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Dangerously Seductive

Dangerously Seductive

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Jasper Mills is on a mission to Sioux falls to apprehend a notorious syndicate there . This quest actually leads him to find true love , Belle Jones , who was supposed to be his contracted wife in Sioux falls. Belle Jones on the other hand had begun to fall in love with her fake husband against her wish , she was supposed to be living a simple life , or maybe more ... But as they say love is a distraction and instead of doing their jobs they were loving each other .. What sort of distraction will this dangerous Romance be for them?! And are they ready to loose it all for each other ?!.


Saturday 13th of August 2022

United States , Boston.

1:00pm ..,

"In order for you to take up the Sioux falls Case you have to be married " Officer Abani said to Jasper and Jasper immediately looked up at him irritated.

"Married ?!, What has my personal life Got to do with My Job?!"

"The Leader of the FBI at Sioux falls wants someone who is mature and responsible " Officer Abani replied.

"And how does that correlate to me being Married?!" Jasper fired back immediately.

Right from the start , since Officer Abani was transferred here he had hated his guts.

"Don't question me Jasper , it's what the Sioux Falls FBI want , " Officer Abani snapped.

"Then I guess, I'm no longer interested in the Case" Jasper replied.

"After all it isn't a do or die affair " he added in a murmur.

"What do you mean you are no longer interested, you're our best hand here and Sioux falls has decided to trust us with this , we can't disappoint!" Officer Abani growled.

"Then tell them your Best hand isn't married , they can either take it or leave it"

"As for me I'm willing to leave it!!" Jasper retorted.

"You will watch the way you talk to me !!" Officer Abani snapped immediately.

"I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but let me just remind you , I'm your boss " he growled.

"Yes sir " Jasper murmured in apology as he did a small salute.

"Good !" He retorted

"If you still need your job here , or anywhere in the whole of united States , then I suggest , you start looking for a wife "

"And it cannot be Emma " Officer Abani added immediately.

"What?!" Jasper exclaimed immediately , as his face wrinkled up in a tight from Immediately.

"Why not Emma?!"

"Because I said so!" He replied immediately.

Jasper and Emma had been friends since highschool, and now they were practically best friends.

The only friend each of them probably had.

They had similar fields of interest and we're quite alike , thus they bonded quite nicely.

After they left high school, they studied Criminal Justice together in New York University School of Law.

And now they work together as a  Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent (FBI Agent).

"Then how am I supposed to find a lady?!"

"I don't know , somehow , anyhow " He replied.

Jasper stared at him in the face for some seconds , if he had the opportunity to just reach out and squeeze out life from him , he definitely would take it.

He wasn't even interested in the Sioux Falls case , because it would require him to travel , why force him to do it.

"So if you're still interested in having your career intact , you would go out there and find a wife "

"Is that a threat sir?!"

"Yes it is , I'm threatening you Jasper " he replied.

"And mind you , I give you till Monday to do that , you leave for Sioux Falls on Tuesday " Officer Abani added.

"This is ridiculous " Jasper murmured under his breath.

"Excuse me?!"

"Nothing sir " he said as he stood up.

"Permission to leave?!" He said as he did a small salute.

"Granted" Officer Abani murmured .

"And take note , you can never at any point in time fall in love with this fake wife , she'll be a distraction"

"And you really don't need that right now!" Officer Abani said and Jasper rolled his eyes irritated by the fact that , his words were actually contradicting each other

"Ofcourse !" Jasper replied and he turned around and walked out.


8:00pm ...

"Do you realize you could actually have said no ?!" Emma asked immediately Jasper told her all of what transpired between him and Officer Abani.

He slowly turned to look at her , slightly vexed at what she just said.

"And you think I didn't say no?!, You know how annoying and imposing Officer Abani can be !"

"He threatened to end my career if I didn't find a wife and take up the Sioux Falls case "

"He was actually very interested in his own image than mine " he added.

"Jezzz" She exhaled.

"This is very ridiculous" she whispered

"Very," he added angrily.

"I so hate that man , I wish he had died instead" he said.

"What do you mean ?!" Emma asked looking up at him.

"Nothing " he replied and she sighed as she picked up her drink , took a sip and relaxed in her seat.

"That was why you decided we come to a club?!" She whispered.

"It's the only place we can find ladies to choose from" he replied.

"Yes , indecent and lousy Ladies " Emma retorted immediately.

"What happened to going to a church , there should be better girls there " she added.

"And which church girl will agree to leave her calling and marry someone she doesn't know , as if that not enough follow me to Sioux falls because of money?! "

"Obviously only a gold digger will do that ,and we'll find her here" he replied.

"Just be patient" He added.

She rolled her eyes as he picked up a drink from her table , sipped out of it and relaxed in her seat.

"Whatever " she replied.

Obviously Emma was really irritated by what was going on here,

Jasper and Emma were kind of in what the youths call situationship , anyone who sees them at first glance would most probably think they are in a relationship.

Because they did practically everything together and even lived together, but they weren't .

It is more of an undefined friendship , Emma is obviously smitten by Jasper but he only   saw her as just his best friend, and had no idea about her feelings or maybe he knew but decided not to see it.

As far as he knew she was a great friend and he intended to keep it that way .

And the fact that they were wife hunting for Jasper and he was going to leave Boston soon , with his newly found wife without her , was annoying the hell out of her.

Searching for a wife

2 hours Later ......

"This isn't working Jasper we should leave " Emma said after long hours of just seating fruitlessly.

" I'll drive" he whispered, as he stood up .

"Are you mad?!"

"After you refused to help me talk to a lady and discouraging me from talking to someone because they did not meet your weird standards , and now asking us to leave?!"

"Ofcourse I'm not mad" he replied.

"I'm sorry , Jasper but this is actually not making sense " she replied.

"I'm sure if we try again tommorow, we'll just find the perfect person" she added.

"Let's just go, it's getting late" he replied and she sighed as she stood up and followed him out .

Immediately they stepped outside , they heard a lady's loud voice , puking and crying.

"Eww, another wasted Life" Jasper sneered disgusted.

"We shou


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