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Laura is a very beautiful, friendly and very intelligent young girl born into a very poor family and without a father. His mother is very ill with heart disease. His mother has been transferred to a hospital for her care , and must undergo surgery urgently or she will die. Laura was forced to sleep with a billionaire who is the boss of the Spanish mob. She sold her virginity for money from her mother's surgery. What will happen if Laura falls in love with the billionaire mafia ? . How will her mother react when she learns what happened?.

Chapter 1

Episode 1.

It was already 7 p.m. I was already in front of the residence and according to Laura things were not going to be complicated.

Laura wasn't really my friend. I had met her at the prom organized by my university.

I immediately knew through her appearance, that she could help me. They were the kind of well-posed girls. So I reported my problem.

Failing to help me herself, something a little difficult, she led me directly to the source.

I showed the guards my pass. This proved that the boss was aware of my visit. One of them searched me and motioned to the other that I could come in.

He opened the door for me. I was dazzled by the splendor of the place.

So there was this kind of house here in Seville. Meanwhile other people live in deep misery.

The residence spoke for itself. The ground was pavement. I couldn't really see the end of the wall. I could already imagine the sum that had been paid for such a masterpiece.

I was immersed in my admiration when a man appeared in front of me. He was a bit tall. He was over serious. He motioned for me to follow him. He must have been the boss' henchman.

He made me sit in a large living room. There were cameras everywhere. Plasma screens were hung in at least 3 corners of the living room.

-You can go.

That's it. The boss was ready to receive me.

The room in which the interview was supposed to take place was much larger than all the rooms in my house combined.

I was nervous.

He was concentrating on one of his files.

He was a man in his twenties. His name is Roulio and he was about 1m90

He was said to be an extremely powerful businessman.

But no one knew exactly what he was doing.

Through his mean air I discovered a man of particular elegance.

In addition to being tall, he was physically well off.

Abs, pink lips, piercing gaze. He was the kind of man who was sure of himself and able to intimidate with just a look.

It was perfection.

He finally decided to pay attention to me

He spent almost 5 minutes looking at me. Without speaking to me at all times.

I didn't like it but I had no other way out. I was there for a purpose and I had to accomplish it.

-So what's your name?

Wow, that wasn't too early.

-Math. Matthew Lopez. I say a little shy.

-Why are you here?

-I need money sir

- Do you know the terms? I can help you but in return you will have to satisfy me. It's a win-win partnership.

-Yes sir.

He approached me, I shivered.

-You are way too shy for what you want to do.

-I learn fast. I really need this money.

He looked at me in silence. He caressed my cheek, biting his lower lip. He ran his hand over my body. He plunged it into my chest. I closed my eyes trying to think of something else.

The ringing of his phone freed me.

He went out to communicate and after 10 minutes I still couldn't see him.

Another man came to find me to inform me that I had to come back the next day at the same time. The boss had had something unexpected.

On the way back I thought about what I was going to do. Was this the best decision to make?

The sight of my mother once at home made me realize very quickly that I had no other choice.



My mother was dying. She had withered away and had become unrecognizable. My father had abandoned us to live with his mistress. We were forced to leave our apartment and live in this city of Spain known to be one of the poorest. We no longer had the means to live among wealthy people.

Desperate my mother had started drinking. All our last savings went there.

This abuse of alcohol consumption had put us in a bind.

The verdict had fallen: she was suffering from cyrosis of the liver.

I had to drop out of college to take care of her.

He needed a liver transplant.

I absolutely had to raise the money for the operation by the weekend when the transplant will be assigned to another patient.

There was no question of asking for help from the family.

They didn't even know we existed.


His gaze pierced my heart. I had brought nothing back and the days were counted.

-Excuse me mom. I haven't found anything yet for today. I promise to do my best tomorrow

- I put us in this situation. I'm sorry darling.

-There is no room for guilt. Fight to stay alive. We will get out of this.

It was decided. I had to do it.

The next day I took care to take a shower and dress decently. Mom mustn't have any suspicions.

I perfume myself a little

I had just turned 19. The curves were beginning to take shape. I was not tall. I was not a bomb but I did not leave indifferent either.

The boss received me this time in a room which he closed after me.

This particular evening I noticed that he smelled extremely good. Her scent had me downright intoxicated. I watched him...

He went to sit on the bed and motioned for me to come closer.

He did not speak to me but began to caress me. Under his order I sat down beside him.

He took care to remove my top. I was shaking with fear.

He wanted to kiss me but I turned my face away covered in shame.

-Excuse me sir. I... I'm sorry sir.

-Have you ever done this before?


-Are you sure of your decision?

-Yes, that's my only way out.

He put me down on the bed and started doing what I was there for.

He kissed me tenderly. He had taken care to remove my clothes. His hand roamed over me.

He was licking every part of my body.

My heart was filled with disgust. I blamed myself for giving myself to a man I barely knew for money. But my body responded differently. I blushed, I shuddered and writhed with pleasure.

He caressed every corner of my body. I had never felt this feeling before. He made me languish. He placed a kiss in the crook of my thigh. I received like an electric shock.

He was licking my crotch, ignoring the essentials.

It was getting intense. My breath quickened. I felt that I was molding. I clung to him.

I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted him to get high but out of modesty I dared not say a single word.

He had finally made up his mind.

- Now it will hurt a little. Are you ready?

I understood that he was going to get down to business.

I felt him wanting to break into me.

I had taken care to hide my face with my hands

He was going slowly. It seemed impossible. He pulled the drawer and took a tube he put in his hands a kind of substance which he applied before starting again.

I felt it all of a sudden. It was painful

I was screaming in pain.

It took a while before he started moving inside me.

The pain was now giving way to pleasure.

I was in pain but felt pleasure simultaneously.

It wasn't going to last longer. He had just retired.

I was ashamed of myself.

-It was your first time so I didn't want to hurt you. Next time I'll make you scream in pain. I'm not paying you to come and moan in my bed. It's up to you to give me pleasure. You better forget your shyness and start practicing.

- Understood sir.

- Take a shower and rest. You will spend this night here. You will stay here until I decide that you leave. I already know your story. Don't try to find out how. My men will take care of your mother. Tomorrow she will be received in the hospital where we followed her for treatment. I took care of everything on your behalf of course. Now you are mine. You will not leave this residence without my permission. I will come to see you when I want.

....And I forgot. I'll kill any man who dares to lay eyes on you. You are my property.

I did not have time to answer that he left and closed me in the room.

I don't remember Laura telling me about that part of the contract.

On the one hand, I was happy because my mother was going to recover her health.

But I was also worried. The air he took had me cold to the back.

What have I gotten myself into, Lord?


Chapter 2



The next day he had sent me a phone where he had already registered two numbers.

His own and that of his henchman who was called Gauthier.

I was sad. I wanted to see my mother. I wanted to make sure of his state of health.

Was she doing well? I was sure she needed me. But I couldn't disobey. I had decided to wait for the boss to come in the evening to talk to him about it.

In the afternoon I received an SMS.

-Get ready, you'll go shopping. I don't want to see his washcloths on you anymore. A car will pick you up in 30 minutes. He was the boss

-I will be ready sir.

- And stop calling me that. It's old.

As agreed the car came to pick me up. He had put one of his men at my disposal.

-I am Ahmad and I will be at your disposal for any need.

He put words to action by opening the car door for me.

We left clothing stores behind us withou


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