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Little Fairy, I hate You

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“ I hate you, I hate you so much that I want to see you die thousands of times before my eyes..” He groaned in a hoarse voice, “ But, I can't kill you because if you die, I can't live either, ” William Walton, the richest man of Mystic Fall married Claire Evans, the daughter of the richest man of Star Fall. The whole world envies their love story but only did they know that the man who kidnapped the top beauty only to marry her had a kind of hatred towards her that would never fade. However, what will happen when after torturing his wife for years, he realizes that he has hated her for all the very wrong reasons?

Chapter 1

“ I hate you... I hate you so much that I want you to die a thousand deaths before my eyes. ” he whispered in a hoarse voice near her earlobes before adding, “ But, I can't kill you! If I kill you, I will not have any reason to live either. ”

A fragile girl trembling under his heavy body raised her moist eyes to meet a pair of cold eyes. Her eyes were immediately closed, letting the tears wet her soft cheeks.

“ What are you looking at, huh? I'm the same person who you used to call filthy. Now this filth fucks you every night, aren't you filthy too? ” he groaned as he bit her neck ferociously, leaving red marks on her snowy white skin.

“ Why are you not saying anything? Say something... Beat me like you used to do... Why are you silent? ” He groaned as he kept thrusting himself inside her, making her moan in pain.

“ Do you feel the pain?” He pinched her chin before continuing in a hoarse voice, “ It’s nothing in comparison to what you have done to me. Now you have to bear with me every night. ”

 Her lips slightly curled up as she opened her teary eyes before saying in a soft voice, “ D...Do you think you are hurting me this way? How could you possibly hurt me if I'm not willing to? ” 

‘ I'm willing... I'm willing to share your pain, William Walton! I'm more than willing to bear with you every night if it really coax your bleeding heart,’ her last few words were only said in her silence. He couldn’t get to hear that. However, his actions paused and he stared her with puzzled eyes, asking excitedly, “ What did you say? D-did you just say that you are willing to be with me? Say that again! What you meant by saying that, huh?”

 He shook her body only to find his answers, however, she had already passed on. He clenched his fists as he stared her closed eyes, smirking coldly, “ How could that be possible! How could you be willing to be with me! You were just mocking me, didn’t you? Your words were a threat to me, weren't they? You think I can't do anything to you. You think I can't break you. You are turned into this yet you think you are too superior of me. I'll prove you wrong.”

‘ But what if she really meant she was willing to be with me?’ a random thought passed through his mind, making him excited and angry at the same time. He clenched his fists as he shouted, “ So what if she is willing! Now, I'm not... I don't care at all! ”

 He stared at her trembling body and his eyes frowned. She was looking so frail while sleeping. She was the beauty that everyone desired. Then why did he hate her so much that even after the marriage of two years, his hatred didn’t reduce, not even the slightest? Was it because he once liked her and called her ‘ Little Fairy ’? Or, was it because she was the reason that the person was not in this world who loved him so dearly? It all started ten years ago when he was just an orphan in Star Fall. 


“ William! Mr. Knight wants to see you. Be polite to him. He is the second richest man in Star Fall. He is a philanthropist. If he feel pity on you, he might even adopt you.” The head of the orphanage said to William before fixing his clothes. William was then taken away by Mrs. Bianca to see Mr. Knight who was currently distributing gifts to other children of orphanage. 

“ Mr. Knight! I'm William. Mrs. Bianca told me that you want to see me? ” A thirteen years old William asked, neither rudely nor humbly. Mr. Knight stared William for a good while before speaking, “ Are you the boy who saved a girl's life in an accident one year ago? ”

 William scratched his hair before remembering that he did save a girl's life a year ago. 

“ Was she your daughter? Are you here to reward me for saving your daughter's life?” William asked while raising his eyebrows.

“ What if I did come here for the exact reason?” asked Mr. Knight.

“ Then I don’t accept it! I saved her life because that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t do it for some rewards. Besides, what reward do you think can compare to your daughter's life?” William asked in a cold voice.

“ William... ” Mrs. Bianca poked his elbow while Mr. Knight laughed, “ I'm impressed. Actually, I had come here only to thank you but after meeting you I have changed my plan.”

“ I don’t know if you have heard about me but I adopt children like you who have strong will and clean heart. Today, I'll adopt you. Your education and living expenses will be payed off by me and when you grow older you will work in my company. I do need people like you who are righteous, smart and brave. How does that sound?”

 “ Mr. Knight! You are too kind. You really live up to your name. I have heard you have adopted many children from different orphanage. William would be lucky to be one of your foster children. William, hurry up and thank Mr. Knight.” Mrs. Bianca poked William. William only stared Mr. Knight for a while and lowered his head in gratitude. 

William was then brought to Knight Mansion. A butler gave him a tour of the whole palace before saying, “ From now on, you will stay at the outer house where all the adopted children stay. Only Mr. Knight's biological family lives in the main house. Although Mr. Knight has adopted you and will provide for your education and living expenses, don't be so full of yourself. You have to help the maids and servants in their work. How about you help the gardener in flowering the plants? He was telling me that he is in need of hands.”

Before he could answer the butler, a cold and distant voice sounded from afar that soon grew louder “ Who brought this filth to our villa? Has father gone crazy that he always brings a beggar inside our home? ”  a fifteen years old boy snorted while pressing his nose with his fingers.

“ He is Peter Knight, Mr. Knight's son! He... He doesn’t like the boys his father adopt. He is quite arrogant. I suggest you not to be rude to him or else... ”

“ I'm not a beggar.” William responded in a cold voice.

“ _ ” 

The butler wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“ What did you say? Have you ever looked at your clothes? It's just a piece of rag and that's too dirty. Go clean yourself first! ” he said while pointing at the swimming pool. William frowned. He didn’t know swimming. He was only staring at the cold water with frowned eyes while Peter snorted at the two boys standing behind him, “ What are you two looking at? Go and kick him into the pool. ” 

“ But, young master Knight! The pool is too deep and cold. Judging by his expression I don't think he knows how to swim. What if...” a boy said hesitantly only to be cut off by Peter as he shouted at the boy, “ How dare you speak for that lad in front of me? Don't forget your place! It’s because of me that you two get more benefits here. You are only my lackey. So, do your job and be my good servants or else...”

 “ Young master! Don't be angry. We will do just as you say.” After saying these words the two boys walked closer to William. Before he could step back or run, two of them held his hands on either side and pushed him into the swimming pool. Peter was laughing loudly while William was dawning. His lungs were filled with water and he was struggling for oxygen. He thought he was going to die soon but just then a pair of soft hands grabbed him around his waist. He was half conscious. He just felt the person grabbing him in the water was a small girl who was very pretty. She blinked two times as if trying to tell him, ‘Don't be afraid..!! I'll save you.'

Soon after he was pulled up by the girl. However, he had already lost his consciousness. Before passing on, he heard the arguing voice of Peter and a soft voice of a little girl for a long time. But, when he opened his eyes, he was laying near the swimming pool while Peter and his apprentice were gone. However, the person he wanted to see the most was the little fairy who just saved his life. He looked around like a lost soul only to hear a laughing voice, “ What are you looking at? Are you looking for my brother to come bully you again?”

He turned back only to find a girl of around ten years sitting behind him. “ D… Did you save me just now? ”

 William asked in excitement, the girl’s expression suddenly changed but soon a smile appeared on her lips as she said with innocence, “ My brother is short-tempered. He always bullies others. But, I'm not like him. If he again gives you hard time, you can count on me. I'll save you, brother William. ”

It was the first time in his life did anyone say they would protect him. After the girl said these words, he found her the cutest girl in the world. He smiled gently before saying, “ You don’t have to protect me. You are just a little girl. I'm older than you. From now on, I'll always protect you. ”

The girl began laughing gladly while William asked, “ Little girl, what's your name? ”

“ I'm Mia Knight. ”

“ Mia, you are very pretty.” said William

“ Brother William is also very handsome. ” Mia said with a faint smile.

“ Ah! I told you not to be rude with young master Peter. From now on learn your lesson. If you want to survive in Knight Mansion, stay away from him as far as you can and try not to offend him. ” The butler walked closer to William as he added, “ It’s already dusk. You should now go back to your room. Go and sleep. You have to wake up early to help the gardener.”

William was walking along the corridor to go to his bedroom when he heard two maids chatting in anxiousness.“ Ah! I have tried everything but Little Claire's cold is not reducing.”

“ This girl is very sensitive to cold yet she jumped into the water and stayed in wet clothes for a long time. How could she not catch a cold? ”

“ That’s right! But what can we, servants, do about it? She is the most favored child. God knows what Mr. Knight will do if he hears about it? He cares about little Claire more than his biological daughter. ”

Soon the maids went away and William couldn't hear them any longer. He just wondered who Little Claire was and why was she favored more than Mia by Mr. Knight. He just felt bad for little Mia. After all, she had saved him from dawning. After a while, he shook his head and walked up to his bedroom.


He saw Claire's frail body shivering in cold. Suddenly, maids' voice sounded into his mind.

“ This girl is very sensitive to cold yet she jumped into the water and stayed in wet clothes for a long time. How could she not catch cold? ”

He had noticed she was indeed very sensitive to cold and caught it very easily. He stared her fragile body for a while and then walked up to the wardrobe, took off a blanket and covered her under it. After making sure, the temperature of air conditioner was not too less and she was covered properly, he planned to go to study room to check few files. However, his legs paused as he suddenly realized the woman laying on the bed was the same woman who had made him like that. His hands clenched into fists. He turned back and stared Claire Evans with a pair of cold eyes before throwing the blanket off her body. He then reduced the temperature of the Air-con and walked out of the room.After few minutes,The door of the room was again pushed open. William Walton walked in with heavy steps, increased the temperature of the Air-con, covered Claire with blanket and then moved out of the room.

Chapter 2

Claire opened her eyes only to find herself wrapped in a soft blanket. The blanket had William's smell. A soft smile appeared on her lips not long before it faded away as her face turned into a deep sorrow.

‘He hates me now. Why bother caring about me?’ she thought as she put the blanket aside. She was tormented by him whole night and her body was aching. So, she planned to stay in bed for a while. However, the door of her room was kicked open with a loud 'thud' voice and a man with a pair of deep brown yet cold eyes walked in.

“William...” she called his first name as she raised her body to sit up. He only smirked at her while walking closer to her. He sat by her side. His eyes narrowed seeing the blanket being kept aside. 

“ Why are you not putting the blanket on? Do you want to catch cold so that I don’t come to your bed? Is this what you are thinking now?” he smirked as he came closer to her earlobes. He whispered into her ear while pinching her chin, “ Listen


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