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Enamoring my cousin

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Ana was in love with Leonardo since she was a little girl. He himself never had feelings for Ana, whom he saw more as an older sister. Since they were both raised as siblings. Ana always spied on him from her window; she could see how he always talked to a different woman in front of her house. Ana decides to forget him, meeting other people. Leonardo eventually realizes that he begins to feel annoyed to see Ana with someone else. Ana does not understand Leonardo's behavior, since he was always seeing different women. Ana knows that she is not her parents' daughter, she was adopted when she was a little girl. Leonardo has no idea of the truth. He feels guilty, when he accepts for himself: he has feelings for his cousin. He feels fear, disgust and regret. But Ana has no idea of his feelings; she decides to forget him and meet someone else. When Leonardo can no longer bear the love he feels for his cousin: he kisses her without caring about anything else, he discovers that she is not his blood cousin. He feels relieved, although partly betrayed by his whole family, who were never able to tell him the truth. He, after a while, decides to forgive Ana and her family. They start a relationship, which is frowned upon by everyone and annoys Ana. Ana can no longer bear the pain that others cause her, but decides to continue with the love she feels. When they both go to college, things improve for them. Nobody bothers her anymore, and they decide to get married, since they love each other very much.

Chapter 1

"It's very nice when it's decorated," Ana commented sincerely.

Leonardo turned.

"Yes, she's prettier now," he said and he didn't even understand why he said those words.

Ana, I look at him with a raised eyebrow without really understanding what he was referring to.

But he himself, apparently was referring to her. Ana, he didn't understand. But I simply enter to continue helping. They talk to me about how he was preparing some pizza dough. They already wanted pizzas like empanadas and other things. Since, Leonardo would invite all of his classmates, so he would need a lot of food.

Sigh, it seems most practical. Plus they wouldn't have to wash so many dishes and it was a barbecue Ana.

In order to help, she began to cut an onion; to prepare the sauce that would go on top of the pizza.

Leonardo, watch from afar. He was wearing a long dress, which reached his knees and was gray in color. Ana coma suffered a lot from the heat.

For this reason, she was always wearing dresses, flip”flops and she always walked simply.

More than anything and at that moment, she couldn't miss receiving the warmth of her sighs from her and at that moment all she wanted to do was to be able to forget about the thoughts she had of her.

He didn't understand, because at that moment he had been watching his cousin. Neither understood, because her cheeks.

They turned red. And why suddenly her ears... They became so hot.

It was not the presence of his cousin, he turned and left ready to help with something else.

Ana, keep chopping onions with those eyes filled with tears.

Sigh, the moment of her all she wanted to do was to be able to continue.

"You have it, I'm taking it from my son," adorn commented out of nowhere, and Ana looked at him in surprise without expecting those words from her uncle.

"I don't know... I don't know what you're talking about," he said a little awkwardly.

"Well, he was like a fool looking at you." Now you know, that he knows that...

Maybe in part, he's getting it wrong.

In the same way we were always raised as a family.

“I know you love him, I know you've always been in love with him.

"But it doesn't make any sense anyway." That is to say the opposite. I mean, I know that he feels what I feel, but he doesn't have to feel the same way about me because I feel.

"But I think he does have feelings for you," I say honestly with Ana.

She continued chopping onions. With her eyes that filled with tears. But they did it because the juice of it had made him cry.

Because he was crying. When he went back to get some things Leonardo, he could see Ana with tears in her eyes.

I didn't quite understand what was happening to her. How he approached a little worried. Hernán, he had gone to look for more flour at the market. How had he run out of flour for pizza, period, Ana, how much he looked at her, she didn't quite understand why he was approaching like that.

Leonardo, he couldn't understand why Ana's eyes were full of tears. I don't doubt it for another second, he approached her side, lifted her feminine chin and hugged her.

<<Why is he hugging me..?>>

Ana, she did not understand very well why she had that Leonardo act.

Suddenly, she remembered that she had teary eyes and red cheeks. Hardly, he thought that she was suffering from something and not: it was from the onion.

"The pain will pass, Ana, I'm here," he commented and caressed her back.

She was going to retort something saying that she was like that because of the onion. She bites her lip trying not to laugh. Because she felt quite satisfied, in his arms.

She rested her face against her neck, she could feel the masculine scent against her nose. At that moment, she could feel her heartbeat as when she rested her ear on his chest.

She felt, quite pleased to tell the truth. Not even her, she could wait for that feeling that was sheltering in her chest.

But she can't take it anymore, Leonardo hears a laugh. Confused I look everywhere. Not understanding where she came from.

When he separated from Ana, he saw her laughing non”stop.

<< First she cries and then laughs? >>

"I was cutting onions silly," she commented and kept laughing, holding her stomach Leonardo frowned.

"I thought you were crying," he commented a little angrily and kept walking by her side.

Ana, she couldn't understand how he could have believed something like that.

<<It's more tender...>>

It is that he had hugged her to comfort her and in truth, she was not sad at all. Although now, after seeing Leonardo's disappointed face, some of her heart had broken.

She moved to her side, stopped laughing and took his hand.

"Thank you for worrying about me," she said simply.

He didn't say anything, just rolled his eyes and continued carrying glasses. He had accommodated a large plank, so that everyone could enter. There was also a large table next to it.

Brianna would then have to go with the empanadas, she who was in charge of the same. They also had to bring soft drinks.

But that will be bought by Anna with Leonardo. They had agreed that the boys did the shopping.

"I think... we should have gone to buy the flour," Ana commented.

Remembering that her uncle, she had run off terrified as if she had forgotten something, straight to the store to buy flour.

"Although it was easier to buy the pre”made pizzas," Leonardo said amused.

"You know it was Uncle Hernán: he's a first”rate stingy," Ana said amused and apart from the despite all the money he earned; he was always in the same condition.

The house, he had never painted it like the furniture. He still had them for 20 years, he detonated like that he was quite thrifty.

"Yes, I don't understand why he saves so much," Ana said honestly, worried about him.

She would like to see him with a happy family, surrounded by beautiful furniture in a garden with trees.

But it was the opposite, he was quite alone, with the house falling apart and the garden without even grass.

Leonardo, sigh. Afterwards, he went out so he could shop. But from one moment to the next, he had Ana next to him.

"Weren't you making the sauce...?" She”she wanted to know the point.

“But turn it off, then I'll continue with it."

Leonardo, he rolled his eyes. But he didn't say anything, he got in the vehicle running, and then they sped off in the direction of the store. They have to buy a lot of packs of beer, soft drinks and so on. That... It would take work.

They would have to load, for that reason, he would request, that the packs take them, directly in a truck.

This would avoid the inconvenience of coming and going several times. Because in the vehicle, no more than two packs of soda would enter. I sigh, as soon as they arrived at the store. Leonardo got out and she stayed in the vehicle.

She liked the idea of being able to accompany them. A part of her is looking forward to it tremendously, to know that she could accompany him to the stores. He could accompany her and the different places for her, he was a kind of lucky charm.

For this reason, she wanted to accompany him in all possible places.

When she saw him get in, she didn't say anything about starting the vehicle, they headed back to her father's house.

Upon arrival, she could see that Hernán's vehicle was there again. they entered, and her father was indeed cooking the pizzas. Surrounded by flour, and rolling pins.

She went back to the kitchen, lit the fire and kept stirring the onion, when she saw that it was already a little done, she put the sauce on and then covered it slightly.

She stayed by her side, observing that the would not lack for anything as many pizzas as she had to make in a large pot. If not, she would have used one of the smaller ones so she could make the pizzas. When she was done with the sauce, she turned off the heat and just stepped away from her. She went looking for Leonardo as if to see what else to do herself. But she stayed still, because there was someone who had taken her place. A woman, truly pretty as she was, was holding his arm.

She flirted with hers, her locks falling gracefully on each side of her body. They had her hand wrapped around one of them and the other, which was free of hers, was holding onto Leonardo's arm.

Himself, she didn't do anything she just stood there. As she moved closer to her side over and over again. He hadn't seen her arrive. For that reason he had greatly surprised her How to know that there was a girl at that time.

<< She she is... beautiful and he will never look at me... >>

Her jealousy made him turn around, just disappear >

At that moment, she feels a big lump in her throat and her eyes this time and they filled with tears. But, because she was very angry with her, she didn't understand why, as he was very happy there with her and she working in front of her.

Of course, Leonardo instead of helping her own birthday; she was enjoying with a girl get angry, she took her bag and just disappeared out the door.

She didn't want to see him, she didn't want to see how he was always with a different woman. She started to cry, she did and her eyes this time were swollen from crying. First because of the onion, then because of laughing and now because of pain. When she got home, how could I see her mother's back as she herself was preparing the empanadas.

And she just ran into the room. She didn't want to see anyone at the moment. All she wanted was to disappear and no one could ever find her.

With tears in her eyes with her heart a little more broken than before: she took refuge in her bed.

She took the blanket. She covered up her ears like her and she began to cry: she was tired... tired that Leonardo's attitude could never change.

She tired of always hoping that he could become different at some point in her life. But always, she managed to disappoint her, it was something that little by little was breaking her heart.

He sighed, trying to wipe the tears from her face, they were soaking the pillow. She turned the pillow over, closed her eyes to fall asleep. Although she knew, that she would not achieve the dream. But she surprisingly she fell asleep. On the other hand...

Rather, Leonardo was in front of the house, trying to get rid of the girl: who was his classmate.

She was flirting with hers, she didn't even care that he was with her father.

She hugged him, touched him in every possible way and she didn't move away from her.

"I have things to do," Leonardo commented emphatically.

The girl made a noticeable pout and to her surprise she kissed him.

She backed him against the wall, something she didn't expect and she started kissing him.

She also felt like a hand went straight to the forbidden place.

<<This girl wants to r*p* me...>>

Alarmed, he widens his eyes in surprise as if not expecting that attitude from the girl.

“ Marisa, you have a boyfriend."

“I'm Melisa, and yes, but that doesn't matter now. The important thing is that we love each other."

<<Who gave this girl a drink..?>>

"No... I don't want you," he said and pulled her away."

"But... I do," she said in a tender pout, and to Leonardo's surprise, he began to pull down the strap of her blouse.

"Seriously, I'm going to ask you to leave," Leonardo said, surprising the girl.

Soon, he realized that Ana was nowhere to be found. Ignoring the music, he simply started running in the direction of the kitchen.

"Have you seen Ana...?" Leonardo wanted to know.

"No, I think she went out the door to her house."

“ Thanks Dad."

He began to run towards the door, not understanding where Ana was.

He didn't get it, until he finally got to Briana's house.

He began to run, first going through the living room, then a large hallway that led to the pool, but Ana was nowhere to be found. He gave you the idea of going to the patio because she really liked being in contact with nature.

She loved it, sitting on that white bench for hours like, but she wasn't there either. Somewhat upset, worried: he decided to go upstairs as if to see if the rooms were there.

As soon as he turned almost back towards the entrance, he began to climb step by step in a hurry.

Until, that I hear a cry, coming from a room. Worried, he opened the door to Ana's room.

He entered, and he closed the door behind him. Ana, he hadn't heard it; because she was drowning.

Deafened between her own crying.

“Are you OK..? He wanted to know, worried."

Ana, she was still crying, despite having changed the pillow.

They were feeling her pain, and she didn't care at all at the moment.

"I”I want you to go," she commented, surprising Leonardo.

"Did I do something to bother you?" Why are you like this?

"I just want you to go," he said again."

She kept crying, although this time in silence. Her heart ached, knowing that Leonardo would never notice her.

His heart ached.

Knowing that he would always find him with a different woman, and that he would always be there at every event. She couldn't take it anymore, she was tired of knowing that Leonardo was always with a different woman. Something that was slowly breaking her heart, before she accepted it without any problem. But now eating something that was tearing at her soul, little by little, and she couldn't take it anymore.

He himself looked at her curiously and she wanted to see him face to face.

He went around the bed, but he didn't walk, he climbed on top of it.

"You're heavy," Ana protested.

"I want to know what's wrong with you," he commented, after lying down in front of her.

He wiped away the tears, one by one Until he saw that she was no longer crying. Ana, she looked at him with swollen eyes as she had them so small that even she couldn't see his full body, Leonardo kept caressing the female face until he didn't see any trace of tears.

She flips her hair back like she's a girl and she's slicked it back. After her, he began to tuck her in, until he reached her neck.

I run my hand over his back and it just stays there. Without leaving her side.

The end

Chapter 2

He came out without much air of interest, opened the door and simply walked in.

Author's note: Thank you very much for reading Brianna's story, now I will start with Ana's in this book. Mostly so I don't keep you waiting another month long.

Thank you very much.

If you want to talk to me, I have my facebook: Giss Dominguez escritora.

“ ”Hi Ana, ”.

“ ”How did it go with the girl yesterday? “ ”I wanted to know with curiosity.

“ ”Well... I guess it went well because... “ ”

“ ”Nothing, just to ask you something," said Ana amused.

“ ”Well, that's fine,”.

He looked at her without understanding very well why she was asking him those strange questions.

He saw her more as if she were an aunt, because they were very old and she was kind of boring. That's what he thought, Ana had always been the reserved type of girl.

She'd never run away from home, she'd never had a bad grade in her w


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