, animosity turns into an unexpected connection. Can Gigi's love heal Graham's shattered heart, or will the revelation of her true intentions leave their love story unfinished?

Mafia's Wife Is a Secret Heiress; Chapter 1

Second book of the ' Second Chance séries '

** Chapter one ; I got my Revenge

In the basement laid a young woman in her late thirties, barely unconscious, on a filthy mattress. She had a jagged scar running from her left eyelid to the right side of her face. Her nose was bleeding profusely, and her face was pale.

One could hardly hear the words leaving her mouth as multiple men assaulted her. It happened every day for ten years. That was how long she had been stuck, maybe. It was karma paying her for her deeds.

Suddenly, an urge to vomit knocked, but rather than puking on this man, she swallowed it because she never knew when her next meal would be and had not eaten anything for several days.

"Omg, it's my tenth time, and she is still so tight." The leader of this abuse was Henry Rowan, and the woman was Elsie Ross. He looked haggard twice older than a man in his late fifties, his clothes were torn and wrinkly , had gone completely bald. His once good teeth turned yellow because of his excessive smoking and some fell out because of junk food. It made Elsie wonder everytime while she fell for him.

Soon later, they were done with her. They all spat on her body and cursed, "Wh*re. You are such a f*cking wh*re, pretending you didn't like any of that. Sl*t!"

Even though he and his friends abused her on a daily basis, she knew he wan not the mastermind. Henry was too focused on weed, and women were crafting out such a nasty plan that ruined her life. Elsie Ross, formally Elsie Scott, was the only daughter and sole heiress of the Ross family. Born with a gold spoon in her mouth and not some whore for these junkies.

To this, Elsie did not pay any attention; rather, she strived to recall happy moments with her family, especially her ex-husband Aiden Scott; she heard he remarried after five years of their divorce. She wondered who was the lucky woman and prayed she would make him happy. Although a pinch of jealousy swarms in her stomach at the thought of him having another woman in his arms,.

"Why are you smiling, b*tch?" A beautiful lady dressed in a white corset dress appeared on the stairs. She had blonde hair and icy blue eyes. And a body that men could die for. It was Trickson Dale, Elsie's capturer and evil cousin. The right hand of the mastermind.

She continued, folding her arms in a way that would reveal her two million-dollar engagement ring. "I can't believe you are still able to laugh. Are you still capable of making use of that emotion?"

Lazily, Elsie averted her eyes from the ring, which nauseated her because it was her family's money. It made her heart ache. She mustered the courage to smile. "As long as I have his memories, I can live a thousand years more."

"Oh really?" Trickson could not help but roar with contagious laughter. Her facial expression loosened up, and she looked more beautiful. Walking closer, she brought out a document. "Which memories? Those that won't last over two weekends?"

This sent a dagger through Elsie's heart. It was true, she only had good memories with her ex-husband Aiden when she was pregnant for their son, whereas after his birth, she let this bitch convince her that Aiden had drugged her only to tie her down with their child.It made her so angry that she wanted to spit blood.

A strange fragrance wafted into Elsie's nose as Trixson got closer; it smelled good but still repelled her. Noticing this, Trixson laughed heartily,her voice sickly sweet "Oh silly, that is my new fragrance launched last week. And also today, I launched my app for my fans and my record label. I want to give back to the world."

Elsie stared at Trix with a ferocious expression, ridiculing her fake altruism. "Give back to the world? Hah! None of it is yours. I gave you those roles and money. I made you who you are."

It was true. Elsie grew up watching a lot of movies and reading books. She had a knack for determining which movies would become famous or not. Therefore, she helped Trix with each movie she got. But what did she get in return? Locked in a basement with no food or healthcare.

"Oh, sweetie, you are right. I paid you back by letting you live this long below is my luxurious 210 million-dollar villa with food and water at least once a week. You should be thankful. Didn't your mother tell you not to be ungrateful?"

Unable to hear any more of this trash, Elsie spoke up in a weak voice because of starvation. "Shut up! Don't defy her by calling her with your rotten mouth."

"See who is talking. A living trash bag. When last did you take your bath? You see, you can't even remember. Let me help you." She took out a gold perfume and sprayed it on Elsie while covering her nose with her palm.

"Go away! It stinks just like your garbage personality!" She cried out, hating herself for being vulnerable. Finally, she gathered all her strength and yelled, "I was happy and in love with my husband till you came and spoilt everything. You made me believe he was a rapist, a serial cheat and even a murderer. I maltreated my son because of you. You introduced me to a rapist, whom I left my husband for. How have you helped me? How? By convincing me to transfer all my alimony in yours and Henry's bank account. You are evil and will die a terrible death!"

"Don't blame me for your in-born stupidity floozy. " She scoffed.

" Really? You want me to go away. Don't you want to know how your husband and your son are faring?" She asked with a twisted smile on her face and her hands reaching into her branded purse to grab her phone. The gallery contained pictures of Aiden and his son, Eldon. It was random photos of them at the park, at school, in his company, and at her grave.

Oh yes. The whole world knew she died on a plane to be with her boyfriend, Henry. Obviously, Master planned by her capturers, since she transferred her properties, they were given to them to waste properly. While Trix spent on bribing for roles because Elsie would not help her anymore, Henry spent solely on drugs and women.

Upon hearing this, Elsie's once weak, and assaulted body gained strength. She leaned back at the blood stained wall, excitement and yearning bouncing in her eyes.

"I can see it in your eyes." Trix crooked with mocking laughter, kicking her wavy hair back. She swiped left to a photo where there was a third person in their midst. Elsie's pupils widened upon recognition. "Aiden is fine and married now. Your son, Eldon, could not be happier. I read he wrote a song for his parents anniversary. '' Crouching on her knees, Trix tossing some tissues to Elsie, she said in a soothing voice, '' They are fine without you. You can die now."


Before Elsie could make out what Trix meant, she heard a loud sound as a fast-punching object made its way through her skin. It was unbelievable and painful.

Bang bang

Two shots rang, piercing into her stomach and chest. Her eyes met with those of her killer, Henry, the man she loved so dearly until she found out he did not love her. She murmured in what seemed to be her last breath. "I know."

Trixson sneered disdainfully, rolling her eyes. "Uhh. I hate the sad energy radiating from you right now."

Bang bang !


That nickname.

In her last moments, she heard a familiar voice call out to her. It could not be it. Her lashes fluttered as she tried to open her eyes. A vague tall figure made his way to her. She could see two bodies on the floor.

His big hands grab her face, worrying about taking over his gorgeous features. " Rodnaya? My love, don't die on me. I love you."

"I l-l"

Bang bang bang

The tall figure fell to the floor, sinking all her hopes for a happy afterlife. Elsie could not help but scream and cry. She felt a sharp pain in her heart. Her heart was broken into a million pieces. Tears ran down her eyes as if in queue. Determined, Elsie decided to know the killer before giving up the ghost. She dragged Aiden's body to her thighs.

"Is he dead?" A familiar yet strange voice inquired, followed by a devious laugh. It was a tall woman in leather and five inches tall. Due to the darkness, only the faint light stolen from locked windows could make out the color of her hair. Brown and silky.

Could she be the mastermind?

The lady chuckled lightly, turning her face away from the light and making her back face Elsie. "He sacrificed all his wealth to know your location. He did get to see you, and I got my revenge. We all won at the end, don't you think?"

In rage, Elsie looked heavenward with the body of her ex-husband in her arms. She swore, hot tears making their way down her chin. "Trixson, Henry, and you. I will make you pay for this either in this life or the next. I promise!"

Instantly, the woman's arrogant laugh reverberated all over the room. She rolled her eyes as she fixed the gun on Elsie. "Yeah. Whatever!''


The locked windows began to chatter as a strong wind blew. They flew open, and the defiant spirit of Elsie Ross went out, swearing revenge.

Mafia's Wife Is a Secret Heiress' Chapter 2

* Chapter 2: I won't spare you

"I... Henry..hen.."

" Are you so in love with him that you are thinking about him when you're with me? "

His rough, angry voice echoed in her room as the sound made by the bed because of their activity became louder. The pain and immense pleasure forced her eyes open. They found the man on top of her and froze.

It could not be. Could it?

She was in her ex-husband's bedroom. How was that possible? Didn't he die along with her in that cold and dirty basement?

She blinked the tears out of her eyes, and asked in a doubtful tone " Aiden?"

"Yeah" Aiden responded as he slowed down, his grey-colored eyes met her caramel ones. She glanced over his well-chiseled jawline and his tousled golden brown hair. A spark-like electricity went through her spine just like the first day met.

She was confused. Isn't he dead?


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