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This story revolves around a young woman by the name of Victoria who sees her world fall apart by surprising her fiancé with his best friend in an un-Catholic position one (01) Month from their marriage. She realizes that this last one is make it a homosexual. Mad with rage at having been cheated on all her years, she lets herself be guided by alcohol by sleeping with the first one she comes across in a bar, a stranger she knows neither Adam nor Eve. . Two (02) years later when she has succeeded in making a name for herself, an image by marrying a famous lawyer, life decides to play another trick on her by bringing back this stranger who has neither more nor less than the twin brother of her current Husband .....

Chapter 1

❤❤❤ Victoria ❤❤❤

I'm very excited .... Today it will be three (03 years) that Marc and I have been engaged .... The wedding is in a month .... I'm finally going to move in with him .....J I was supposed to be in lion to take pictures for a model...But I quickly freed myself and came back to Paris so much to spend our anniversary together...The taxi driver drops me directly in the building de marc .... as I have the double of the keys .... I will prepare a very good surprise for him ..... Once I get into the design I am surprised to see his car and that D 'Eric his friend....I'm disappointed because my surprise won't be one anymore...I open the door...they're neither in the living room nor in the office, let alone in the kitchen. .... I take a step towards the stairs when moans attract my curiosity .... I silently climb the stairs .... the further I go the more intense the moans are .... my pulse quickens I almost faint when I see Marc on all fours on our read again being ridden by Eric .....

-Me: Ooooh my God

The tears were flowing....My scream made them turn around.....Marc gets up in a hurry....but I run to leave this house....I lock the door for him. slow down.....i don't even want to see him let alone hear the sound of his voice....we were supposed to get married in a month........and he was cheating on me with Eric .... this same man who was going to be our wedding witness ..... I'm crying to death ...... I ran, walked .... my shoes in my hands ... .I want to die ....he can't do that to me .....No it sure was a dream ...I'll probably wake up ...I pinch myself but nothing.... I still burst into tears ...... I want to erase this pain deep inside me .... but how? How to end this? Looking up on the other side of the track .... I come across a bar .... so I decide to go there to free myself ...... I don't like to drink but there it is It's a pretty urgent case.....I'm on my fifth drink.....I don't want anything but to get drunk....even though alcohol won't help me solve my problem at least it helps me to forget even if it's for a short time ..... The more I parade this shitty day in loop in my head the more I want to drink .... I empty in one gulp my fifth glass .... and puts the glass down, staring intensely at the bartender who must surely be wondering ... since I usually only have one glass and even then Marc is obliged to force me....Why the f*ck am I even talking about being a moron?

-Me: Another

-Bartender: don't you think you've had enough to drink?

-Me: Are you here to make money or bother me?

-Bartender: The second when necessary

-Me: I don't need a moral lesson... Besides, you're not the only bartender in town...

He stares at me for a long moment before serving me my sixth glass....As soon as I reach out my hand to the glass I see a hand grabbed it and emptied it in one stroke...I turned my gaze assassin towards the imbecile who has just stolen my glass under my eyes.....He wore glasses even in spite of that you could see that he was a handsome man, Elegant, his complexion was chewable...a pure chocolate .... a very nice size .... the t-shirt he wore drawing his concrete abs .... basically a pure wonder of nature .... I am completely blown away by the beauty of this man .... And I think I'm not the only woman to stare at him ...... But I have to pull myself together out of the question that he gets away with drinking my glass of depression without my permission....I rest my gaze on him....

-Me: Who do you think you are to drink my drink without my permission?

-him: For the man who is saving you from spending a bad case of time ....... look behind you ....

Which I did quickly.....but I don't see anything weird except people who were drinking

Me: Are you kidding me?

-Lui: Behind you there are 04 men... who have been eyeing you since I got back...

I turn around immediately and confirm his words .... but I still don't see what's weird in it

- Me: So what? We have in a bar right? I say tapping the counter for the bartender to fill my drink

-Him: They are just waiting for the right moment when you will be completely drunk to the point of not remembering your name anymore ..... they will surely drop you off somewhere in the alley and f*ck each one in turn ....

I immediately panic as soon as he finishes his sentence ... I started to throw murderous glances at his men who were indeed ogling me ..... I already have a medical day ..... out of the question that r*p* him adds to it .... Despite the fact that fear paralyzes me .... I try to play tough ....

-Me: And what does it matter to you, huh? I don't need anyone to save me, to protect me, especially not people of your kind....Angel from the front and rotten from the are all the same... bastards

- Him: A heartache ... I should have known about it ..... Call him and let him come and bring you back .... the street is dangerous and I would not like to add a sin more on my long list when your body will be found in the dumpsters....So give her number so I can call her.....

-Me: Go be lightning .... Take care of your business and leave me alone ....

there is a couple sitting not too far from soon as the bartender finishes serving them I reach out and take the glass intended for the woman

-Me: Sorry...

I bring it back to my mouth but the other idiot comes to snatch it from my the movement the glass empties on him....

-Lui: But how are you feeling? D*mn I had a date

What's wrong with me about that..?.. I don't know him either Adam or D'Eve ... but he doesn't want to leave me alone .... well he didn't have what he deserved...

<< It was my drink that you just stole from me...>> shouts the woman next to the man sitting next to me

- Me: So what? Instead of pissing me off, you'd better take care of your man.... Who knows? Maybe he's cheating on you with his best friend, his partner (Laughs) what the hell am I know me

Both stare at me like I was saying something insane

<< You'd better control your girlfriend .... I don't like her undertones at all ....>> Retorts the man who accompanied the woman

-Lui: Sorry, she has nothing at all for me...I don't go out with crazy women...

Chapter 2

What ? That jerk just called me crazy? Me ? I was about to pounce on him when I see him take off his t-shirt....and then I'm blurring you...I can't stop dead in my tracks....I just saw he was at chewing on his chocolate bars .... I don't know why but here I am on top of him kissing him like a sex starved man, let's say I was. Marc never made love to me on the pretext that he was waiting for the wedding night ..... This stranger does not push me away but returns my kiss in a fiery way .... I must make people envious because he is a very rare specimen .... I think having played the saint like that.....what did that bring me? Nothing except my heart is in a thousand pieces. From today I will not hold back anymore .... I will do what I please .... Damn he kisses well said so .... I squeeze myself even more against his bare chest so that this moment doesn't stop...but he quickly breaks away from me

-Lui: Wooo that's enough....I think we'v


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