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Illicit pleasure

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Maya Romero was finding her own way with her best friend and her boyfriend, but one day all that disappeared when Maya discovered that her best friend and her boyfriend were secret lovers. Lost in her grief, she unwittingly walked into a room where a Greek god was impatiently waiting for a woman to enjoy a night full of s*x. But Maya never imagined that she would never leave the room she entered by mistake and that her life would take a huge turn when she discovered that the Greek god to whom she had given her virginity was closer to her than she thought and that he was not who he appeared to be.

Chapter 1

My first year as a college student and so far I'm still very excited because I would finally make of my life what I want and my parents won't be on top of me like before that they wouldn't even leave me alone when I was with my friends. I've gone out partying, I do everything at my own pace without being pressured.

Well, yes I'm a bit reserved but not enough to enjoy a good party with friends, of course I go out but it doesn't mean I will throw my future away either, studying medicine and becoming a doctor was always my dream and I'm going to fulfill it.

—Mey! —Hearing my friend's screams approaching me makes me close my eyes while I tense my jaw because when she screams like that it's because it's some kind of party —Here you are.

—No," I said immediately.

—But I didn't say anything Mey. —She's the only one who calls me Mey, my name is Maya, but she calls me Mey. —You'll never guess? —I frowned when my best friend came into my room and threw herself on my bed.

—You just ruined the clothes I just folded," I snort in annoyance—roll my eyes.

—There's a spectacular party at my boyfriend's house. You must dress like a s*xy woman if you want to get laid tonight.

—Tonight? No I can't... I have an entrance exam.

—Stop being a prude. —Yeah, I'm still a prude. —Yeah, I'm still a prude, a little. —Yeah, I'm still a prude, a little. —You're not going to let me down... I told her I'd invite a very special friend... I swear.

I didn't even know she had a boyfriend, saying no to her was like talking to a monkey who doesn't understand anything I say, Erika is my friend since high school, we've had our downs but we always end up eating ice cream and talking about ourselves.

In the end even though she insisted I told her I couldn't go since this exam was essential, when I finally finished organizing everything, I saw that my friend left her cell phone when she came to me to borrow my makeup kit.

—She had several missed calls from a number I don't know.

"Love, you're already here because I feel like making you moan all night."

I cocked a smile as she really had her night ready for action. "Sh*t, and here I am a nun thinking I have to study". I couldn't resist so I decided to go leave her cell phone until the party, I called my boyfriend to help me with this, but he said he had training and couldn't this time.

Arriving at the party of course I didn't expect a whole fraternity to be here "if nothing else". I looked everywhere for my friend but couldn't find her with the others at the party, I had no idea the party would be in a huge mansion, had I known I would have come even for a little while at least.

I heard some moans coming from a room, I knew her voice perfectly well enough to know it was her so I knocked several times but they didn't come out, I saw that there was a little table next to the door so I opened it a little to leave her cell phone there, but unintentionally the door opened wider than it should have and I saw her, but when I saw her my world fell apart when I saw that she was f*ck*ng my boyfriend, I was paralyzed when I saw them, they don't even notice my presence, they only moan while they are having s*x, he holds her hips while he rams her from behind.

—Who's there?

All this time they saw my face, for how long? I don't know. I only know that my best friend was cheating on me all this time, behind my back they were seeing each other for this... "Training"... I did nothing but laugh because I was stupid to believe she would wait for me.

Before they realized I was here, I closed the door and ran out while I see them in my head incessantly, my tears do not stop, the lump in my throat is so big I wanted to explode, seeing a club on the way I stopped and paid to enter without caring about anything, I just wanted to unburden myself, to be alone.

—Do you know what you want?

I didn't answer and told him to give me the strongest thing he had, the guy gave me a crooked smile and just said "Fine."

I felt my heart shattered because I trusted people who laughed at me. "friend" I'm so stupid to believe that he really didn't care about s*x, I guess I'm still naive, I could expect anything from him, but from Erika never, we were friends since high school... How could he do this to me?

—I'm a complete fool.

I tilt my head back as I felt a sharp pain in my chest with every passing second. When I was already feeling so drunk, I left the club, I think. The place was full and it's the first time I've ever been inside. I don't understand everything is dark, I opened the door and it's as if there were no lights...

—there sh*t!....

I was paralyzed when I saw that it was not the exit but a room and that there was a man with his back turned, he was huge, his torso was naked, he was wearing only a pair of pants, when his eyes saw me, my body shuddered making saliva pass, a man in his thirties looks at me as if I were prey.

My lips trembled as he smiled sideways. —I...

My body doesn't react even because he was approaching me. I back away scared and he with one look made me shake like jelly. He undoes the buttons of my blouse, his hand holds my neck and goes up while his thumb wanders across my lower lip.

—They took too long...

The air leaves me as I hear his husky voice, "he's like a f*ck*ng god" "d*mn it say something Maya".

—I... I... I went to the wrong door.

I shiver and close my eyes as he puts pressure on my waist, I feel his breath hitting my face, my face was getting too hot when I see his face only inches away from mine.

—Do you think you're going to leave?

I froze as his hand slowly goes up to my breasts and massages them, his lips were on mine and not feeling me respond to his kiss he bites me and that's when I felt I was lost because I reciprocated.

I woke up abruptly, and when I saw myself naked in the room I thought I had dreamed, my soul left my body and more when I got up and saw that there was blood on the bed, but there was something strange in me, I did not feel any remorse for what happened, in fact, I enjoyed it.

When I returned to the bedrooms and saw my supposed boyfriend with a huge smile on his lips, I remembered the reason why I had ended up in that place.

—I want you to come home with me.

—Wasn't it that your parents hate me?

—It's a family reunion and... I don't want to go alone.

I had an intense desire to reproach him for everything and beat him until I was out of breath for being a b*st*rd that makes fun of me behind my back, and of course my "Big friend" is not left behind, but I came up with something better so I agreed to go with her to the family dinner, I know her mother and stepfather and when she tells them in front of everyone what kind of an *ssh*l* she is, it will be the worst humiliation for someone of her "class", and everyone will see what she is, I will be the only victim in front of her family.

When I was getting dressed up as usual trying to make her see me as her, erika stuck her nose where it wasn't wanted and dressed me in a way that was not presentable for my "boyfriend's" demanding family. I played along, we were looking for his family and when I saw her, I approached them pulling Lucas in a hurry. They are happy to see him but when they see me, they make a gesture of bitterness" is at that moment when I had the courage to speak but I stopped when I heard that voice behind my back greeting my boyfriend.

—Dad! —Lucas moves away from me. I turn on my heels and my soul freezes when I see him with these eyes that will eat worms someday —You finally arrived.

I'm petrified as I process that my boyfriend just called him dad.

Chapter 2

I was paralyzed, I didn't know how to react, my heart is crazy and it doesn't stop beating so fast, it's like a bomb about to explode inside my chest, Lucas takes me by the hand and drags me to be in front of the man who fucked me like nobody ever did before, not even him.

—She's Maya, the girl I told you about.

I salivate as he smiled sideways

—So you're the famous Mey. I guess my son... didn't lie when he spoke well of you.

When he took my hand without permission my body shudders all over, my voice had been lost because I was saying this in a double meaning, "What happened last night... shit!". His lascivious look makes me talk to my boyfriend to forget that he was here.

—Are you ok? —said Lucas as he stared at me, "You're very pale.

I told him I was fine to get him off my back but, his father kept watching me every chance he got and he was doing perfectly fine since no one noticed the tension be


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