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CEO's Revenge Game

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Two years ago, she was a well-behaved and lovely young lady, but she had an irresponsible and worthless fiancé. She simply broke off this ridiculous engagement, but it led to a catastrophic disaster, turning her into a captive maid to a bloodthirsty man. He hated her, kidnapped her, imprisoned her, degraded her in the cruelest ways. And then... he fell in love with her. When he wanted to heal her with true love, she fell victim to a treacherous plot and disappeared along with their unborn baby. Two years later, they meet again, and she is on the verge of death, with no recollection of him...!

Chapter 1 Being Abducted

In the White Family mansion, inside the lavishly decorated hall, tensions were running high. A young woman, tears streaming down her face, screamed at the elderly couple seated on the leather sofa, "If you don't break off my engagement with Joshua Smith, I will...!"

And what will she do? Kill herself? No one would believe that she would choose death!

Indeed, Mrs. White sneered at her, raised her eyebrows, and said, "So what? What's wrong with men gallivanting and carousing? Just because of some tabloid news, you want to call off the engagement with him? Do you think marriage is a child's play?"

"But there have been ten tabloid news about him this month!" Flora White grabbed the newspaper lying on the table, the one with a picture of her so-called fiancé kissing another woman on the street, and threw it at Mrs. White. Why was she so unlucky? Not only did she end up with such a foolish fiancé, but he was also a notorious womanizer.

"You need to understand, you're marrying into the Smith Family, not Joshua!" Mrs. White coldly finished speaking, stood up, and walked upstairs with Mr. White.

"Dad, Mom, aren't you concerned about Flora's future life?" Henry White, who had been standing silently on the side, finally spoke, his voice icy and matching his cool and handsome appearance.

"Henry, just focus on persuading Flora." Mr. White glared at Henry displeasedly, then turned around and continued upstairs.

"Henry, you have to help me. I would rather die than marry that wretched man." Flora pleaded with Henry, her watery eyes gazing at him.

Henry's intellect and his exceptional and captivating appearance had already captured her heart. In this lifetime, she only wanted to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. Everyone knew that she liked this half-brother from different parents, but nobody could tell if they would have a future together.

"Flora, I will help you," Henry reached out, coldly and slightly tenderly lifting her chin, looking into her eyes, promising her.

"Thank you, Brother Henry," Flora felt somewhat uncomfortable under his gaze and quietly turned her face away, avoiding his intense gaze. Her eyes fell back onto the newspaper which made her unable to lift her head! Joshua! How dare he taint her reputation like this?! If she obediently married him, she wouldn't be Flora anymore!

After the newspaper turmoil settled, Flora, due to her dislike of living in the cold and unwelcoming White Family home, had chosen to stay in the school dormitory since middle school. Now in her freshman year of college, she was an innocent, lively, mischievous, and lovable girl.

Leaving the campus with joy, Flora got into Henry's luxury car amidst an array of envious glances. Smiling, she asked him, "Henry, why did you come to pick me up this week?"

Henry chuckled lightly and handed the newspaper to Flora, saying with a smile, "Because I have good news to share with you."

"What good news? It's not about Joshua again, is it?" Flora already had a fear of the newspaper, so she dared not open it indiscriminately.

Henry nodded, and Flora pouted, throwing the newspaper back at him in annoyance, cursing, "Ugh! You are just like everyone else, mocking me!" In this big city, who didn't know that her fiance, Joshua, was more repulsive than a pig?

Henry smirked, grabbing her small hand in his palm and tapping her forehead, saying, "Why don't you read the content first before scolding me?"

Upon hearing his words, Flora hurriedly opened the newspaper. After glancing through it, she looked up in astonishment, staring at him, and said, "Smith Family Group is bankrupt??"

"Yes, in less than two months, Smith Family Group will disappear from City A," replied Henry with a low laugh, his lips curling into a smile of joy.

A silly and ignorant waste, completely unworthy of his Flora. Fortunately, from the previous newspaper turmoil until now, it had only been a short two months, and the Smith Family Group was already on the verge of collapse.

"So this is the good news you wanted to tell me?" Flora pouted disinterestedly. What did it have to do with her that the Smith Family Group had gone bankrupt?

"Silly girl, can't you be smarter? Didn't Mom say it? You were marrying into the Smith Family. Now that the Smith Family has fallen, there's no point in marrying you off anymore. Mom has already gone to the Smith Family today to dissolve the engagement for you," Henry said with a smug smile.

"Oh?! Is it true?!" Flora screamed and almost jumped up on the seat with excitement, as soon as Henry nodded.

Henry watched her joyous state and smiled as he started the car, speeding down the road.

Flora raised the newspaper in her hand, shouting with delight in the wind, "Brother Henry! I'm so happy! I'm finally rid of that disgusting guy!"

Driving seriously, Henry was also infected by her excitement. With a happy smile on his lips, the sports car passed by, leaving behind Flora's hearty laughter. It was indeed great news! She didn't have to get married! She could openly be with her Henry from now on!

When the car was about to enter the private road of the White Family, two luxury cars suddenly appeared in front, coincidentally blocking the path of the sports car. Henry had no choice but to stop the car and honk the horn.

One of the cars in front suddenly opened all four doors, and four men wearing sunglasses emerged, striding towards the two of them. Without uttering a word, one of them grabbed Flora out of the convertible.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Flora screamed in fright, completely unaware of the situation.

Henry shouted in panic, "Let her go!"

Unfortunately, by the time he pushed open the car door, Flora had already been taken into the other car.

The car sped past him, roaring down the mountain. Henry took a few steps after them, then turned back and quickly turned the car around, chasing after them down the mountain.

Reaching the bottom of the mountain, he stood there, looking at the countless roads ahead, at a loss as to which one to pursue!

Chapter 2 Lost Her First Night

Flora was pressed down on the seat by someone, shouting angrily, "Who are you? Why are you kidnapping me?! Hey!"

The men seemed oblivious to her shouts and ignored her completely. Their mission was simply to apprehend her, so they had no intention of engaging in conversation.

After shouting for a while and realizing they would not pay any attention to her, Flora turned her gaze toward the window. Outside the window, the passing scenery was unfamiliar to her, and they seemed to be getting further and further away from familiar territory. Fear began to well up inside her. They hadn't said a word, and she wondered where they were taking her.

The car veered onto a winding mountain road, with a vast expanse of ocean to the right. Despite the magnificent view, Flora had no interest in admiring it. Her mind was consumed by worry about what was to become of her.

After almost an hour of driving, the car finally slowed down and entered a large mansion. B


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