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Entangled with the mafia family

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Annabelle Spencer. that's what the whole world knew the twin sisters Anna and Abby as, their parents were doctors who strived for perfection. they hide away the imperfect Abby who was diagnosed with type2 diabetes and shaped Anna into the perfect child. After 20 years of craziness, both parents died in a car accident. Anna studied law at college with their parents life insurance money while Abby followed bad company using Anna's identity. Anna's life took a turn when she encountered Dante bernade, the first son of a mafia lord. Anna was treated well by Dante's family until the opening of the 'bernade's palace' party which Abby insisted on going, accusing Anna of stealing all the good things life had to offer. of course,Abby got her way, dressing as Anna and when she got to the party, she attained a knowledge which death was the only way out. Anna left the city, pregnant with Dante's child, where she changed her identity and became a successful lawyer with the help of Elvis who was the only one that knew about Abby and Anna. for four years, Anna lived as Elvis fake wife, a mother to her son and a lawyer. she watched the bernade family grow as she planned to avenge Abby's death. Dante and Anna met again as a lawyer and client, Dante was surprised to see his Anna's face but couldn't prove she was the one since she remained strictly professional and she had a new name. slowly, everything started going wrong with their operations. Dante suspected Anna so he put a tail on her which was when he found out she had a son had striking similarities with him, he tries everything to prove she is Anna while she does everything to bring doom to the bernade family . with the broken trust, broken hearts and a passion for revenge. which do you think will prevail? I will call this sorrowful love.

Chapter 1

Anna's pov

"Are you going clubbing again?" I said glaring at Abby. That's totally Abby, very sassy, rude, rather cumbersome and mischievous. the total opposite of me even though we are identical twins, sometimes I get lost in thoughts pondering on how she does a good job at drinking, smoking cigarettes, changing boyfriends almost every week with my f*ck*ng identity. yeah, my identity, Anna not Abby and there is nothing I can do about that. I am always the bad guy if I make an attempt to step in or point out the wrong. however the hell people believe we are the same person, I am still in shock because the difference are too clear.

"nope, not clubbing. I am going to the bernade opening party" she said grinning wildly

" hell no, I can't let you do that. Dante is going to notice immediately"I said with a frown

" come on Anna, just let me go for this one, I am sure you are going to be invited to more since you seem so serious about him. well I do hope. the feeling is mutual "she said nonchalantly. I feel like slapping that mouth that is moving carelessly. this is the attitude she decided to pick up'the I don't give a f*ck 'person . even though I felt anger growing up in me , I tried my very best to smile. what's up with her , why is she being this way today? she have never asked to interfere in my life this way and vise versa.

"why do you insist on going? we agreed not to interfere in each other's lives and how did you know about the party? I certainly did not mention it to you" I said getting irritated by the conversation. I hate having unnecessary arguments, especially with Abby .

"interfere in each other's lives?" she repeated sarcastically "oh give me a break, you have lived most of my life, and when I ask for a little of yours, you act as if thought I am telling you to cease existing" she added pointing at me accusingly.

" absolutely not possible. please try and understand. I haven't even told Dante that I have an identical twin "I said trying to reason with her.

" this is how it has always been. you always get the good things, I am hidden from the world while the whole world knows you 'Annabelle Spencer' . they know the both of us as you. "she accused raising her voice.

" that was our parents doing not mine "I pointed out matter of factly. our parents were both doctors who strived for perfection, not to be known with any flaws,they hid away the imperfect Abby who was diagnosed with type2 diabetes and even went as far as registering her dead. They showed the world Annabelle, whom they shaped to their satisfaction or rather should I say not to their satisfaction but fate was on our side taking their lives in a car accident. they chose what I should wear, eat, the people I can associate with, even studying law wasn't my decision but I started enjoying it.

"well we are orphans now, let me enjoy your life a little "she said eyeing me.

" why exactly do you want to go, I mean you don't even know anyone there. you haven't answered me , how did you know about this party? "

" oh come on, I don't need to know anyone to enjoy myself, some real expensive wine and professionally made desserts probably worth millions yeah? and Elvis told me about the party" she said with a shrug.

Elvis is the only one who know about Abby and I. In summary, he found out a day before we lost our parents which they weren't aware of if not Abby and I will be in for some big trouble. I explained the situation to him after we lost our parents in an unexpected car accident the following day, he played along , helped us a lot as we were not used to living without rules and authority and kept it a secret as it should be because it is going to cause a lot of trouble.

Our parents were complete sociopaths, that I can't deny.

"oh, d*mn Elvis and that mouth of his" I said looking around the room defeated .

"but still......."

"No need for any hesitation" Abby cuts me off "it was also all over the news, bernade palace opening and this bernade guy seems pretty loaded huh?"she added as her face lit up.

" this is what I don't like, this is what I am avoiding. I love dante genuinely not his money or rather his father's money and just because we are identical twins doesn't mean I am obliged to share my man with you" I pointed out getting a bit annoyed

"of course I know , I am not that cheap to want my sister's man. I promise Anna, I will stay away from him, not even a peck on the checks or a hug" she said holding my hand with a bright smile.

" why are you being so sensitive? "she added releasing my hand , walking away.

" I think I am pregnant Abby, I have been feeling a bit sick and different so I bought a pregnancy test kit last night and it came out positive. "I I called after her almost in a whisper. she stopped right on her track turning around with a surprised look.

" you sure? oh my God "she said running her finger through her hair" I am going to be a d*mn aunt, is Dante aware? "she asked suddenly looking worried.

" not yet, I was planning on telling him at the party but I guess I will have to postpone that yeah? "

" that means I am going right? I love you so much Anna "she said cheerfully

" but you ain't thinking of going there in this dress right? "I said trying my best time suppress my laughter.

"not that I have a choice than to change with the expression you have on"

" how do I look?" Abby asked after a while .

she wore a milk colored off shoulder gown with a silver heels. she straightened her hair letting it drop over her shoulder elegantly. she whirled dramatically.

"totally Anna " I said as we both burst into laughter

"I'd be on my way then" Abby said picking up her evening purse walking towards the door.

"don't over do it , be careful" I warned

"sure" I heard faintly as the door. was shut behind her.

I hope she will be fine, I had a bad feeling about this. I thought laying down on the bed , falling fast asleep.

Chapter 2

Aurora's pov

It was almost time, 30minutes left on the clock until it struck 8pm. staring at my reflection in the mirror, I smiled faintly. midnight blue silk, I took a great deal of time and gave a great deal of though to choosing the right dress for the opening of the bernade's palace, after all, Dante, the first son of emiliano bernade is going to be there. sqeee!

The deep blue silk appealed toe because of it's clean, elegant lines and lack of ornamentation. after a thorough debate, I slipped into it. I draped subtly over my curves, my reflection satisfied me.

"like what you see? I know I don't!" a voice sneered sarcastically from behind me. I whirled my head to come face to face with the 'shameless bitch' which is what I call her.

Bria Aldini -the cousin of bianca and eduardo Aldini, she is also known as my enemy from day one. I hated her but I couldn't deny the fact that no matter how fake Bria was, she was


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