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Desire Swells

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Storm is the CEO OF THE FIRST BRANCH OF LEGACY COMPANY. To all his employees. He was Nasty and harsh. After his first love betrayed him, he was never happy, and he rarely smiled. People dubbed him the "devil without a heart", and no matter how many women or men he slept with, he couldn't stop thinking about his first love. His heart was filled with rage, and he despised fate for directing his life in this direction. Even his mother abandoned him while he was still a child with his brothers. He had to cope with his father's family, as well as brothers and people battling for power and fortune, and who would take over the company. Storm, on the other hand, was a clever person who knew how to handle situations. However, his life is shrouded in mystery and mysteries, and he doesn't want anyone to know about them. He's kept to himself for all these years. What happened to his family later on, what happened, when he employed a guy named Liam. But he couldn't resist his brown eyes and beautiful body. He needed to entice him and persuaded him to change his habits. Will Liam ever succumb to his demands, or will he betray him and reveal his secrets to the entire world? What happened when his first love returned. Storm was blinded by passion and desire, engaging in numerous encounters that tested his love in a variety of ways. They straddled the line between Love, Passion, and Friendship. One by one Storm's secrets are revealed.

Chapter ONE

"Sh*t Leo, go harder; I grumbled. He continued to shove himself inside me, going deeper and deeper before speeding up. My hands were wrapped around his neck as he held my hips with my legs wrapped around his waist.

'Babe you are so f*ck*ng sweet; he said seductively into my ears. 'Haa, you're sweet, too?' As he continued to drive inside me, I kissed him on the lips and he said. 'Would you like to release, babe?'

When I heard that, I grabbed my crotch and started stroking it while moaning, hoping to release myself as well. This is fantastic.

'You are so hot; Leo growled and bit my neck, then he blasted his wonderful release within me, I gasped and he s*ck*d my nipple while he was moaning.

I yelled as I shot my release on my stomach, and stroked myself so hard at that point.?

Leo took out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped my six packs clean.?

'Come down, Storm,' he pleaded, still gasping for air. 'Are you tired? Let's go for another round; I said. When I proposed it, he chuckled and opened his eyes wide. 'You've got to be kidding, this is the fourth round.' We are outdoors, on top of your car's front bumper, and anyone can see us through their window or from wherever in their house.' He explained, to me. I want more, you can't blame me for wanting more, he's so good at it.?

'I had no idea, you were so worried about it.' You forgot we were outside and we could get caught and you were such in a good mood ripping of my clothes.' I smirked. When Leo is in the mood for s*x, he doesn't care about his surroundings, but when he comes back to his senses, he instantly remembers we are in a public location, and that's how we know we are in that situation. Then he begins lecturing me, which thrills me on because he's gorgeous while doing so.?

'You were the one who got me in the mood by suggesting we do it outside for a change of scenery,' He defended himself. I rolled my eyes and came down with his sperms dripping down my *ssh*l* as I laughed. I went inside my house opening the door and left him there.

I heard Leo's footsteps as soon as I ran upstairs to use the restroom.

'Storm,' he yelled my name, which rang in my ears, I covered my ears with my hands and walked over to the stairwell, looking down above him.

'You are really loud,' I commented. He smiled as he looked up. 'Do you know how much I miss you?'?

'You just saw me a moment ago,' I joked, That doesn't matter right now,' he remarked as he ascended up the stairwell. He hugged and deeped kissed me on my lips before carrying me

?up to my room and laying me down on my bed.

He asked, 'Can I s*ck you?' I said, 'Seems like someone's horny.' He ignored me and knelt down on the floor with his knees bent, and dragged my legs over shoulders. I moved closer to him while holding my blanket on both sides and sitting up.

With the way he was staring at my crotch, it got me hard, then he opened his lips, s*ck*d the tip of my crotch and proceeded deeper. That was very hot, his mouth was still burning. He kept stroking it with his hand while sucking up and down at the same time. I screamed and grabbed his hair, 'Leo.' I whimpered, 'Leo baby,' and he kept going faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore. 'Babe, I'm about to c*m,' I gasped. He took a step back and said. 'How about we c*m together?' He was also stroking himself down there, I noticed. 'All right, now, baby.' I could feel his throat since he was moving quicker, so I yelled as I poured out my release in his throat, he moaned and came as well.

My name is Leo Alcantara, and I am the family's third son as well as the CEO of one of my father's businesses. People constantly find a way to cause me trouble and drag my name through the mud, despite the fact that I live a calm life and dislike trouble. I'm twenty five years old, the CEO of a large corporation, and self-sufficient. My dream is to travel around the world, but only if that dream comes true.

I purchased the malibu mega-House, a 27.5 million dollar mansion. It's a luxurious mansion, similar to a kingdom, and it's just what I'm looking for. It had eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, a spa, a Gym, a spacious living area with six white leather sofas, and a high-end dining table made of glass and gold. My kitchen is as beauitful as a Palace,? with a gigantic swimming pool outside with seven cars, three of them which are special editions.? The others, on the other hand, are a ferrari and a sport car that I adore. I'm six feet tall, with blue eyes and white hair that cascaded down my neck, white flawless skin and red lips.I have ten maids and a bulter named Sebastian who works for me.

I am a solitary individual, and, of course, I adore myself for it. Some, if not the majority, of friends and acquaintances and perplexed as to why I don't date women and get married. I have a? sneaking suspicion that my father will soon bring up the subject of marriage. I'm afraid I'm going to dissappoint him. Those are ancient stories,' I don't care what people think,' they should think for themselves before interfering in the affairs of others. That's how I do things.

I'm gay, and I've never liked or fallen in love with a woman. I consider them friends, but I do sleep with them on occasions, albeit it's not as satisfying as sleeping with a man. Some people may find this repulsive, but I don't mind,' I grew up this way and I never asked for it. I love men and that's something, nobody can undo.

Leo is also gay, but let's just call him bisexual because he sleeps with women sometimes. We have a lot of s*x, whenever he visits me and he is my brother but not blood related.

Chapter TWO

"Sir, do you want me to call Storm again to see if he's in the office?' The secretary said this while holding the files in her folded arms. Her blonde hair was pulled back into bun. She has a slender face, is attractive and she is also a little curvaceous. Her nails were also red, and she had smooth skin with red lipstick on her lips.?

?Standing very still in front of her boss, waiting for instructions.

'Yes, give him a ring to see whether he's still at work.' Richard said, his voice hushed. 'Yes, Sir?' The secretary named Elina gave her response.

Storm had always been a favourite of Richard's, not that he didn't care for his other sons. He adored them as well.

Richard was fifty-six years old. He was observant, kind, and rigous at times, and he was also brilliant. He was a man with a few white hairs on his head, a good looking man with a hint of red in his lips, and a muscular physique with a bulging stomach. Even though he was six feet tall, everyone adored


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