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Jackson Taylor is a sex freak, Vera Santos was a nymphomaniac whose biggest dream was to make enough money to fight her enemy and get her son back. She gets a job to be Jack's secretary but chickens out when she catches her boss masturbating on her first day at work. Jack gave her a good offer to be his sex mate for ten days for a whooping sum of money. She had to accept because she needed the money, but she set up three rules which included that he shouldn't fall in love with her. What happens when she breaks her own rules? She also found out the hard way that his ex-wife is the first woman he ever loved. She was afraid to accept his love proposal because she believes that he still loves his ex-wife...

Chapter 1

🔞 VERA 🔞

It was my first day at work. I had to wake up early so I wouldn't be late to work. My neighbor, Nathan, gave me a lift as his office was right behind the company where I got the job.

I hummed happily when I saw that I was the first person to come to the office that morning. "At least, this will show everyone how diligent I can be with my work!" I smiled contentedly to myself.

I was assigned to be the boss's secretary. The fat lady who screened me during the interview told me after I was qualified for the job that the CEO of the great company, J. T. C, comes to the office only twice in a week.

I wanted to mind my business and check out the documents on the desk in my new office, but something urged me to check my boss's office and see how huge and beautiful it is since I have a right to go in there.

"Yes, there's no big deal in checking it out since I will be going in there more often these days." I murmured to myself and rummaged through the pile of files in my drawer to know if I could find the keys as I was told it would be in there.

I found the keys and practically walked to the door. I took deep breaths before I inserted a single key into the keyhole and the door swung open.

My eyes widened as I stepped inside. My heart pounded and my lips parted in awe. I was dazzled by what my eyes saw and I slowly turned to leave, but the door closed on my face and it refused to open when I pushed it. I tried using the keys and it didn't work at that particular point in time.

"Sorry, it's wrong timing. What am I saying, I shouldn't have…" I stuttered as I tried to talk to the man seated on a single couch in the middle of the office.

"There's no escape. You've got to help me." His deep voice was a clear warning.

"Wha--what?!" I stammered and thought of screaming.

He laughed. "No one will hear you even if you shout with all your might. Come on, it's nothing wrong. You caught your boss masturbating, all you can do is help him. I promise not to punish you for sneaking into my office unannounced." He read my mind.

I froze. It felt as though I was pinned to the ground. I could only mope at him. Isn't this the most perfect way to meet my boss? I was the one who asked for this! Now I met my boss naked in his office, stroking himself.

"Come on, this is driving me nuts. You will also enjoy this, don't leave me like this. Just help me cum and you will be free to go."

I didn't know if he was kindly requesting it or commanding me, but I foolishly moved towards him even when my mind told me to bounce.

He was seated on a long couch situated at the right side of the office. When I came close to him, I gazed into his eyes and I was enchanted by the look in his eyes.

When I tore my eyes away from him to look at his erection, I knew that I couldn't escape even if I begged him.

The condition of his member would have scared me away since I haven't seen such a long penis before, but yet enticing. And for the fact that I was about to play with fire, I was also lost. My whole body yearned for it.

I knelt down between his long and strong legs and hesitantly caressed it. He shifted on the couch and relaxed his back on it to enjoy the feeling of me tending to his big shaft.

"Thanks," He murmured an appreciation as his hands curled to fists beside him.

I think he was calculating when to put them to good use so he wouldn't scare me away. I didn't know such a man was going to be considerate at all.

I stroked him with both hands, slowly at first, then I picked up pace and I found myself liking the feel of it in my palms. Strong and alluring.

Biting my quivering lower lip, I shut my eyes as a warm wave of pleasure washed through my body. My nipples grew hard as it pushed against the sheer fabric of my gown.

I had newly bought it to wear on my first day to make a good impression, but what am I doing now? I couldn't stop myself as the bulge continued and I bent my head and took him into my mouth.

I pushed him deeper into my mouth until I felt his cock touching my velum. I bit him lightly and grinded him with my teeth.

"Oh, yeah. Come on, baby!" He groaned as he gritted his teeth and gripped my hair immediately.

I released him to take a breath. I settled on wetting his erection with my saliva and licking it with my tongue. When I took him into my mouth again, I sucked breath out of his lungs.

His moans filled the office. He pulled my hair and grasped. "You know how to do it, baby! I love the way you handle me!!"

His lustful words turned me on. I freed him and urged him to stand up. When he did, I pushed him into my mouth again, still on my knees, and he thrusted in and out as quickly as his picked pace could go, his fingers gripping my hair again.

My fingers dug holes in his strong thighs as I held him tightly, fighting to take air into my lungs as it was hard for me to do so.

"Uuuummmm!" That was all the sound that was able to come by from my throat and escape my blocked lips.

My eyes were widely open, but I wasn't seeing anything. Everything rotated in my eyes. My head felt as though I was on a roller coaster. The pleasure surging through me made me feel new and awakened.

"Baby, I'm coming! Hang in right there, I am about to arrive!!" He screamed almost at the same time that his cum filled my mouth and he staggered backwards.

Chapter 2


I leaned against the beautifully painted and neat wall of my office and watched the young lady who had come at the most crucial time to save me.

I watched her as she touched my cum which had escaped her mouth and fallen on the floor to lick. She licked her finger like a lollipop. She was a damn temptation.

When she was done licking it. She slumped to the floor and bowed her head. I felt embarrassed that I couldn't control myself. What do I know about her to have shown her how much of a beast I am?

I didn't need to be told that this is my new employee. Mrs. Biggs had informed me about my new secretary yesterday. This is the reason why I never wanted any female worker around me, but she was the only one qualified to take the job.

I took deep breaths and moved away from the stainless white wall and went to her. I patted her hair and she looked up at me.

"Ms. Vera Santos. Twenty four years old. Lives in Downtown Phase 3. S


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