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Haley Barrie

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Desire Swells
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  • 7.5

Storm is the CEO OF THE FIRST BRANCH OF LEGACY COMPANY. To all his employees. He was Nasty and harsh. After his first love betrayed him, he was never happy, and he rarely smiled. People dubbed him the "devil without a heart", and no matter how many women or men he slept with, he couldn't stop thinking about his first love. His heart was filled with rage, and he despised fate for directing his life in this direction. Even his mother abandoned him while he was still a child with his brothers. He had to cope with his father's family, as well as brothers and people battling for power and fortune, and who would take over the company. Storm, on the other hand, was a clever person who knew how to handle situations. However, his life is shrouded in mystery and mysteries, and he doesn't want anyone to know about them. He's kept to himself for all these years. What happened to his family later on, what happened, when he employed a guy named Liam. But he couldn't resist his brown eyes and beautiful body. He needed to entice him and persuaded him to change his habits. Will Liam ever succumb to his demands, or will he betray him and reveal his secrets to the entire world? What happened when his first love returned. Storm was blinded by passion and desire, engaging in numerous encounters that tested his love in a variety of ways. They straddled the line between Love, Passion, and Friendship. One by one Storm's secrets are revealed.

The Outcast Alpha
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  • 7.5

Russell is an eighteen-year-old lad, who recently discovered his abilities as a werewolf, joined the pack, and found out why he was abandoned as a child. After suffering at the hands of humans and trying every single day to hide his powers. He's also a playboy, who loves to have sex and doesn't like commitment. Until one day, he came across his mate and rejected her.Mia is almost an eighteen-year-old girl, a beautiful lady who comes from a wealthy family and suffers from terrors, nightmares, horrors, and powers she had no clue about. Until she discovered, she was a witch, fated with two mates, who she didn't know was the right one for her and later on, she came across Russell as her mate and thought he was the right one. Unfortunately, Russell rejected her. Devastated and angry, she came across the other one and what happened when she came across her destiny and doom. Will she choose the right one and find peace and love? Or will she choose the wrong one and get killed with her neck hanging on a rope.Please, don't forget to leave a like and a comment, it will be my motivation in continuing this story. I will sincerely appreciate it if you do that.If you are not up to eighteen years old, please don't read this book.This book is filled with Sex scenes, horrors, terrors, betrayal, and other mature scenes and it's scary too.


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