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Loving You Forever

Loving You Forever

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LOVING You Forever Meet Graham Grande, an alluring yet troubled CEO with a dark past, and Gigi, an easy going social butterfly and determined dreamer from Africa, on a mission to make it big and create a better future for her family. Everything seems to go downhill when Gigi suddenly finds herself in prison but when fate brings Gigi to Graham, she is suddenly on a mission to make his empire crumble. As their worlds collide, animosity turns into an unexpected connection. Can Gigi's love heal Graham's shattered heart, or will the revelation of her true intentions leave their love story unfinished?

Chapter 1


Chapter 1; His Baby

"You're carrying my baby woman."

Few words such as these would mean a lot for Gigi Fonji. It made her entire world tremble. She had just been merely coping with the situation she found herself in and now?

This man came in claiming to be the father of her unborn baby.

How did he know she was pregnant?

It wasn't even showing yet.

Gigi fluttered her eyelashes ,clearly confused. She took out the plugs in her ears.And looked around for any one eavesdropping.

" I'm going for my break " she whispered to her co-worker at the other cubicle. He probably heard her but was too busy looking at the gorgeous man who claimed her unborn baby.

The individual was roughly essentially tall and had striking facial characteristics that caught people's attention right once. Even though he seemed to be in his early 30s, he exuded a weird atmosphere that kept Gigi on edge.

Gigi stepped in the path of the attractive man."I think we should talk." She reached to take his hand, but he jerked it away in disdain. Even though their hands scarcely made contact, she was astonished by what he did next. This guy removed a bottle of hand sanitizer from his coat pocket.

Emphasizing that Gigi was not made to feel inferior by his conduct would be a lie. They had just a few steps to go before reaching the restroom.

Gigi felt naked under his gaze,she couldn't help but raise her voice " Are you an actor? " she paused, advancing to face him. "Who sent you, Mr. Square? Is he endeavoring to test my loyalty? "

It wouldn't be much of a surprise to Gigi if it turned out to be true. Mr. Square ran her through a couple of tests before he gave her such a huge responsibility. He clearly had great trust issues. She couldn't blame him either for she was a stranger to him.

His brows furrowed tightly as he strained to understand what she was saying. He had never heard an accent like hers.

Where would she come from? He was curious as well.

Regardless of being the mother of his unborn child, he knew little about her other than the fact that she was 18 years old and employed with Blue.corp's customer service.

He was too bitter about her behavior when he received her file. Her innocent face would not deceive him.

She was yanked closer to Graham when he grabbed her arm. She breathed in his minty breath. "Woman, listen, don't act like you're not aware that you're carrying my baby," the man said.

"Pretense? You've got to be kidding. You appear at my workplace and identify yourself as the biological father of my child. Let Mr. Square know that I'm upholding my half of the contract and that he should too. " she said,the words coming out like sparks from the furnace.

In the last days she had been so stressed up. Now this man was getting her unnerve

He was struck in the face by her ponytail after she flipped it. In the next seconds, she was pushed against Graham's chest following Graham holding her arm. After inhaling a deadly whiff of her floral perfume, he buried his head beneath her neck and muttered. " Stop fooling around or risk legal consequences, I want complete parental rights for this child. "

Ignoring his intense stare,she glared back viciously " Exactly what are you talking about? Your child? Impossible. This cannot be your child. Although I know you are an Oscar-worthy performer, could you consent to letting go of this so I can get back to doing my work. "

" You're still acting, huh. Please explain your intention to steal my child and then flee away with my money. " he frowned deeply.

" What??"

Gigi's enchanting face was surrounded in a wave of uncertainty. She licked her lips as she went about to comprehend everything.

Why didn't Mr. Square dispatch him?

"Quit acting already. I have no idea how much you are getting paid to mess with my mental state, so please let me go. Three weeks have passed since I started this job, and I don't want to lose it. ""

A dangerous glint flashed in his eyes,he held her arm tightly "You're such a repulsive woman. I find it hard to think that I will be connecting with you. You stole my sperm first, had a baby next, and now you're acting like you don't know who I am. "

"How dare you trouble me by coming here, " she roared with confidence. " You mention involving the police; what if I phone them? You'll be held accountable for harassing me. Yes. You are unable to see that I'm pregnant and that your conduct might be having an impact on the child you claimed as your own. "

He let go of her arm, as though her words had an impact on him. This did not imply that his viewpoint had altered.

She remained an obnoxious woman who is nothing more than a gold digger to him. In order to get money from him, she forced herself to become pregnant using his sperm.

Because this was the first case, he exclusively visited private hospitals.Previously, the female who carried his baby just two months before the baby was due, the mother-to-be committed suicide.

Now, he must do everything necessary to keep this child safe.

He grinned as he turned to face her and studied her gaze. " There is no misunderstanding and no Mr. Square. You are a thief and a liar. You should provide me full rights if you don't want me to take the child away forcibly and punish you for the crime you committed." His frigid words got Gigi into a frenzy. Her mind raced.

He knew her secret, right?

Oh no.

Gigi's face turned pale, and she started to perspire. He was more frightening than Mr. Square, this man had the appearance of being sincere.

She had no money to ignore any of them. This is why she no longer spoke with harshness in her voice. "I utterly lack understanding of everything you are saying. I just know that Mr. Square is the parent of this child. I am nothing more than a surrogate. You ought to speak with him about this. I have no control over whose sperm was implanted in me. "

He became even more repulsed. He was sickened by the woman given that he knew she was lying but she displayed to be innocent.

He was no longer able to tolerate inhaling the same air as her. Graham poured icily as he flashed his watch a quick glance. "You have 24 hours to sign this document or suffer the repercussions. Don't call me unreasonable, please. "

After saying that, he pulled out a document and flung it in her direction. Gigi grabbed it and quickly read it.

Her head whipped around to see his frightening blue sapphire gaze. "Please give me more time than 24 hours. I must consult with a lawyer over this six-page document. " She begged.

When she took a stride, lost her balance, and was about to strike the tiles, he nodded and turned to leave. Just in time, Graham stretched out and grabbed her.

She was grasping his shirt while her eyes were closed in dread. His body experienced a sizzling current as she touched him. He seemed to enjoy having her in his arms.

Graham noticed that he was fixating on her intently, as if he was scared that if he turned his head, he might fail to remember her face. Her lashes were lengthy and crimson lips with a heart shape.

Her black hair had a curled texture that gave the impression that it had been kinky. In the palms of his hands, it felt unbelievably soft.

When he heard someone clear their throat, his glare dissipated. It was a short, early-twenties woman who had a lot of makeup on her face.

She blushed severely as their eyes met. He frowned; this response was something he always saw in women. He assumed the woman in his arm was an exception, but she purposefully launched herself at him to show him that he was mistaken.

He pushed her toward the female who had just arrived and had his suit ready. He said in a raspy voice, "You have twenty four hours," and then he left.

Gigi tensed even more.She observed the man leave the hallway.

" Who is that? Is he a boyfriend of yours? " Cindy asked with her eyebrows raised. She was obviously shocked by the man's appearance.

Because this dude consumed all of Gigi's break, she wasn't in the mood to converse. She sneered, "What do you think?" as she had to return to work shortly.

Cindy was suddenly left in a stupor. " He is Gigi's boyfriend, and she is extremely lucky to have him. Did they break up, why did he push her? I hope so, maybe I'll get a chance," Cindy said as she entered the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror to examine her appearance. " I appear gorgeous. more attractive than that negro. I'm likely to succeed. "

She ended up applying more make-up and combing her long hair.

Author's note

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Chapter 2

* Chapter 2; Her reality *

Gigi called a taxi to the city hospital after work. She nervously started tapping her foot in the taxi's back seat. His words played back in her mind like a broken record.

She shook at the sound of his raspy voice. When the driver opened the barrier separating "Ma'am are you okay?" he may have seen her anxiety.

Gigi suddenly wiped her eyes, not even realizing she was sobbing. She turned to face him and replied, "I'm OK. Thank you! ''

"Okey-dokey," the driver responded, not wanting to look impolite.

They got to the hospital quickly after that. After paying the driver, Gigi hurried inside. Nurses and a few physicians gave her a nod of recognition as she entered.

How was it possible to forget such a face? Gigi had a memorable face that caught one's attention. All eyes were on her because of her stunning warm almond

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