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Don't Love the Big Boss

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KIKI. I hate Monday mornings or people who like Monday mornings. It's not supposed to be so hard to avoid it, but it is, cos I'm broke! Oh, let me rephrase. I'm poor. Life throws so much hardship at me, not even once did it decide to give me lemons so I can make some freaking lemonades! Well, until the big boss. Until him. Until us. GIOVANNI. Call me crazy but when I was a little boy, all I wanted to be was one of mother's numerous brand bags. As stupid as that may sound, that was the only dream I had. I've always fought for my family's love and acceptance since I was an outcast in there and when I was put on yet another mission to prove to them that I deserve their love, I took it. And now, there's a problem. I'm falling for her. Her. The one they'll never accept.

Chapter 1: Brothers and Bullies.

Twenty Years Ago.


When I woke up, I found myself in cage. Looking up, I saw that my friends or so I thought, had surrounded me. They looked very happy to see me struggling to move around in the little cage they had placed me in.

"G... Gaston! Please. I don't like this kind of play." I pleaded, stretching my little hands out through the railings. My eyes were starting to water as I struggled harder to get hold of my elder brother's fabric like my life depended on it.

"And who said we were playing? You are a slave, slaves belong in cages and dirt. Stop whining." He replied as our friends- his friends cackkled like he had just cracked the funniest joke of the century. 

"But... but... we..  we are brothers." I stuttered out, almost choking on the word, 'brothers.'

"Not by choice but by force. Call us brothers again and next time would not be a cage but a large river. Let's go, guys."

Gaston concluded as he began to walk towards the path that led out of the woods, one I was never familiar with no matter how hard I tried to, his friends followed as they all chatted away. Tears began to fall down my face as I watched their silhouettes disappear. 

We were sent to summer camp to mix with people from another part of the world and have more knowledge about how relationships between people were since we had always been indoors and home schooled all our lives. We lived in the coven of our large house acting like we were just a normal billionaire family to the public even though behind closed doors, we were one of the biggest Mafia families.

There were several families like ours in the Italian society and we all knew each other and had meetings frequently. Father was the boss of all, and according to the history we were taught, he had overthrown the former Mafia boss in a sneaky way and then took his place. Other Mafia families feared him due to the fact that he was a very dangerous man. He owned numerous businesses, both legal and illegal. He also inherited a popular label named after the family name, Callisto, one that he had succeeded in establishing to over twelve countries around the world after grandfather was murdered.

The callisto label was actually what the people of the public knew our family for. The label was known for manufacturing fashion luxury goods. lifestyle accessories, furniture, fragrances, watches, jewelry, ready-to-wear, lingerie, shoes, heels, cosmetics and many more. Its product lines include handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories, makeup, fragrances, and home decoration. Callisto label was founded in 1901 by Alessandro Callisto, our grandfather.

Now, coming to united states for summer camp was supposed to be a whole new experience and one full of good memories for me but Gaston being the bully that he was had succeeded in turning most of the kids against me by fabricating lies and spreading stories about me. We were both popular as soon as we walked through the gates of the camp, partly due to the limousine that dropped us off and the other part due to the fact that we were the only Italians. I remember a kid asking me why we had come all the way from italy just for summer camp and I only kept mute, not wanting to tell her that father just wanted us to be faraway from home and learn to be on our own. To him, it was some kind of training we had to undergo to become men as he had put it.

I remained seated in the uncomfortable cage, hoping that Gaston would have a change of mind soon and come to unlock the cage. I heard a little rustling coming from the dried leaves on the ground as I immediately looked up to see a girl around my age coming towards me with a confused look on her face. As she moved closer, her familiarity hit me, she was the same girl who had asked why I came all the way to United states from Italy for summer camp. She had told me that her name was Kiki.

"Oh my God, are you okay? Did your brother do this to you again?" She questioned, her voice laced with utmost concern as she began to look around for what she could use to open the cage. It wasn't news that Gaston bullied me, although most of the kids and adults saw it as normal sibling playful rivalry.

After a while, she finally succeeded getting me out of the cage.

Ever since then, we became friends, she would always stand up for me whenever Gaston and his friends tried to bully me and we did almost everything together. Then Gaston began to make the kids bully her too for hanging out with me and always standing up to him, but she didn't mind. 

Few days to the end of camp, she was accused of stealing some amount of money from the finance master, a total of five thousand dollars. She kept saying she didn't do such a thing but when her bag was searched, they had found the money in it. She was to face the panel the next day when we both overheard Gaston and his friends talking a night before that day.

"Did you see her face when they found the money in her bag, it was so hilarious. We did such a good job, Nate, I hope that will teach her to always mind her business and to know whose path she shouldn't cross." Gaston said as he laughed.

"Right? It's even more believable since she looks as poor as a church rat anyways." Nate added as they all burst into another fit of laughter.

Kiki and I exchanged looks before she decided to make her presence known, "Looks like your secret is out, Gaston." She said as she walked towards them.

Gaston looked surprised but was able to mask it quickly, " and who's going to tell?" He asked smiling mischievously.

"Me." Kiki replied with so much confidence.

"Oh, nobody's going to believe you, Stronza. Vaffanculo!" Gaston cursed at her in Italian language as I shook my head while still hiding in the shadows. Father had always warned him not to use those words, they meant *ssh*l* and go f*ck yourself respectively.

"Speak in English, idiot. And of course they would especially since I've got an additional witness!" She replied as she pointed at me. And then she stormed off, probably to report the situation to the adults. Gaston stomped towards me and then he dragged me by my collar.

The next day, Kiki and I were summoned, so were Gaston and his friends. She narrated all that she heard the previous night to the adults, looking towards me at intervals as if expecting me to back her up, but I was so scared to even look at anybody's face.

"She's lying, she's such a liar. She's trying to frame me up for something that she obviously did. I mean, you know me, you know who my father is. Why would I steal, my parents can give me way more than that." Gaston defended himself shamelessly.

"It's not about the money, its about the fact that you just want to make me the thief. Even your brother knows that you're lying." Kiki retorted.

"Really? Giovanni, we are going to depend on you to get to the end of this matter. Did you and kiki really hear Gaston and his friends talking about stealing the money just to frame kiki up like she said?" One of the adults seated directed at me while I struggled not to meet any of their eyes.

"She...she..." I then looked up only to meet my brother's eyes, he smiled mischievously at me as if daring me to throw him under the bus. The memory from the night before came rushing, "remember what dad always told us, family over friends, family over girls, family over everything. If he discovers that you did otherwise, imagine how angry he'd be at you." 

And then I answered, "She's lying."

Chapter 2: Mondays and Idiots.


I don't like Monday mornings or people who like Monday mornings.

Do I also hate my jobs? Heck yes. But do they afford me the ability to go on lavish vacations and buy anything I want? Also, no. Now, will I stop doing these jobs? Absolutely not! I mean, there's no job anywhere so I'll take what I get. It's not my fault, I just do not like stress. It's really not me, it's just how I was born. But then, this world? My reality? All it ever throws at me is stress and hardships not even a single lemon so I can make some freaking lemonades!

"Oh my God! It looks like we are throwing a freaking party in here!" One of my coworkers exclaimed as I walked out of the restroom only to find more customers in the store.

It's not like this doesn't happen on clearance weeks but we still can't seem to get used to it despite experiencing it so many times.

"Well, if only boss here can do what's necessary


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