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Kidnapped By The Mafia Lord

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Odessa Was just twenty when her parents forcefully married her off to a young wealthy multimillionaire, Elliott Marley, but he sent her packing two years later, when she couldn't take in or give him a child. This leave Odessa devastated and running to her parents, who to her utmost chagrin, disowned her and called her all sort of names enough to burn a woman self esteem. She cried and drink herself to stupor at a local bar downtown, oblivious of the recent news of the recent kidnaping of young women. Odessa got kidnapped by Aryan Seagrave, an infamous texas drug lord and he made her his s*x slave. Things are about to get twisted when Aryan's brothers fell in love with Odessa. Odessa was caught in the middle of this mess with the five brothers fighting over her and she not knowing who to choose.

Chapter 1 Barricade bar

Odessa walked into the club looking so lifeless, the place reeked of alcohol and smoke.

Never in her entire life did she think she'll ever come into a place like this.

She made her way to the bar and she took a sit.

"Hey miss, what can I get you?" The bartender asked.

"Just give me a whiskey or something." Odessa said weakly.

"Alright, do you want the whole bottle or should I pour you a glass?" The bartender asked, and Odessa sighed deeply.

"Just give me the whole bottle." She replied.

The bar tender looked at her, he could see she was heartbroken, a lady shouldn't be out drinking alone, especially at a time like this when ladies are being kidnapped and the whole town is in a complete mess.

"What are you looking at?" Odessa snapped.

"I asked for a f*ck*ng bottle now give it to me!" She half yelled.

The bar tender knew this was none of his business, but he was still going to warn her.

"Look lady, you shouldn't be out here drinking alone, if you want to get wasted, you can do that at your home, I can see you have no idea of the recent happenings in town."

Odessa scoffed, it wasn't like she cared, right now she was in so much pain and she needed something to help her forget her pain, even if it was just for a little while, she wants to forget about all her problems.

"Get me the d*mn bottle sir, otherwise I'll leave your f*ck*ng bar and go else where." She yelled.

The bar tender sighed in defeat, at least he tried to warn her, but it was useless.

He gave her a bottle of whiskey without saying anything else.

Odessa took the bottle then she paid him.

An hour later....

Odessa already finished the whole bottle of whiskey and she was totally wasted.

She got down from the chair and she staggered, she almost fell, but she managed to maintain her balance.

"Be careful." The bar tender said.

Odessa ignored his words.

She was really drunk, she couldn't even walk properly, she was literally seeing double.

She staggered as she walked out, trying to maintain her stance, she held the chairs for assistance.

The hairpin on her hair fell down but she didn't even bother to pick it up.

She finally got outside and she felt like throwing up.

She immediately rushed to the corner of the bar and she threw up.

She held her stomach tightly as she felt as if her lungs would literally come out of her mouth, topped with the splitting headache.

"Aaaaah!" She groaned and she sat on the floor.

"It hurts, my heart hurts so much." She mumbled inaudibly as she felt totally weak.

She fetched her phone from her pocket, although her vision still wasn't too clear, she managed to locate the number she wished to call.

She placed a call through to her friend Blair and she picked up immediately.

"Hello Odessa."

Odessa burst into tears on hearing Blair's voice.

"Odessa? You're crying? What's wrong? What happened?" Blair panicked.

" life is completely ruined, my life is ruined Blair." Odessa cried.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

"He divorced me Blair, Elliott divorced me and threw me out of his house because I couldn't give him a child."

"And when I went back to my parents, they didn't take me in Blair, they insulted me and said so much to me, the words they said hurt me a lot Blair and they disowned."

"Oh my goodness, Odessa, calm down, it's gonna be alright."

"No Blair, nothing will be fine, my life is completely ruined, I don't have anything but the little I had is all gone, I have no family now, I have no one!" She screamed.

"Odessa, you'll have to pull yourself together, just tell me where you are and I'll come get you."

"You shouldn't be alone Odessa, it's not save, please tell me where you are and I'll come there immediately." Blair's voice was literally quivering.

"I have no one." Odessa whispered.

Her phone fell from her hand and she didn't even bother to pick it up, she stood up and walked away, muttering inaudible words to herself as she staggered.

A black Van suddenly pulled up in front of Odessa and three hefty men dressed in black and putting on a black mask came up.

One went to stand in front of her, while the other two waited in front of the van.

Odessa was literally trying to keep her eyes open, she looked up at the man and her eyes widen with shock and fear.

Her brain was literally giving her the danger signal, but before she could scream, the man injected her with something.

Her vision got blur and she instantly collapsed into the arms of the man.

"Nice and clean, let's get out of here before someone sees us, the boss will be pleased by this one." One of the men said.

The man put Odessa in the van, the rest got in and they drove off.


Blair's car pulled up in front of Barricade's bar and she got out.

She looked at the bar, her heart was literally pounding in her chest, she tracked down Odessa's number and this was her location.

"I hope you're fine Odessa." She said before running into the bar.

Blair's eyes scanned the bar but she couldn't find Odessa anywhere.

She went to the bar tender to inquire about Odessa.

"Good evening m'am, what can I get you?"

"Nothing, I don't want anything, I'm looking for someone, I don't know if you can help me, I'm sure she was here."

"Well of course ma'am, do you have a picture? Or you can at least describe the person you're looking for."

"I do have a picture of her."

Blair instantly brought out her phone from her purse, she brought out Odessa's picture and showed it to the bar tender.

"This lady? She was here but she left already."

"D do you know where she might have gone to?"

"I'm sorry I don't ma'am, she was really drunk though."

"Okay thanks, but just incase you see her, please call me." She brought out her card and gave it to the bar tender.

"Okay ma'am."

Blair left the bar, when she got outside, she decided to try calling Odessa again.

The phone began to ring.

Blair was surprised to hear the phone ringing in that area.

"Odessa!" She called out, but got no response.

She trailed the sound of the phone ringing and she saw Odessa's phone lying on the floor at the corner of bar.

Blair rushed to pick it up.

"Where is Odessa?"

Chapter 2 pains

Odessa groaned as her eyes slowly opened, she stared at the unfamiliar ceiling for a while before she hurriedly sat up, she instantly regret doing that as she was greeted with a splitting headache.

She looked around her and saw that the room was filled with ladies who looked the same age as her.

"W where am I?" She stuttered fearfully.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and the headache only increased.

The ladies all looked like they've been there for a long time, they all looked tired and worn out, they were very skinny too, as if they've been malnourished.

They were being kept in a room with poor light, and all of them were kept on the floor.

Odessa forced herself to stand up.

The ladies all kept looking at her with sad pitiful eyes, none of them said anything, they only looked at her.

"What is this place? Where am I? Who brought me here?" Odessa said out loud.

She saw the door and she rushed to i


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