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Loving My Billionaire Brother

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Victor Jason Thompson, the last of the three boys in the Thompson's family, an award-winning actor, and an Italian billionaire has everything money could buy but he never had LOVE.................. !! Valerie Williams, an orphan with no place to call home and no one to show her love suddenly find herself thrust face to face with the Italian billionaire........... . Will true love prevail? Is their love strong enough to overcome external pressure?? Let's read the book and find out............... Tianna Williams is Valerie's cousin. She has always wanted whatever Valerie had. First, it was Valerie's Parents and now it's her lover. Will she succeed in having Victor to herself? Read and find out!!!

Chapter 1: Prologue

"Valerie, clean the house and fetch water. I will be back soon" my aunty said as she stepped out of the house leaving me alone with Tianna.

"Valerie!!!" I scramble to my feet immediately I hear her scream shivering. I walk slowly up the stairs to her room as I repeatedly ask myself what I have done wrong again.

"Valerie?" she slaps me on my face," I thought I asked you to clean my room, why the mess?"

"I'm sorry, aunty said I cleaned the sitting room that's why I couldn't clean your room on time" I knelt on the floor as I pleaded with her not to beat me.

"Will you stand up and get to work immediately" I scramble to my feet as I search around for the broom and mop.

I took the broom to sweep the floor, then later used the mop to clean. And I arranged her clothes neatly into her closet.

I heard her opening the door for someone, and she was talking to that person in the sitting room. I quickly fold her clothes neatly into her closet. Then walk into the kitchen to shred the vegetables for dinner.

I was in the process of shredding the vegetables when I heard her scream my name, I dropped the vegetables and ran to her room.

“Yes, Tianna, you call me,” I said immediately as I walked into her room. She was talking to a man in his mid-twenties, with long brown hair and a pointed nose. He winks at me while I ignore him completely

“Will you be a good girl and get juice for Lorenzo here?” She smiles as she waves me off.

I walk slowly back to the kitchen wondering what I have done to deserve this.

My name is Valerie William and I'm 20 years old. Both of my parents died in a car accident when I was seven years old. Since then, I've been living with my aunt Clara. When my parents were still alive, Aunt Clara used to be very nice to me and very loving but now she seems like she could barely stand the sight of me...

“Valerie!! Are you sick, where is the juice? Don't let me come in there” Tianna's loud voice broke me from me thought as I rushed took juice from the fridge and a glass cup to her guest.

The guest in question was checking me out in an ungodly way and licking his lips in the process. I don't even know what Tianna sees in all the men that she brought home and to think that aunt Clara is in support of her promiscuous lifestyle.

“Here is it,” I said to her, dropping the tray with the wine on the centre table and turn to leave them alone.

“Come back here, stupid girl is that how you treat an important guest in my mom's house” She calls back to me as I turn surprisingly to her.

“I don't understand,” I said looking at her confused. She wanted juice and that is it in front of her, what else again.

“Why should you understand? How many time do I have to tell you that you are a slave in this house, it's high time you start behaving like one”


“Now get down on your knees, pick up the juice and give it to Lorenzo here like the perfect maid that you are,” She said, cutting me off completely.

I stood gasping at her shocked, surely she's joking. Lorenzo was smiling and smirking like the idiot he is, thank God I didn't allow the swine that he is to date me then.

“What do you mean by me kneeling to give Lorenzo juice. Can't he get it by himself? Surely his hands are not paining him right?” I said as I folded my hands together glaring at her. If it was any other person I would have done that but this is Lorenzo, the guy that I hate most in the world. I'm only tolerating him because of her.

“Wow!! You now have the guts to talk back to me right?” She screams as she charges off to me.

“Mom must hear what you just said to me,” She said, slapping me on my face. The slap was nothing compared to what my aunt will do to me if she finds out.

I quickly went down on my knees and did exactly what she asked me to do while Lorenzo smirked triumphantly at me. I ignored him as I pleaded with Tianna not to report me to her mom.

Okay, fine I will not say anything just go back to the kitchen, your presence here disgusts me,” She said as I stood up and went back to the kitchen happy that she won't report me to her mom.

I was almost through with my work before aunt Clara will be back. I quickly walk to the sitting room and check the long list of chores aunt Clara left for me.

”I only have two left,” I said, smiling to myself happy that I won't be receiving any beating today.

I ran to put on the washing machine to get the laundry done before making dinner when fate decided that he had another plan for me.

“Valerie darling!” Tianna's sweet voice called out to me as she descended the stairs. Lorenzo has gone. I didn't even notice when he left, yes that's how much I hate him.

I walked out from the basement to meet her in the sitting room. “ You call me Tianna.” I said to her immediately I saw her. She has changed her dress again, this is the third dress she will be wearing today. Anyway, I don't blame her when she is not the one washing them.

“I was thinking,” She said, looking at me seriously, “ instead of using the washing machine to wash clothes, why don't you use your hands? It seems the washing doesn't wash the cloth clean anymore”

“What!” I exclaim in shock. She turned to walk out of the room ignoring whatever I was saying.

Sometimes I feel like strangling her and to think that I'm older than her and she treats me this way. I wish my parents were still alive then we would have been better and I will probably be in the university right now.

I walked back to the basement and stood gasping at the mountain load of clothes that Tianna said I should wash with my hands. I quickly got to work and before one hour thirty minutes later I was done.

My bones were protesting as I quickly stood up to sun dry them and went into the kitchen to get started with dinner since it was past six already.

Chapter 2: Prologue B

The food was almost ready when I heard my aunt's car drive into the garage. I heaved a sigh of relief glad that I was through with all of my duties.

“Valerie!” My aunt shouted from outside of the house as I rush to meet her “ this stupid girl are you telling me that you didn't hear me come in”

“I'm sorry aunty" I apologise kneeling. I just hope I don't get beat up today because of my backaches.

“Sorry for yourself, stupid girl” She hisses as she opens the car door to bring down the groceries.

“Take this inside the house,” She said, handing them to me.

“Where is my daughter?” She asked me walking into the house.

“She is in her room, aunty ” I replied on the verge of tears.

I just wish she will care for me as she does to Tianna. I miss my mom so much. I can't remember the last time I was hugged, I don't even have friends cos aunt Clara wouldn't approve of it.

I walk into the house with the heavy b


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