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HESTIA - The Virgin Princess

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Women usually dreamed of becoming crowned Princesses; only a few are exceptions. Hestia belongs to these few exceptions. She refused to accept her destiny of becoming the first crowned Virgin Princess or Princess Hestia of their Tribe. Thus, before her eighteenth birthday, Hestia escapes. She needs to leave Balwarte De Gapo Island otherwise she will not have a free life; she will not be free to love and live the way she wanted to. At the age of eighteen, she will be offered to the Fairies, said to be guarding their Island. Once the offering ritual is done, she will vow to remain a virgin like the fairies and will be crowned as the Tribe’s First Virgin Princess or Princess Hestia. In her escape, she met Alexander, the owner of Caralex Bay Resort and the man who strengthened her desire not to be crowned Princess Hestia. Would love conquers all?

Chapter 1 - PROLOGUE

Hestia runs as fast as she can. She needs to leave this Balwarte De Gapo Island, otherwise; she will not have a free life; she will not be free to love and live the way she wanted. Tomorrow, she will be eighteen years old, the day that their tribe is looking forward to. She will be offered to the Fairies, said to be guarding Balwarte De Gapo Island. Once the offering ritual is done at the cave where the Kingdom of the Fairies lies, she will vow to remain a virgin like the fairies and will be crowned Princess Hestia, the Tribe’s First Virgin Princess.

Armed with a lot of courage and dreams of getting out of the island, Hestia started to plan how to escape at the age of sixteen. At five, she was already taught how to fight and defend herself, making her bold and fierce.

Midnight, before she turns eighteen, Hestia escapes. Perfectly, her flying boat did not fail her. She starts its engine and it works. She maneuvers her boat and its motor engine is like a big kick that pushes the boat so hard out of the cave's back opening. As the wind blows, the boat starts to flip its wings, slowly it rises more and she’s up there flying; although not too high like how the birds fly.

She’s already far from the island; Hestia smiles with triumph. She sings loudly and laughs. She is free; she is free! She savors the fresh cold air in the sky, closes her eyes, and laughs out loud.

As the wind grows too strong, the boat’s wings start to break and, piece by piece, fall. Hestia's fear is getting bigger but her mind still thinks. She grabbed her half-full big bamboo water jar, crossed its sling to her shoulder, and tightened it down to her waist. Hestia kneels and asks for Mercy and calls on their Queen Fairy for help and forgiveness. As the boat speedily falls, Hestia's loud scream becomes like a whisper against the roaring winds.

Hestia's body heavily crashes into the cold sea water together with her bamboo water jar. She hangs her dear life in her bamboo jar and hugs it tightly. Hestia swims skillfully and she knows she will be saved as long as she has her bamboo jar that will make her float and hang on to rest. She does not want to think about sharks, it is not time to frighten herself.

It's been more than an hour, and she's been keeping herself afloat when she sees a light nearby. She tried to use all her remaining strength and swim fast, heading in the light's direction. Her strength is already leaving her. Slowly, she still tries to swim until she sees the light coming nearer.

"Ugh." Hestia is being thrown into the sand by the waves. She is fainting. She sees a bit of light, then total darkness thereafter.

It was like a dream! Hestia opens her eyes. The first thing she sees is a set of deep-seated brown eyes, owned by a ruggedly handsome striking man, as tall as her father. Her father is the tallest in their tribe.

“You are awake at last!” the ruggedly handsome man burst out.

“I am Alexander and you are?”

Hestia became tense; no one should know where she came from and who she is.

“Hest… I’m Hester, Where am I?”

“You are in my Villa Hester.”

Chapter 2 - Hestia is Turning 18


"Hestia! Where are you again?" Nyora Danli was looking for her firstborn daughter.

One servant heard her master's voice and immediately walked fast towards her, " Nyora Danli, I saw Hestia run outside. She seems in a hurry."

"Where is she going? Tell her to see me once she's back, or can you ask a guard to look after her?" Hestia's mother seemed impatient already.

"Ayee Nyora," the servant bowed, and hurried out of the big Kubol of the Dadati's Clan.

"Why is she always running towards the forest?" the servant murmured.

At the forest, Hestia walks speedily. No one should see her coming here in the forest. More so that no one should know where she is going.

"Prinsesa Hestia!" a male voice suddenly surprised her. She almost jumps as she readily looks back to check who follows her.

"Sano!, what are you doing here? I command you to get back and never


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