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Love and Lust With Mafia Boss

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Luna Stone lives a life as a slave to Arvin Lazuardi, the Mafia Boss who is very famous in the nightlife of London. Luna's days were terrible in the hands of a cruel person like Arvin, but Luna had to endure all her misery so that Arvin would not threaten and hurt her family who were in debt with the Mafia clan led by Arvin. Until, one day Luna, who is used to Arvin's presence in her life, feels that she likes Arvin who is often do a cruel thing to her. And Luna found that her beloved family was not actual parents, when she know about this, she ask help to Arvin and want him to help her to get revenge to her family.

Chapter 1

In a lovely minimalist house, lots of very elegant wall decorations make the impression of a minimalist house look very luxurious.

A beautiful girl walked down the stairs, very neatly dressed. Her hair loose and with a little make-up made her face look very beautiful.

"Mom, Dad, I have to go work first," said the girl who is usually called Luna and her complete name is Luna Stone. Coming from the Stone family who own a very huge textile business in the city of London.

“Be careful, dear," said Danella - Luna's mother - after Luna kissed her cheeks and waving her hands to her. It has become a habit for Luna and her sister since they were in school, to not forget say goodbye with their parents whenever they wanted to go anywhere.

Luna finally went to the office, Danella looked at Luna's departure.

"Honey, why you not going to work?" Danella asked her husband, who was still busy reading the newspaper.

"I'd like to rest for a day, too tired lately," Gilbert – Danella's husband or head of the Stone family - replied curtly.

There was a deafening sound from the front door of the Stones. Gilbert and Danella were taken aback when someone accidentally broke the door of their house, Gilbert and Danella widened their eyes to see who had come to their house.

Danella and Gilbert stood up, with a frightened face Danella hid behind the body of her husband who was as scared as she was.

“Did I tell you to pay off your debt quickly, Gil!” snapped one of the big guys, dressed all in black which made it even more threatening.

Gilbert knelt down, his hands clasped together. "Sorry, Mister. We have not been able to pay our debts. My textile business is still in drop,” Gilbert replied but they ignored it.

“I don't want to hear your excuses again, Gil. Pay now or I will burn you alive with this house!” their threats scared Danella and Gilbert even more.

“Sir, we beg you to give us a little more time..." Now Danella joined in begging with her husband, but without mercy, the people ignored their words.



They all looked towards the source of the sound, there was a man with neater clothes, still maintaining their all-black color, not forgetting the glasses perched on his sharp nose.

“You want all your debt with me paid off, Gil? I will do that, if you give me one thing that I want," said Arvin Lazuardi - The man who had just arrived, who is also the Mafia Leader of the Lazuardi clan -

"What is it, sir?" Gilbert asked with a little hope to what Arvin would say.

"I want your daughter. How is it? I will consider all your debts paid off, if you give her to me, "Arvin replied casually which made Gilbert look directly at Danella.

“Isn't there—”

"You don't want to? Do you want me to burn down your house now?” said Arvin squinting at Gilbert who was about to refuse his offer.

Gilbert and Danella were getting more and more silent, not knowing what to do, they were analyzing the decisions they would take.

“I give time until the day after tomorrow, my men will come here to pick up your daughter, if you refuse my offer, then my men will immediately burn this house," said Arvin with an evil grin, then turned around and left with his other men.

Danella then looked at Gilbert worriedly. "What should we do, Gil?" Danella said frantically, but Gilbert who she was talking to remained silent contemplating what he was going to do.

"I'm confused, what should we do now?" Gilbert replied while ruffling his hair in annoyance,

"I'll try to tell Luna our problem, help me to persuade that kid later." Gilbert held his wife's shoulder with a serious look

Moody nodded his head slowly. "Okay."

. . .

Luna, who was tired, went straight to her room to lay down her body, which was very tired after working from the morning.

The girl stared at the ceiling dreamily, thinking that tomorrow would not be as tiring as today.

“It's really a relief to sleep after a tired day's work," Luna muttered as she closed her eyes.

"Luna come down, the dinner is ready!" Danella shouted from below, causing Luna to open her eyes.

"Yes, Mom!" Luna answered as she rushed down from her soft bed.

Luna instantly changed into her normal clothes, then walked straight to the downstairs where her family had gathered for dinner.

. . .

Luna quickly came down the stairs, the girl directly went to the dining table and pulled a chair beside Danella's chair.

“There's something I want to talk to you about, Luna," Gilbert said, just as Luna was about to take the plate.

Luna refused to take the plate, the girl suddenly looked at Gilbert who looked like he wanted to have a serious talk with her.

"What is it, Dad?" asked Luna confused.

"Did you realize that every day the Mafia boss men come to our house?" Gilbert started his serious conversation with Luna.

Luna who was confused also frowned, "Don't tell me you have a debt with them?" said Luna, shaking her head.

Luna widened her eyes in disbelief as Gilbert remained silent and didn't refute her words. She looked at Gilbert with an angry glance, Luna didn't expect her father to do that.

“Dad are you really have debt with them? No wonder they often come here in a way that has no sense of humanity!” Luna snapped, already angry, "how much money did you borrow from them?"

“50 Billion.” Gilbert answered curtly.

Luna was silent when she heard the nominal amount of money borrowed by Gilbert, suddenly Luna looked at Gilbert with a look of disbelief. Luna corrected her sitting position to be straight facing her father.

“Why did you borrow money from those bastards? If you need money, tell me instead of borrowing them!” shouted Luna, breathing heavily, her anger already at the top of her head.

“I was forced to borrow from them, for additional capital for our textile business which has begun to collapse. There is no other choice, but to borrow from them," said Gilbert trying to convince Luna.

Chapter 2

Luna got up from her chair and walked over to Gilbert, “So… what are you going to do now?” asked the girl worriedly, because dealing with the Mafia will not end well.

Gilbert exhaled heavily, Gilbert looked up to look into Luna's eyes, "There is one way we can solve this problem."

"Tell me."

"The Mafia will instantly consider my debt paid off, if I send you to them as a substitute for that debt."

Suddenly this statement made Luna widen her eyes in disbelief. Her father sold his daughter to pay the debts to the Mafia? Just for the sake of a business, they easily give up their daughter?

Luna immediately fell to her knees in front of Gilbert while pleading and begging for forgiveness from her father. "Dad, please don't leave me to them, Dad," said Luna with teary eyes, not willing to sell herself to the Mafia, which many people know that they are very cruel and merciless.

"Luna... I'm sorry,


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