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Afraah is an eighteen-year-old girl that lives with her stepmother, her three step-siblings, and her biological brother who is a cancer patient. After high school her stepmother couldn’t afford both her school fees and her brother's hospital fees, she had to forsake her college for Khalil to have good medication. She meets Rayan whose life is hidden, all he cares about is his brother when he finds out that Afraah is his only hope to get his brother to get better, will he toy with her emotions and use her for his selfish needs or will he eventually fall in love with her?

Chapter 1

My alarm ring twice before I woke up and switched the annoying thing off. I really hate mornings especially Monday morning but I have no choice than to wake up. It is only six am, I should probably be sleeping considering I came back home late but I can’t.

I moved the blanket aside and rubbed my eyes as I stretched my eyes a loud yawn escaped my mouth. I stood up and stretched my way to the drawer to take out my work clothes which is a black fitted skirt, a white t-shirt with the word Amees Bakery printed in a bold black and I take out my flat shoes. I’m supposed to be wearing a white canvas but didn’t have much money to spare on a single pair of shoes.

I grabbed my towel and head to the bathroom. Starting a quick shower and going to brush my teeth and fix my hair.

My name is Afraah, I’m fair in complexion, I’m five feet two inches, my lips are thick and pink, I have a pointed nose, brown eyes and I’m quite slim. I live with my stepmother who has three children and my younger brother Khalil who is a fourth-stage cancer patient. My mom died when I was five years old while my dad passed away two years ago. My family isn’t rich which makes it very difficult to provide Khalil with the necessary things he needs.

Once I was done, I wore my clothes and took a black scarf to cover my hair. I looked at my reflection in the mirror before I exited the room. I always wake up very early in the morning because my first job requires me to be there by eight am. This is because my boss says that "People need to have their breakfast early" but I seriously think he said that because he likes to earn more money that’s why he opens the bakery store by eight am and closes it by ten.

Once I entered the living, I met Noor, perhaps she woke up early today because she didn’t eat dinner last night or because she has an important class today and is waiting to get picked up.

Noor is dark in complexion, she has full dark brown eyebrows her eyelashes are barely noticeable, her full heart-shaped lips are brown, and she is slim and tall.

Noor is older than me, she isn’t a child of my father.

"Good morning." I said moving closer to her but she didn’t say a word neither did she turn back and look at me.

"Good morning Noor." I smiled but still no reaction from her.

I’m actually not very surprised by her reaction. As I walked passed her I entered the kitchen which is a few steps away from the living room. I brought out the veggies from the fridge and started chopping them when my stepmother walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning." I said still concentrated on what I’m doing

She glimpsed at me before she responded "Good morning."

Once she responded she moved closer to me and stared at me as I chopped the veggies making it very uncomfortable for me.

"Don’t you know Jamil and Hannan have to eat breakfast before going to school or you’re trying to starve them" She said

Oh no, I forgot that their school is resuming today.

"I forgot about their resumption,"

"You forgot!" She yelled as she raised an eyebrow "Seriously, did you say you forgot?"

I know where this discussion is going to, she looked extremely angry but I mean it’s not my fault I forgot.

"I’m sorry"

"It's almost nine thirty and you haven’t prepared anything for them" She yelled

That can’t be possible, the bus arrives at eight thirty but does it even matter, I can’t possibly correct her mistake because, she seems extremely mad. I didn’t say a word as she kept yelling at me. I stared at the floor to avoid eye contact, anything that will make her more angry won’t help me right now.

"Make sure you don’t repeat this mistake and if you do" She took a deep breath before she continued "You know the consequences" She said

"I won’t repeat it"

"You better not" She said as she exited the room.

After I finished cooking, I arranged it on the dining table before taking some for Khalil.

I knocked on the door before I entered,

Khalil’s room is almost the size of mine maybe a little bigger than mine, it is painted in brown color, a white rug at the center of the room, a single person bed at the midst of the room, by the side of the bed is a wooden stool which has a small tray containing some medicines.

A small classic tv was kept across the room.

"Khalil," I said but he didn’t respond to me

I came closer to his bed and peeked at him, he was still sleeping, he looked so peaceful but I have no choice to put an end to his sleep as it was time for his next medicine. I gently tapped his back making him move a little bit

"Khalil it’s time for you to take your medicine" I said

He rubbed his eyes with his right hand before sat up, as he opened his mouth a yawn escaped it.

"Good morning," he said in a sleepy voice

Khalil is fourteen years old, he is fair in complexion, despite being a boy he has eyelashes are long, he is a bit skinny. He wears an oxygen tube all the time

"Good morning."

"What’s for breakfast?" He asked

"See for yourself but now take your medicine before I eventually forget" I said giving it to him

He swallowed the medicine before he started coughing "Are you okay?" I asked carefully patting his back with my left hand

"Yes…. fine" He stammered

I gave him a glass of water before I spoke

"Are you okay?"

He let out a breath before speaking

"Ohh dear you worry too much, don’t worry I’m fine"

I collect the glass of water from his hands and kept it on the stool. I was about to feed him the food when he stopped me

“Afraah I’m sick, not helpless, I can feed myself," He said as he collected the plate from my hand.

"Okay." I smiled

I watched him eat for some time before I heard Noor yelling my name

"What did you do that the assistant devil is calling you?" He chuckled

"Khalil you are becoming naughty day by day, I told you to stop calling her assistant devil," I said before I stood up and walked towards the doorway. "Once you finish eating, take the next medicine." I instructed

What is wrong Noor? Why is she yelling my name?

Once I entered the living room she pulled my hand and dragged me into the dining room before she spoke

"I thought I was clear when I said I don’t want veggies in my fried egg," She yelled

"There are barely veggies in the egg"

“Are you calling me a lair? Do you think I’m joking with you?"

"Look Noor I’m not going to listen to your lectures because I have better things to do and besides if you don’t like the egg you can fry another one yourself," I yelled before I walked towards the doorway and was about to leave

"How dare you talk to her like that, don’t you know she’s older than you" My stepmom yelled

Older than me! Seriously. I looked at Noor who had a smirk on her face, she must be so happy right now.

"Noor had told you multiple times to never put veggies in her egg didn’t she?" She yelled

I knew that isn’t a question I should answer. I didn’t say a word as I continued listening to her

"Go fry another egg for her and make sure you do it exactly the way she likes it or else"

"I will do it right away," I said as I entered the kitchen.

My stepmother is very unfair, sometimes I feel she has no heart because she usually blackmails me by using Khalil. She always tries to make me feel like I’m not a part of this family whereas I am the firstborn of my father.

After I fried the egg, I took it Noor who was extremely happy. I entered the kitchen and ate breakfast before washing the dishes. I checked on Khalil who was watching a cartoon before I left for work.

After I finished high school my stepmom said she couldn’t afford both my school fees and Khalil’s hospital fees I had to forsake my college for Khalil to have good medication. I had to get a job to buy some minor requirements for Khalil as my stepmom is always complaining about how his medicine is costing a lot despite buying only one medicine for him. I had to get two jobs to buy an oxygen tube for Khalil. I work at a bakery by sunrise and by sunset I work at the grocery store.

Chapter 2

I arrived at the bakery shop a bit late, I can’t afford a car nor a taxi ride right now so I had no choice but to walk my way to the bakery even though it’s no way near my house.

"Good morning" I smile at Nadia who didn’t look like she was happy a good morning.

"You are late young lady," Nadia said

Nadia is the person in charge of bakery store. She makes sure everyone comes on time and everything is arranged before the store opens.

She is dark in complexion, she isn’t tall maybe at about five feet one inches if not less. She is fat, her eyes are brown, she has a round-shaped nose and her lips are thick and brown.

"I’m so sorry, I can ex…."

"Less talking more working" She instantly interrupted

"Yes ma’am" I said before I entered the backdoor.

"Hi Afraah" Amal smiled as she walked closer to me

Amal is my best friend or should I say she’s only friend. She is fair in co


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