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  • Author: Namaz
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Annabelle Spencer. that's what the whole world knew the twin sisters Anna and Abby as, their parents were doctors who strived for perfection. they hide away the imperfect Abby who was diagnosed with type2 diabetes and shaped Anna into the perfect child. After 20 years of craziness, both parents died in a car accident. Anna studied law at college with their parents life insurance money while Abby followed bad company using Anna's identity. Anna's life took a turn when she encountered Dante bernade, the first son of a mafia lord. Anna was treated well by Dante's family until the opening of the 'bernade's palace' party which Abby insisted on going, accusing Anna of stealing all the good things life had to offer. of course,Abby got her way, dressing as Anna and when she got to the party, she attained a knowledge which death was the only way out. Anna left the city, pregnant with Dante's child, where she changed her identity and became a successful lawyer with the help of Elvis who was the only one that knew about Abby and Anna. for four years, Anna lived as Elvis fake wife, a mother to her son and a lawyer. she watched the bernade family grow as she planned to avenge Abby's death. Dante and Anna met again as a lawyer and client, Dante was surprised to see his Anna's face but couldn't prove she was the one since she remained strictly professional and she had a new name. slowly, everything started going wrong with their operations. Dante suspected Anna so he put a tail on her which was when he found out she had a son had striking similarities with him, he tries everything to prove she is Anna while she does everything to bring doom to the bernade family . with the broken trust, broken hearts and a passion for revenge. which do you think will prevail? I will call this sorrowful love.


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