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Entangled with the mafia boss

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In the labyrinthine streets of Naples, Aubrey Arthur harbored a hidden secret beneath her warm smile. Fate took a wicked turn when she crossed paths with Lorenzo Massimo, a formidable Mafia Boss, in a passionate one-night stand. Lorenzo couldn't forget her for five long years, his heart stolen by this enigmatic woman. Destiny reunited them in a high-stakes casino, where Aubrey's mother's debts risked their lives. Lorenzo emerged as an unlikely savior, paying off the debt, but his motives were far from selfless; he sought Aubrey as his mistress. Aubrey rejects Lorenzo’s request, her claim of a boyfriend named Derek, proved to be her undoing as Derek, swayed by Lorenzo's offer, abandoned her, deepening her resentment for the Mafia Boss. Caught in a web of emotions and debts, Aubrey faced a daunting choice – become Lorenzo's mistress or escape the Mafia's clutches. As crises mounted, her decisions shaped her destiny, leading her down a treacherous path of intrigue and passion. In the heart of Naples, a thrilling tale of power, desire, and danger unfolds.

Chapter 1


Omaha, Nebraska.

I gazed at the cigarette that dangled between my fingers, watching the fragile ashes crumble and fall away. If only I could make him talk, if only I could force the truth from his treacherous lips. He was here to spy on me during my precious five-day vacation, and the thought gnawed at me as I found myself dragged into work even when I was far from my office.

With a swift, controlled kick to his chest, he crumpled to the ground, gasping in pain. My anger, though momentarily appeased, still raged within me. "You're going to tell me who sent you," I growled, seizing his collar and yanking him upright. His face was a mess, swollen and bloody.

I didn't care about the state he was in. My knuckles met his chin in a sharp, punishing punch. A gush of blood appeared and began to trickle down his bruised torso. He cried out, tears streaming down his battered face, but I couldn't muster even a trace of sympathy.

He fell backward, closing his eyes, but his sobs continued, and my frustration intensified.

"I don't think this guy's working for anyone," Miles interjected, standing beside me. With a sigh of irritation, I shoved my blood-stained hands into my suit pocket.

"Either he talks, or he dies," I declared, moving toward a nearby basin to rinse the man's blood from my knuckles, which had splattered onto my white shirt. A frustrated groan escaped me as I discarded my blazer and shirt onto the ground.

"Clean up the mess," I ordered, and strode away, leaving the man to his fate. My men knew what I meant, and before I reached my room, a gunshot rang out.

In my bathroom, I washed the evidence of that brutal encounter from my body, relishing the soothing sensation of the water against my skin. I leaned against the bathroom wall and sighed. This was a first for me, my enemies discovering my whereabouts when I had only just arrived in Nebraska.

I suspected Lucio's involvement in this; he had always sought my demise. Even after he had brought down my father and Miles's parents, it seemed he still hungered for my death, aiming to inherit everything my father and I had worked so hard for. Did he truly believe I was naïve enough to let him seize what rightfully belonged to me?

If I discovered his hand in this, I would ensure he received the punishment he deserved. I cared not how powerful he was; the Massimo family was unbreakable and resolute.

Emerging from the shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and left those thoughts behind, determined to hit the beach. As I entered my room, Miles awaited me with a concerned expression.

I dismissed his look and headed for the closet. Miles was the gentle one, the compassionate soul, who had been with me since childhood, and we were inseparable. "That was rather brutal," he began, pointing towards the door.

I chuckled softly as I dried my body with a small towel and tossed it into the laundry basket. I opened my closet and picked out my beach attire. "You should be used to it by now," I replied, pulling on a black short-sleeved shirt, boxer shorts, and knee-length shorts.

He paced the room, his frustration evident. "How am I supposed to get used to witnessing such brutal acts?" he snapped.

I gathered my belongings and approached the door, determined to carry on with my beach excursion despite being under surveillance. "You're the son of a Mafia boss, Miles," I said, urging him to accept the harsh realities of our world.


Half an hour had passed since the morning's chaos, and I found myself on the beach. Miles's warning to keep a low profile echoed in my mind, but I refused to cower. I was here to relax, not to hide from some insignificant pest who couldn't hold a candle to my wealth and power.

It would take me mere minutes to track down my adversary and put him in his rightful place, even if it meant ending his life.

I settled into a beach hammock, my attention shifting from the attractive women who waved in my direction to the rhythmic crashing of the ocean waves. It felt as if I were bathing in the salty scent of spring sunlight, as the morning's first rays injected vitality into my very fingertips.

Today was a day to keep my eyes wide open, like an old-fashioned camera waiting for the image to develop.

I heaved a contented sigh, reclining further and lacing my hands beneath the back of my head. I cherished the seaside, a luxury rarely indulged in back in Italy. It was hard to savor such moments when you were constantly under the shadow of danger and surveillance.

"Hey, handsome."

The unfamiliar voice snapped me from my reverie, and I recognized her type—a low-cost lady seeking even a sliver of attention. I groaned softly, opening my eyes and fixing my gaze on the woman who blocked the sunlight. My sunglasses hid my expression as I scrutinized her from head to toe. She possessed the kind of figure that graced the covers of bikini store magazines; her stunning beauty was impossible to ignore.

Sensing my gaze, she bit her lower lip and flipped her blonde hair provocatively, giving me an ample view of her ample assets. I clicked my tongue and leaned back, closing my eyes.

She spoke in a sultry tone, attempting to entice me, but I remained unfazed. I simply wanted peace and quiet, an escape from the chaos. If only she knew who I was and the danger that came with loving me, she might have run for her life. Anyone who dared to love me understood that their life was at risk and that they'd have to lead a reclusive existence once our relationship became public.

She tried to occupy the hammock next to mine, but I stopped her firmly. "You're so dull and unimaginative that you fail to grasp that I'm not interested, and you're far from my type. Leave before I have my men escort you out, and they're not the gentle kind."

She recoiled, furrowing her brows, her exasperation and Colleenoyance evident. My words had been venomous, and she likely hadn't encountered a man as ruthless and arrogant as me before.

"Jerk!" she spat and departed.

A sigh of relief escaped me as she left, and I leaned back. I massaged my temple, feeling the headache and irritation settle in as more women approached, seeking my attention. This was precisely why I avoided public outings and ensured my home in Italy had everything I needed to avoid such nuisances.

My disgruntled gaze wandered when, amidst the sea of flirtatious advances, I laid eyes on the most exquisite figure I had ever seen. She leaped gracefully, her form captivating, and my heart quickened. Her physique was perfection, slender and elegant, with a slim waist and radiant fair skin. Her arching brows framed sparkling eyes, and her heart-shaped lips beckoned. Her raven-black hair flowed like a cascade, a mesmerizing sight.

Without a doubt, I had found my future wife on this Alaskan beach. I wasn't going to let her slip through my fingers. She was perfect for me, exuding an air of indifference toward social conventions that I found irresistible.

Two insufferable ladies stood in my path to reach her, and my irritation flared. "For f*ck’s sake, get out of my sight, you low-cost gold diggers!" I pushed them aside, but by the time I reached the volleyball court where my dream woman had been, she was gone. I frantically scColleened the beach, but she had vanished.

How could I have let my future slip away in a mere moment?


"How long did you say you were going to remain in Omaha?" Lydia inquired, slurry. She scratched her temples, attempting to concentrate but found it difficult after so many booze she had taken

"I just have a week until I return home. This is the fourth time you've asked me the same question, Lydia. You're inebriated and need to go home..."

"No... no, you're inebriated." Her eyes closed as she dropped her head over the bar table.

I sigh as I stare at her for a minute. Lydia is my only female friend, whom I have grown with together with Miles. She is beautiful and has a seductive body, but one or two things I dislike about her was how vicious and rude she could be at times. To others, not to me. She would never breach my boundary. She knows how good I am with punishment to people who cross my line.

I sip my drink in one go and set the glass cup down, ready to call it a night.

I get on my feet after paying the bill. I was sober but exhausted. Every inch of my body ached because after the beach, I had to deal with another sh*t again. I’m not about to go back to my guest house so I head to a hotel and book a room.

I finally made it to my suite and slumped on the king-sized bed the instant I walked in, as all my energy appeared to have gone.

When I closed my eyes, the first thing that sprang to my mind was the girl I had seen earlier at the beach. "F*ck," I curse lowly as I got off the bed and head to the bathroom to refreshen up before going to bed.

I could feel the arousal between my legs whenever she crosses my mind and what I would do to her if I was to have her for the night. I can’t agree more that she is hot and attractive.

I have never desired to be with a girl like I wanted to be with her. Her thoughts excites me and I don’t even know why. This is not like me to be head over heels about a girl I merely met but she was different. She looks different. She even feels different from the other ladies I’ve had in my life.

I slid into my bed and shut out the lights. After a few minutes, I rummaged around his bed for my phone and called a number as soon as I located it.

I speak into it. "Don't f*cking waste my time, or I'll change my mind and call someone else." I abruptly terminated the call. I may as well f*ck the one who is accessible if I can’t obtain the girl I want.

The door to my room swings open in less than five minutes, and a lady of ordinary height storms in tipsily. I could hear her humming and muttering a song I don’t recognize.

She couldn't see what was in the room as it was so dark. She leaped on the bed, dropping her purse and shoes on the floor and whining herself to sleep.

"You've already arrived...” I don’t waste time and jumped on top of her. I crush our lips together, making her to moan and run her delicate fingers in my wavy black hair.

As I prolong the kiss, I grab her left boob and pinched her nipple. She moaned into my mouth and I loved that she just did that. It’s obvious that she loved what I just did.

"Touch me everywhere," she moaned crossly, arching her back against my hand. I couldn't keep us waiting much longer. Her eyes rolled back into her head as two of my fingers pushed into her folds.

As my tongue flashed over her, I started a steady beat, and she couldn't stop her hips from rising to meet my thrusts. Oh God, she was riding my hand and drowning my face with everything she had.

That had to be bad. She tried to stop herself, but she couldn't.

She got her hands tangled in my hair. Her body curled tighter, gripping at my fingers, which had become so wet that she could hear the slick noises every time I thrust back into her.

"F*ck me, very hard!" She screams. She was wet and open, beckoning me as she opened her legs and reached down to grab my manhood. "Hard, please," she moaned against my ear and it made my erection even harder.

I lose the shorts and thrusts into her, causing her head to bounce back against the pillow as I thrusts in and out… hard like she requested.


As the relentless throbbing in my head made itself known, I gently opened my eyes, greeted by the soft, white-gold morning light. I sighed, wearily sitting up, and massaged my throbbing temple. I'd never felt this drained in my life, likely because of the whirlwind of events from the previous day.

Turning to face the petite figure in my bed, my heart sank instantaneously as her face came into view. It was as if my jaw had plummeted to the floor, my lips parting in disbelief. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at her, my emotions a turbulent storm. My body seemed to freeze, leaving me barely able to breathe.

It’s her—the girl from the beach, the one who had vanished yesterday, leaving me baffled and in pursuit. And now she was in my bed. Did I sleep with her last night?

It was no wonder that it had felt so unlike my usual encounters with other women. This was something else, something entirely unique and different in the most spectacular way.

I reached out to touch her, but my phone interrupted the moment with an intrusive chime. I cursed under my breath and hastily rose from the bed, making my way to the bathroom to answer the call.

"D*mn it," I muttered as I spoke into the phone, "I apologize for being late; I'll be there in thirty minutes," before abruptly ending the call, not bothering to hear the response. I jumped into the shower for a brief rinse before returning to the room.

She was still peacefully asleep, and a warm smile touched my lips. My heart was brimming with a newfound feeling. Finally, it seemed, my wish was about to come true.

I slipped into the same clothes I'd worn the day before, realizing I hadn't plColleened for an overnight stay. I'd have Miles fetch me some essentials on his way to meet me at the company where I was set to sign a billion-dollar deal.

Before I departed, I scribbled a note on a piece of paper and left it on the bedside table, along with my card. I gazed at her for a few moments, then pressed my lips softly to hers for a brief, lingering kiss before making my exit.

Chapter 2


As the soft, morning sunlight filtered through the curtains, I stirred in an unfamiliar room, trying to make sense of my surroundings and what had transpired. This was definitely not my room; I couldn't recall booking a suite or even being in the right hotel.

Heavy drinking was not my usual practice, but last night had been a wild exception. After Colleen dragged me to the club, my memory was nothing but a blur. I could vaguely recollect leaving Colleen behind and hailing a cab. The next thing I knew, I had found my way into a hotel lobby. Perhaps, in my inebriated state, I had pushed the wrong floor button on the elevator...

Suddenly, clarity struck like a bolt of lightning, and I sat up, wide-eyed, as the pieces of the puzzle snapped into place. I had indeed selected the wrong floor on the elevator, stumbling into the suite level. Desperation must have led me to try all the doors on that floor until I found this one unlocked.



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