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How To Seduce Your Husband

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IF HE IS NOT WILLING TO BE HER REAL HUSBAND, WHAT'S THE HARMFUL IN SUDUCING HIM? Charlotte Foster is in love with Morgan, her father's kind business partner who has quickly become her best friend since she met him. Now, at 20, and after several unsuccessful attempts to make Morgan see her as a woman, Charlie is prevented from receiving the inheritance that is rightfully hers, thanks to the schemes of her late father and her terrible stepmother. That's when Morgan surprises her with a proposal: become her husband for a year, so that she can receive what belongs to her. However, for Charlie, money is the least important thing in that situation. Morgan Sullivan struggled for a long time with his repressed feelings for Charlie, the authentic and impulsive daughter of his greedy partner. However, after years of managing to hide his love for her, he sees no other way out than marrying her to protect her from her Machiavellian stepmother. After all, it will only be for a year and everything will be a farce, since he will never touch her. As much as you want. And as much as he is no longer able to hide what he feels for her so well. Realizing that her husband may not be as indifferent to her as he thought, Charlie decides she needs to use that year to seduce her husband and turn their fake marriage into something very real.

Mini Prologue - How to Seduce Your Husband

"Would you like me to open the champagne?" Charlie heard her husband ask as she stepped out and turned off the shower.

"I'd love to..." she purred, walking to the bathroom door, feeling like a wolf in sheep's clothing. "But could you do me a favor first?"

"Of course." She could hear the innocent smile in Morgan's voice. "What do you need?"

"Did I mention I'd forget about my head if it wasn't around my neck? I just realized I came to shower and didn't bring my change of clothes with me." she smiled widely when she heard him gasp loudly "Besides, I can't find any towels around here either. Could you bring me one? Oh, and it would be great if you could also bring me the bra and panties I packed in my suitcase so I can get dressed right here."

"D-did you look in all the cupboards?" he stammered, his voice shaky "Hotels like this usually have plenty of towels lying around."

"I did not find. You can come here and look for it if you want." she offered slyly, making him choke again, as if he was about to collapse "You have better eyes than mine…"

"N-no need, I believe you!" the sound of him moving around the room quickly was heard "I'll find one for you, just give me a minute, okay?"

“Thanks, Morgan." she crooned, "You're always saving me..."

"Finally, I found several in the cupboard!" he exhaled, audibly relieved. "Frankly, they need to clean up this room a little better..."

"Can you bring it to the door for me?" she called him, barely able to contain herself with excitement "Oh, and don't forget my clothes too, please..."

“Of course, of course…” he sighed bleakly, and she could almost hear the blush in his voice.

"What do you know." She snorted, trying to convince herself that this was better than nothing. "The most important thing is the towel, anyway."

"Okay..." She wanted to laugh, since he sounded completely uncertain. "I'll be right there. You can put your hand out the door..."

She waited for his voice to be close enough for her to put her hand out the door where he could see… past all the rest of her chest.

Biting her lip, Charlie wanted to do a little victory dance out of sheer satisfaction as he realized that the first thing his eyes met when she half-stepped out the door was her left breast, which was not only completely bare but also completely bare. , as well as excited at the possibility of being seen by him. Hiding a satisfied smirk, Charlie watched Morgan gasp at the sight of his exposed torso, and for a minute she thought he was going to fall backwards, so drastic was the way he froze in place, white towel in hand. , and with his eyes still firmly focused on her breasts.

“Thanks, Morgan." she smiled, making a move to leave the door completely, to get the towel, since he wasn't moving "Always a gentleman..."

Her eulogy was cut short when Morgan suddenly threw the towel over her, surprising her and sending her back just enough so that he could close the door, hiding her again.

“What do you think you're doing, Charlie?!" he gasped, appearing to be hyperventilating.

"Like this? I was just going to get the towel…” she commented naively, repeating the speech she had planned millimetrically in her head while taking a shower. “Oh, don't tell me you saw something!?" she exclaimed, trying to sound scandalized, even though she knew she wasn't being very convincing, not even to her own ears. "But what a shame! I'm sorry, Morgan, I really thought the door was covering everything... But that's the lesser of evils, isn't it?" she smiled mischievously "At least you were the one who saw me, so nothing much happened, right?"

"Yes, I saw it…" she heard him murmur, in that husky voice that always made her thighs wet, "I saw it all…" he grunted, remaining silent for a long moment, before finally sighing, seeming to be tormented "I understand this was an accident, Charlie, but in all that is holy, please don't let it happen again, okay? Now, you can come over here and get your bag and change in peace, I'll go outside... Uh..." he hesitated for a moment, choosing the excuse he was going to use this time, as Charlie guessed, "Get our dinner! I'll be right back!"

"Wouldn't it be better to order room service?" she still tried to argue, but the sound of the door slamming sounded even before she could finish the sentence.

Still, she couldn't feel anything but joy at that small victory. Not just because her plan had worked, but because, in the seconds that his eyes remained on her breasts, she managed to recognize what was there, without a doubt: desire. Pure, intense and wild, like what she felt for him. And each time she got new proof that he wanted her, excitement tightened her chest and made her folds dampen, as if they couldn't bear to live without having him inside her any longer.

Prologue - Morgan (Part 1)

"I see you are a man of few words, no, Mr. Sullivan?"

At the sound of the female voice, Morgan turned away from the view of the large ground floor garden before him and found Samantha Manson admiring him with pure mischief in her unnaturally blue eyes. Though he was successful in containing his scornful sigh, he wasn't able to disguise the displeased grimace that twisted his face when he responded, coldly.

"In fact." Taking a sip from the glass of champagne he was holding, Morgan again moved his gaze away from the expression on his new partner's wife's face, pretending not to notice the clearly inviting tone there "Especially when I realize it's not worth saying nothing.".

“Oh, I understand perfectly what you mean." Her voice approached, to Morgan's chagrin, before the hand with long red painted nails reached his arm, initiating a soft caress "Parties with the purpose of doing business are always very


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