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Hidden Flash Marriage: Love Me Back, Mr CEO

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Mia Thomson is an eighteen-year-old high school student who gets dumped by her longtime boyfriend. When she finds out that he’s now in love with her best friend, and that they’ve been seeing each other for a while now (behind her back), she passes out and gets rushed to the hospital. And that’s where she meets Shawn Mandez, the CEO of Beats Corporation. The man is in dire need of a bride, and she decides to help him. But immediately after signing their marriage certificate, he divorces her. "I'll have my personal assistant send you the divorce papers." The CEO, who was not a man of many words, blurted out calmly. Right at this point in time, a black Maybach slowly pulled up in front of them. Without sparing the girl as little as a second glance, the demi-god stepped into the luxurious car and it soon disappeared out of sight. Mia was stunned.

Chapter 1 The breakup

Mia's head spun, and time seemed to stand still for a moment. Her whole body shook violently, and her teeth clattered uncontrollably.

She clenched her hands into fists, digging her fingernails into the flat of her palms.

With a cracked voice, she asked in disbelief, "What did you just say?"

Her eyes brimmed with tears, and she desperately hoped that his words wouldn't break her heart again.

"I'm sorry, Mia. I can't do this again," he uttered, his voice low and calm, but the words reverberated loudly in her head.

The tears she had been fighting so hard to hold back broke loose, streaming down her face.

Mia sobbed uncontrollably while Max watched her in utter silence.

Suddenly, the weather changed, and it started to drizzle. Even nature seemed to share her sorrow.

Max and she had known each other for more than half their lives. They practically grew up together. Even as kids, they had harbored feelings for each other, and at the age of fourteen, Max had asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted without hesitation.

Mia's heart wrenched, and she felt as if her life was being squeezed out of her. Her world revolved around him; how could she live without him?

She had noticed the change in his attitude long before this moment. He hardly had time for her. He was always busy. If she didn't initiate contact, he wouldn't bother looking for her.

Even when they were together, he seemed eager to leave.

She had observed everything and had done her best to hold on to him, to salvage their relationship.

She saw this breakup coming, but she hadn't expected it to happen so soon. She had tried her utmost best to prevent it, but here they were.

She continued to cry, her heart aching with every sob.

If only she had known what he wanted to say, she wouldn't have stepped out of the dorm to meet him.

It was already late at night, and she was about to go to bed when she received a message on her phone, telling her to come outside. It was from him.

Surprised and excited because he had initiated contact for the first time in a while, she hopped off her bunk bed and looked at herself in the mirror, running her fingers through her midnight black hair.

"Where are you going?" her bunkmate and best friend, Martha, keenly asked.

Martha was always curious about everything concerning her best friend, so Mia replied without holding anything back. "Max is here—I'll be right back."

She grinned, displaying a neat row of white teeth.

Slipping on a pair of flip flops, she rushed out without waiting for Martha's response.

But when she stepped out into the cold to meet her boyfriend, the expression on his face drained all color from hers.

He looked restless and impatient, and the moment he spoke, "Let's break up," Mia's heart shattered.


Mia cried for a while until her head started to ache terribly.

Sniffing, she looked up into his eyes. The eyes that once held love and endearment for her were now empty. He looked at her emotionlessly, and her heart constricted tightly in her chest. This wasn't the Max she knew.

Sniffling, she asked in a hoarse voice, "Who?"

A sweet, melodious voice suddenly came from behind Mia. "Max? Is that you?"

Max looked past Mia, and his eyes lit up.

Mia noticed that the same eyes that had looked at her with emptiness were now filled with admiration. He used to look at her that way...

Instinctively, she turned around in the direction of the

voice and saw a silhouette approaching them.

It was dark, and the light was dim. She squinted her eyes, trying to figure out who it was. As the person drew nearer, their form became clearer.

"Martha?" Mia's voice trembled when she saw her best friend standing beside her.

Thank God. She heaved a heavy sigh, and fresh tears began to pour from her eyes. "Martha, Max is breaking up with me."

"Please, plead with him on my behalf. He's my life; I can't live without him. I really can't," she cried helplessly, her whole body quivering. "Please..."

"Oh, Mia." Martha's face filled with concern, and she closed the space between them.

She drew Mia's head to her shoulder and began to pat her head. "Poor thing."

Martha sighed, while the girl cried uncontrollably, staining her dress.

"Max, why would you do such a thing?" Martha asked calmly, staring directly into Max's eyes.

Mia sniffled, her crying subsiding slightly. Now that her best friend was here, she would help Mia talk to Max and sort everything out. She sighed, sobbing softly.

Thank goodness she had Martha.

Max panicked as soon as he heard Martha's statement. Wasn't this what...

"I told you to let me know when you were about to tell her. How can you break her heart like this?" Martha scolded, her voice calm.

Martha's words sank in, and Mia lifted her head from Martha's shoulder.

"You knew?" Her voice quivered with disbelief. "Martha, you knew he was going to break up with me?"

Max let out a sigh. "I'm sorry. I texted you as soon as I got here," he replied to Martha.

Martha gave him a sad smile before turning to face Mia. "Mia, I'm sorry—but yes, I knew. I'm so sorry." Her expression turned somber.

Mia shook her head, denying the truth. This couldn't be real. Her best friend couldn't have known. She tried to calm herself, but the truth was glaring at her.

"You knew, Martha? Why didn't you tell me?" Mia sobbed.

If the breakup news had shattered her heart, the words she heard next completely shattered her.

"I didn't tell you because I'm the one Max is in love with."

"We tried to suppress our love for each other, but it just wouldn't die. That's why we decided to tell you."

"We didn't want to keep you in the dark any longer." Martha began to sob.

Mia stood in a daze for a couple of seconds. She couldn't comprehend the words her best friend was speaking.

A wave of nausea washed over her. "Wh-what... did you just say?" she stuttered.

Martha's voice cracked. "I'm sorry, Mia. I'm really sorry. We couldn't help it; it's a natural feeling. We can't cheat nature." She wailed.

Mia stopped crying at that moment. She stood still, her eyes empty, void of emotion. Slowly, she raised her hand and pointed her finger at Martha, then at Max. She chuckled, a sound devoid of sanity, and turned around. With staggering steps, she began to walk back into the dorm.

"Mia!" Max called out, attempting to go after her.

Although he no longer loved her, he couldn't bear to see her like this.

But right at that moment, Martha's wailing grew louder. Max halted, his footsteps freezing, and rushed to her side.

"Why are you crying?" Max furrowed his brow, genuine concern etched on his


"Mia hates me now," Martha sobbed between her tears.

"Don't think that way, Martha. She'll understand. It couldn't be helped—it can't be helped," he comforted her, wrapping his arms around her.

Martha clung to him, holding him tightly, and continued to cry.

Max bit his lower lip, hating to see her in pain. "Wipe your tears. I'll take you to Domino's."

She sniffled, and her tears ceased immediately. She loved Domino's so much. "Look at how much power your words have over me. So, you think I'm a glutton..." She pouted her lips playfully.

Max laughed. "No," he said, and she playfully hit his chest.

"But what about Mia?" she hesitated.

Max pursed his lips. "She'll be fine. She'll understand."

Chapter 2 Who’s her hubby?

Max pursed his lips, "she'll be fine. She'll understand."

Mia dragged her legs down the hallway. Her whole life felt miserable. Her whole life felt like a lie.

The whole thing even felt like a dream to her. A long sad dream, and she wished she’d wake up quickly from it. It was way too scary. How could her boyfriend betray her with her best friend? It wasn’t possible.

She only read it in novels and saw it in movies.

Never in her eighteen years of life did she expect such a thing would actually happen to her. Nah, it was over for her. Totally over for her.

Her legs suddenly gave way, and before she knew it, she collapsed to the ground.

When Mia opened her eyes again, she was in a ward in a hospital. It was already the following morning.

She had been rushed to the hospital immediately after a janitor found her lying unconscious on the ground.


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