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His coercive love: my son's dad is ruthless.

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"You may be Ninite's father, but you don't deserve it. You took me by force, and your criminal life will always hurt him. You are a curse to him; you should leave us alone." "Disappear?" "Yes, if you love our son, you should disappear from his life." Min-Ho just smiled. “Ninite is the most precious thing I have in my shitty life. I will never walk away from him." His smile widened. "And neither from you. I said it before... Once inside, you are mine forever. You should already get used to me." ----------------------------- Bella is an innocent young woman who grew up in a family with strict values. She holds a deep grudge and hatred for gangs and their members. Her biological parents died because of a mafia boss, and her best friend was killed in a war between rival gangs. Since then, she has held them with immense contempt and disgust because, for her, they are all means. But after a one-night stand, which she believes to be r*p*, she becomes pregnant. Panicked, she runs away but quickly discovers that the father of her son is a mafia member, the most ruthless that exists, and the latter has decided that she belongs to him as his wife and the mother of his son. He will never let her leave him or get away from him. She is now bound to him willy-nilly, for better or for worse. Faced with the many dangers that await her by being with this man, will Bella be able to face them for the good of her son? Will her heart be ready to forgive and accept this man with such a cruel and possessive gaze?


Bella is the adopted daughter of the Grande Santos family. When she was just three years old, she and her parents were victims of a terrible car accident. Her father, a government agent, was battling a powerful South American cartel. They had threatened to attack his family if he did not submit to their demands. But her father knew that even if he obeyed, these people would not leave him alone. So he decided to save his family by fleeing to the United States. Unfortunately, their escape attempt failed. The leader of the cartel, the fearsome Jefe, had sent men after them to get rid of them. The car had finally collided head-on with another vehicle, resulting in a tragic accident. Bella was the only survivor. The pursuers believed them all to be dead, leaving her behind, unconscious and defenseless. It was the locals who found and saved her that day. Enrique Grande Santos, the family gardener, had known and worked for Bella's parents. Grateful for their generosity towards him, he couldn't bear the idea of leaving their daughter alone in the world, knowing that no other member of her family would want her. He had therefore adopted her as his daughter, and Bella had grown up with the Grande Santos and was considered their youngest. Bella had never felt rejected by her adoptive family. They had always been kind to her, making no distinction between Leïla, their eldest daughter, and Bella. The two girls had grown up like sisters, brought up with respect for family values and a strict upbringing. The Acapulc* neighborhood where they lived was notorious for its danger, and their parents had always warned them about gangs. When Bella reached the age of understanding, they also explained to her how her biological parents had died. Ever since, Bella has harbored a huge aversion to gangs. She hated anything related to the violence and criminality. She had promised herself to stay away from them and build a life away from the menacing shadow of gangs. In order to please Bella, Leïla invited her to attend the concert of her favorite reggaeton artist. Nothing happened as planned. Bella then had an unexpected encounter that turned her life upside down. Suddenly, Bella found herself faced with another tragedy that would worsen her perception of gangs. The simple hatred she felt before was no longer enough to express all the anger, disgust, contempt, and hatred she now felt towards those who were part of this criminal society. However, when Bella realized she was pregnant and decided to find out who the father of her child was, things spiraled out of control. The father of her precious son was one of them—those people she despised more than anything in the world. But this man was not ready to leave her alone or walk away from their son. But he is far too dangerous; his life overwhelms them and perhaps will consume them. His reputation as a ruthless murderer is far too heavy, and his enemies—those who want to see him dead—are numerous. They will not hesitate to use any means to get rid of him, even his greatest weakness: his family. He seems ready to do anything for her, for their son, and for them. Bella can't ignore him; she wants to hate him and reject him, but her heart has its own mind. Bella's heart pounded in her chest as she watched Min-Ho, the father of her son, standing before her. His piercing gaze sent shivers down her spine, his presence a constant reminder of the dangerous world she had vowed to stay away from. But now, with a child to consider, she was trapped in a web of conflicting emotions."Min-Ho," she whispered, her voice filled with both fear and defiance. "You may be the father of my son, but that doesn't mean I belong to you."A cold smirk played on Min-Ho's lips, sending a chill through Bella's veins. "Oh, kitty," he taunted, his voice dripping with possessiveness. "You think I'm giving you a choice? As long as you're breathing, as long as your body can't push me away, you'll be mine."Bella's resolve wavered as his words echoed in her mind. She had despised people like Min-Ho, the gangsters who had brought tragedy into her life. But now, faced with his undeniable presence, she couldn't ignore the tangled mess of emotions within her."No,I'm just the mother of your son;" she whispered, her voice barely audible. "I won't let you impose yourself on me."Suddenly, Min-Ho's captivating smile stretched across his face before he leaned in, his lips crashing onto Bella's. They kissed, a collision of love and hate, passion and danger. For that fleeting moment, Bella was lost in the whirlwind of emotions that had consumed her life.But as they finally pulled apart, Bella's mind raced with difficult choices. "No, I think I'm more than that. So, you've been mine since the moment I decided." "You don't have to be so possessive." "Does that mean you would dare look at any other man than me?" "I never said that, but that doesn't mean I belong to you. Do you know how much I despise people of your kind?" " My kind?" Min-Ho sneered, "I see. Do you think I'm giving you a choice?" "Min-Ho" "Yes, Kitty" "You're just the father of my son; don't cross the line." Min-Ho just smiled before turning his back." I'm not crossing any line, but just doing that's natural for me to do"Bella bit her lip, like a butterfly in a spider's web, she was trapped, hampered by this man and her conflicting feelings as she thought for her son.What would be best for her son? How far was she willing to go to ensure their safety? Love and hate collide in her heart, and as she looked into Min-Ho's eyes, she knew that the path ahead would be anything but easy.Bella's journey of love, danger, and sacrifice was just beginning. She had a choice to make, one that would shape not only her own destiny but also the fate of her son.And as Bella stood there, caught between the entangling forces of love and hate, she wondered if she could find a way to navigate the treacherous path before her and carve a future filled with hope and redemption.

What's happened?

"Herminia, if our parents find out we are here, they will be very angry," a young girl of about 18 years old spoke as she was dragged through the city streets by her sister. They were dressed quite lightly and heard men whistling as they passed. "Stop being so uptight, Bella. We are not kids anymore," the one in front retorted before adding, "Besides, we are adults now, and the baccalaureate is over. Loosen up a little, my dear." The girl who spoke stopped and gave her sister a critical look. The latter lowered her eyes before nodding her head. "I'm sorry, Leïla," she apologized before venturing out onto the street again. Her sister, Leïla, was her role model. After hearing that Bella's favorite Reggaeton artist would be performing that night at the grand opening of a new club, Leïla had worked for almost a month to be able to get


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