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Defying The Billionaire's Command

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Feeling responsible for the pregnancy of a strange woman he had slept with wrongly, Christian decides to marry the woman. However, what if his will doesn't go as smoothly as he thought? Can he get Shena's love? Shena felt that the boss where she worked was not what others thought. There was a pretty eerie sense of existence from the cold man, capable of making her feel pain as well as yearning for his affection. Will Shena lose to the bad circumstances that corner her? Or was she able to survive any kind of pain that almost dulled her sanity?

Chapter 1

The hallway of the hospital seemed deserted, only one or two nurses passed in front of a young woman. Every time someone passed in front of her, the woman had an embarrassed face and quietly lowered her eyes calmly. As if her whereabouts didn't want to be known.

"Ms. Anderson."

Suddenly a woman's voice called a name and the young woman then got up from her seat. Without saying a word, the woman followed the nurse into the examination room.

Inside, a female doctor wearing glasses was sitting at her desk. The nurse in charge of ushering stood aside, listening silently and just moving if the doctor called.

Shena clutched both hands to divert nervousness. A pair of her eyes moved wildly as she waited for the doctor in front of her to speak. Obediently, she answered the doctor's question before she was told to lie down in the crosshairs.

A few minutes later after the examination, Shena turned paler on her face after hearing what the doctor said. She left from there with staggering steps. 

"Congratulations Madam, you are pregnant, three months."

Pregnant? Shena was very surprised. Out of the hospital, she was lost in thought, still unable to believe the reality she had just heard. Unconsciously her hand touched her flat belly which now had another life in there. 

B-but ... how could this be? In her confusion, she then remembered the incident a few months ago. On which she spent a one-night stand with a man. 

The room inside the hotel room looked dimly lit. The yellow light near the head of the bed reflected the silhouettes of two overlapping people on the bed.

Shena stared in a daze and did not focus on the man. Occasionally, she obeyed the orders of the strange man who was now on top of her body.

"You're not supposed to take stimulants just to satisfy me," the handsome man whispered in a low voice near the ear.

"I-I don't," 

"If not, then why is your body sensitive like this?" There was a sound of laughter from the strange man as the question back to being thrown out. And was answered by Shena with a long sigh as the skin of her neck was kissed again. 

Her whole body shook, a mixture of pleasure and fear as her last work uniform was taken off.

Shena who had a bad feeling as soon as her skirt was taken off, then stopped the man's hand from her. "Don't," she said sadly with tearful eyes.

She knew what would happen to her after this if they continued their activities. 

But even though she knew that everything felt wrong, she couldn't give a clear explanation to the man who had misjudged her as a prostitute.

Christian furrowed his brows, obviously not liking the rejection of the woman under him. "My secretary has already paid a heavy price for your body, and now you are not willing to serve me?"

Shena shook her head, "Sir ... You must have misunderstood--"

But before she finished her words, her mouth was swallowed by the man again. 

The pair of unfocused eyes widened in surprise, one hand that had been touching the man's chest struggling to push but his strength was nothing when compared to the adult man.

After her second hot kiss, Shena breathes a gasp and Christian begins to again give hard kisses on bare skin. Not care about the woman's moans and her cries as the rejection and honesty from the body in his arms teased him. 

That night an innocent girl lost her virginity because of the cunning schemes of her co-workers.

When Shena returned to reality, she was shocked by the reprimanding voice of others who had just almost hit her.

"If you want to daydream, don't be here. Already know the public road, but be stupid without a brain!"

"I'm sorry,"

Shena, who knew her mistake, could only apologize to the passerby who cursed her. She then continued her steps out of the hospital.

On the way to her apartment, a black sedan passed by her. Sitting in it was a man who a few months ago had spent the night with the woman.


A woman in her near fifties looked busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. The woman was unaware of the arrival of her eldest daughter who was now standing not far behind her.

Shena, who had just arrived home after spending her time in a public park, decided to go home when the sun began to set. 

"Mom...." She called softly with a smile. 

Hearing the familiar voice, Hera turned around. A motherly smile appeared on her thin face as she found the daughter had come home. "Shena, you surprised me. Why did you come home very early? Are your friend's birthday party over?"

This afternoon, Shena said to her mother about going to her friend's house who was having her birthday. Of course, the excuses she made were lies. Because there was no way Shena told the mother that she would go to the hospital to confirm her guess in a few days.

As Shena walked over and sat down on the chair, a sense of tightness hit her heart again. She desperately held back her tears as the desire to speak the truth about her pregnancy to the mother. But she as always had to swallow for herself all the sorrows and misfortunes she had experienced.

With the mother's poor health condition, she can't expose her pregnancy to the woman. 

Who could have guessed, that a good girl like her, who had never been a mess and was rarely involved with men would have to suffer such misfortune? Get pregnant outside of marriage. If her mother knew about it, not only disappointed, the possibility of her mother dying must have been inevitable.

Seeing Shena lost in thought, Hera poked at the daughter's forehead.


"What are you daydreaming about? Until not answering mommy's question?" Hera reprimanded Shena as she placed the hot soup on the table. 

The scent of chicken broth spread into the room and it made Shena's stomach turbulent, willing to vomit. 


"I-I need to go to the bathroom. Just a minute Mom," she said in a hurry before then leaving Hera alone in the kitchen.

Worried about Shena's unusual behavior, Hera followed Shena's steps which she saw had disappeared in the bathroom. The door closed tightly as she approached and the sound of running water could only be heard from her standing position.

"Shena, what's going on? You're okay right?" the woman asked worriedly.

Just as Hera was asking questions, a young man who was carrying a bag in his left hand called out. "Mom, what are you doing there?"

Hera turned around, her face looking anxious. She didn't hide her expression for the son to see. "There is your sister inside. I was worried about her because her face looked pale."

Edwin was stunned, back and forth he stared at the closed door and the mother. He suddenly remembered when he saw his elder sister had just been discharged from the hospital. And the room where his sister came out was the room where a patient intended to do a gynecological examination.

"Could it be?" thought Edwin with a bad feeling.

Chapter 2

It was already eight in the evening when the black car passed through the gate and parked in front of the entrance.

A handsome man wearing a neat suit came out of the passenger seat. His tall figure seemed to contrast with the old man who came out to greet him.

"Young Master, welcome home." greeted the old man politely with his head down.

"Is grandpa inside?" 

"The Great Master rests in his room, Young Master," the old man told as he trailed the young master's steps. 

When they got inside, Christian then instructed his assistant who had followed him to go home. 

"Then I've done my job today, President." 

Christian replied briefly, then walked up the stairs leading to his grandfather's room.

The luxurious house or bungalow that has two floors is in the city center. The location is an elite residential complex intended for retired businessmen and artists of the capital.

There a


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