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Scarlett Thatcher is the wife of one of the richest men in New York and a mother of two wonderful children, she is someone who can be classified as without blemish but behind all of this lavish lifestyle there comes pain. Not everything is as it seems. The new driver her husband hired seems to be on a mission of his, to tear down the façade of a marriage Scarlett has built. The question is if she would succumb to temptation


"I need the flowers and the table arranged right away. Where in the world are the flowers?" There was anxiety in the air, and Scarlett had very little time to prepare, so she yelled as she paced about issuing commands.

"Scarlett, come on, take it easy." Brianna teased her friend with a quick giggle. "You think I should?" Scarlett asked, sighing and rubbing the bridge of her nose. Brianna gave her a nod in response.

"Sit down and relax; there's no need to go around yelling; look around you; people are helping out," Brianna said, pulling out a chair.

"Thanks," Scarlett sat on it, her gaze still roving aimlessly, not exactly feeling at ease. Being a mother of two at such a young age and witnessing her children grow up to be the envy of others made today memorable for not only her son but her entire family as well.

Brianna grabbed an apple from one of the trays the housekeepers carried, devoured it, and then inquired, "I hear you invited Melissa over?"

“I did, is there a problem?” Scarlett questioned, still not paying attention to Brianna.

“I think there is. I guess you didn’t hear that she tried to bribe the principal and entire board members of the school not to allow Leo to become the school president. I am surprised you didn’t know this,” Brianna took another bite as she stared at the open doors, “Oh look, speak of the devil,”

Melissa walked sophisticatedly into the room, with her butler by her side holding her dog ‘Pie’ with him. She smiled and approached both Scarlett and Brianna.

“Hello,” Melissa prolonged her greeting as she bent over to offer both Scarlett and Brianna kisses on their cheeks. “I see what you have done with your place. Leo deserves it, such an amazing child,”

“Thank you, Mel,” Scarlett said as she stood to her feet, “I wasn’t expecting that you would arrive so early,”

Melissa gasped, “Really? I can’t miss my friend’s son's congratulatory party, I do expect that you will come to William’s as they are BFFs, he also apologies for not being able to make it, he is so keen on studying,”

“Of course I don’t mind but I am sure Leo would, they are best friends, please have your seat,” Scarlett led the way as she told one of her house helps to help in hanging Scarlett’s coat.

“Not to worry, I would rather have it on. I don’t want no filthy maid hands on any of my properties, it gives me PTSD,” Melissa rolled her eyes at the scrummy maid that stood beside her, “You can leave,” She said with a wave of her hand as if irritated by the maid's presence. “I hope you monitor your valuables, you can’t fully trust these lowlife,”

“I do but here we treat them as family so I am sure they won’t bother trying doing that,” Scarlett smiled trying her best to be polite.

Melissa feigned laughter, “Mhm…” she returned to her straight face and asked her butler to pull a chair out for her.

Scarlett retreated to Brianna, “What is wrong?” Brianna asked.

“Nothing,” Scarlett smiled hiding the fact that Melissa didn’t bring everything but herself down here, she didn’t want to get angry as that would ruin her perfect image.

“Of course nothing is wrong, you have everything going well for you, a big mansion, a good husband who loves you so well, and two wonderful children, what more can you ask for? I admit, I am jealous of you my friend,”

“I feel blessed honestly, but don’t be fooled because not all that glitter is gold,” Scarlett chuckled a bit as she took a sip of her wine while crossing her legs.

“Stop being modest dear, look around you and tell me all these glitters aren’t gold. You are so perfect,” Brianna praised her friend as they both laughed.

Scarlett eyes roamed about the room trying to make sure everything was completely set for others to arrive, “It is almost Five, the guests will soon be here,” she checked her wristwatch. “Goodness gracious, thank God I have someone that listens and pays attention to the time,”

“Carmela is so beautiful, but her clothes… did you pick out…” Brianna gawked at Scarlett’s daughter who looked awful.

“I did,” Scarlett answered before Brianna could complete her question, “She wanted to try something new and I allowed her, please excuse me,” Scarlett said convincingly with gritted teeth cautiously side-eying her daughter before approaching her.

Scarlett tried to take Carmela away from the guest, but she knew that this would cause a scene, so she stood there, pretending to be calm, while she lashed out at her fourteen-year-old daughter.

“Why didn’t you wear the dress I picked out for you?” Scarlett asked while managing to keep her sanity intact.

Carmela rolled her eyes, “I didn’t wear it because you picked it! Now excuse me, pLeAsE..” she tried to walk away but Scarlett held her back, “Mom,” Carmela frowned.

“Why have you chosen to embarrass me, especially on a day when we are supposed to celebrate your brother? You just enjoy…” Scarlett paused seeing Leo coming down the stairs, “We will discuss this later, we are not done yet,”

“Mom,” Leo said as he went to her.

Scarlett stared at her son proudly before they hugged, “I see you wore the suit I bought, you look handsome,”

“Thanks, Mom,” Leo relieved himself from the hug, “Hey little one,”

“Don’t talk to me,” Carmela snapped and walked away from them, such a brat!

Scarlett maintained her smile as she brushed her son’s shoulders, “Go talk to the guests for now, one of your dad’s friends was asking for you, it is your chance to start making connections,”

“Alright, Mom,” Leo kissed Scarlett on her left cheek before leaving her.

“I was coming to meet him,” Brianna said as she watched Leo leave, “Your son will be busy today that it will be hard for me to get up close with him,”

“I am sure you will have your chance,” Scarlett said.

“Yes, Where is Michael by the way?” Brianna inquired as she looked around for Scarlett’s husband.

“He is upstairs. Michael just returned from work so I am sure he is taking a shower, he will be down at any moment now,” Scarlett said sounding a bit nervous, “Please organize my guests to have their seats while I go call him,”

“Sure, I am glad am not idle now,” Brianna said with a laugh.

Scarlett ascended the stairs; her feet paused as she could hear moaning sounds coming out of the master bedroom. The sounds were louder at each step that she took.

Scarlett grabbed hold of the door and pushed it open. She kept a straight face at the horror before her. Beads of sweat strolled uncontrollably from Michael’s body, his rod placed deep into the lady’s vagina as he continuously pumped hard into the woman on the bed with him, ignoring the fact that Scarlett was watching.

The lady who seemed to be enjoying it tried to cover her shame with her hands but Michael aggressively threw her hands off, exposing her to the open, “Look at me woman,” Michael spoke in a rasped breath as he aggressively thrust into her, making the lady cry.


Scarlett POV

I was unhinged, watching my very own husband have sex with another woman on our matrimonial bed. The lady was unashamed as she enjoyed every bit of his stroke, moaning as her eyes rolled heavenward.

Michael didn't stop, and I allowed it because I was used to it. This wasn't his first nor his second, and he knows too well that it won't be the last.

"Look at me when I fuck you!" Michael ordered the lady, whom I supposed should be downstairs like the others, to work her ass off for a good paycheck, but here she was doing the same thing as with my husband.

"Oh God, Mr. Michael... Fuck, I am cumming..." The girl screamed out in pleasure. I was a bit bothered, hoping no one might hear her, but because of the busyness downstairs, I am sure they didn't.

Michael arched his back as he came all over her bare body and stepped away from her. "I shall go take my shower and be down soon," Michael said to m


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