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Nikoline Black

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Jessica Miller witnessed her boyfriend's infidelity, went to a bar, got drunk, and ended up framed by her step-sister, leading to a one-night stand with Marcus. After the one-night stand, Jessica quickly left, and the male protagonist Marcus Smith chased after her, resulting in a car accident that caused him to lose his memory. Jessica later went abroad and discovered that she was pregnant, with the father of the child being the man from the one-night stand whom she did not even know the name of. She gave birth to the child and completed her studies. Several years later, she returned to her home country with her genius son Oliver, who had already discovered that his biological father was the CEO of the Noblefull Group and also the leader of a mafia gang. The child yearned for a complete family and arranged for his mother Jessica to become Marcus's secretary. Although Marcus did not remember Jessica at first, he developed a strong affection for her. However, initially, Jessica was not interested in Marcus, considering him to be too fickle because he already had a girlfriend and several other lovers. As they spent time together, the flames of love grew stronger. One day, Marcus's half-brother Dennis Smith, saw Oliver, who looks exactly like Marcus, and thought Oliver was Marcus's illegitimate child. Concerned that Oliver's existence would affect his inheritance rights in the Smith family, Dennis planned to run over Oliver with a car but ended up severely injuring Jessica. Marcus, wanting to help Jessica seek revenge, inflicted severe injuries on Dennis. At this point, Marcus's father, Oliver's grandfather, planned to send killers to kill the grandson he had just met. Why did Marcus's father do this? It involves the love and hate of the previous generation. Marcus was subjected to abuse from his father during his childhood. As an adult, he concealed his sharpness and stayed by his father's side, only to seek an opportunity for revenge. Marcus finally regained his memory. He and Jessica went through hardships and finally got married.


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