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Black Yama's Wife: A revenge never seen before

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She was pampered and loved by one of the powerful man. He loved her so much that for her, he would go to any depth just to keep her happy. A egoistical man bowed to her but until when? Everything was fine until one day, she was snatched away from him. She died. But that's where everything starts, she returns with an absolute new identity, a new body. She reincarnates into the body of the abandoned daughter of the prestigious Shengs. With a new identity, came more responsibilities and more enemies. In her past life she had one revenge but after her rebirth, she realised there wasn't just one revenge but two. One for old her and one for the new her. But well, what will happen when she find out everything was just an illusion and nothing more. When she thought everything would be fine, she finds out nothing was actually near from being fine. Then she meets someone she never thought would even be a part of her life. The Devil, the Black Yama King himself. There are mysteries at every step of her life that are yet to open. As she steps ahead for the revenge, she opens up more mysterious which lead her to learn more about herself and everhone else in her life. What will happen when the duo of a handsome Devil and innocent looking She-Devil come together? ••• "I will make you so strong, my love that nobody would ever dare to mess with you", he declares in his domineering yet gentle tone that solely belonged to the woman in his arms. She smirks as she says while looking into his eyes, "Now the world will witness a revenge that was never seen before."

Chapter 1: Kidnapped.

A twenty year old girl tried to speak something in a muffled tone as she tried to untie her hands. She moved around and tried to get up but it was impossible given that her hands and legs were tied.

Eyes covered with a blindfold, she couldn't see anything.

She had woken up around half an hour ago but yet no one came to the room. She was all alone in the unknown surrounding.

She had no idea who kidnapped her or why they did it. All she remembers is that she was in a cafe with her friends and after drinking her coffee she fell unconscious.

'Jenny, think something you need to get out of here', Jennifer said to herself in her mind.

Before she could think of anything the sound of door knob was heard. Her senses were alert as soon as she heard the sound. She turned her head to the way from where the sound of light footsteps were heard.

"F*ck. I'll kill them", a familiar deep voice of a male resounded in the room as he came to her and quickly removed the blindfold and the cloth from her mouth. His deep-black eyes held worry as he held her face in his hands.

Jennifer gave an angry look upon seeing his face but he ignored the look and caressed her lips and eyes like he was handling a glass doll. "Are you alright? Do you feel pain?", He asked her worriedly.

Jennifer gave him a "are you serious" look and moved her face away from his hold. "Let me go", she said coldly in a hoarse voice. Hearing her voice, he composed himself and stood straight in front of the couch where she was.

"Are you deaf? Didn't you hear what I said? Let go of me", she screamed to which he gave her a bored looked and sat on the coffee table staring at her cute angry face and smiled to her annoyance.

"How dare you kidnap me and on top of that you're smiling?", she shouted as a frown made it's way on her beautiful face. "I just dared", he said and shrugged casually.

She groaned in annoyance as she cursed him.

He said nothing and kept staring at her face while she kept on yelling like a mad woman.

The dim lights of the room made her look even more pretty to him.

Her slightly tanned skin shined under the red lights and cute chubby face looked even more beautiful to him. Her dark brown eyes held annoyance that amused him and made him want to annoy her more. Her light red lips that moved as she yelled made him want to kiss her right there.

Everything about her amused him. She seemed to the most perfect woman to him even with all the imperfections she had.

His dark eagle eyes curved as he stared at her with an amused look on his face like she was some clown yelling at him. Sitting under the dim lights, he looked so perfect that any woman would give in to this man without him speaking a single word.

What did he lack? Nothing.

He had good looks. A 6'1" height that any woman would want to cling to him. Rich, successful and dangerous. A quite great body. Everything about him screamed perfection but he knew how imperfect he was inside.

"You dumbass b*st*rd, are you listening to me? Untie me and let me go", she yelled coming a bit near his ear, pulling him out in the reality.

He cleared his throat and looked at her.

"What if I don't?", he asked raising a brow at her while keeping a straight face.

"I'll sue you for kidnapping and taking advantage of me", she yelled. He laughed and moved to sit next to her on the couch.

"What proof do you have that I kidnapped you and that I took advantage of you", he spoke calmly.

She stared at him angrily. "Hah! I can get the CCTV footage of the cafe where I was 'cause I'm sure you sent people to kidnap me from there", she said confidently.

He stared at her without speaking a single word as his lips curved into a sinister smile sending goosebumps all over body.

She slowly started moving away from him but before she could move more he grabbed her waist and pulled her on top of him.

"Wh-What the hell are you doing?", She shuttered as she felt a wave of electricity run in her body. He smirked sending shiver down her spine. She tried to move but his hold was tight yet it did not hurt her.

His one hand moved to her back and untied her legs so she had her legs on either side of him and was more comfortable. He then moved his face close to her and whispered in her ear, "Didn't you say you'll sue for taking advantage of you? Let me make it come true."

She gulped and tried to move away but he grabbed her butts and pulled her closer. She fell on him and stared into his eyes that looked like that of a devil.

"I'll kill you. Let go of me, b*st*rd", she said angrily but his next movement sent shiver down her spine.

Ignoring her words, he moved his lips to her left breast and licked it over her clothes. He put his hands inside her shorts and squeezed her butts while he s*ck*d her nipple over her clothes.

Though she resisted for a while, unconsciously she moved her breasts closer and pressed his face more to her breast.

Her light pink top was wet by his saliva while her nipple was hard. Just as she started enjoying, she felt a stinging sensation in her butt and her eyes were wide open to see him staring at her face with an angry look on his face.

She glared at him to which he spanked again. She frowned and tried to get up but he grabbed her *ss and squeezed them roughly.

"How dare you try to leave me, wifey?", he asked angrily as he spanked again, this time harder than the earlier.

"I just dared", she spoke in arrogance putting aside the sensation she felt from his hard spanks.

He had been in military since he was a child and went through tough trainings resulting in such a great body along with his rough hands.

He spanked again hearing her answer and glared at her coldly.

"Stop spanking me. I'm not your slave. Let me go", she spoke angrily and tried to move only to be pulled more closer to him and get two more spanks harder than earlier.

"Dare you leave me again, I'll f*ck you so hard that you'll never even think of leaving me", he warned her but she wasn't someone who would get scared so easily.

"I will do it. You can't do anything", she provoked him more to which he smirked.

Before she would say anything else, her top along with her bra was torn into shreds leaving her half naked. She tried to untie her hands so she could hit him but it was too hard for her. She tried to get up but his movements were faster than hers.

He stared at her face with anger in his eyes and took her to the bed in the middle of the room. As she was put on bed, she tried to get up and run but he grabbed her waist and stopped her.

"Samuel Andres, don't you dare touch me", she screamed as she laid half naked under his devilish eyes. "And who can stop me?", he asked mockingly.

"I'll file a complain against you", she said turned on her stomach to which he laughed. "I'm your husband, did you forget, my baby?"

He spanked her and turned her on her back to look at her. She screamed loudly and started moving like a fish who was yearning for water. He held her shoulder and made her stay still.

Leaning down to her ear, he whispered, "Be ready for the punishment, wifey."

Chapter 2: Punishment.

Mature content ahead.

Sam threw away her shorts leaving her naked. She felt her cheeks burn and heart beat faster as he stared at her naked body under him. Her big D cup breasts made his mouth go dry.

"Stop staring", she spoke as her cheeks turned red upon seeing his hungry gaze.

Though it wasn't the first time he was seeing her naked, she felt as if her heart would explode any moment. Her ears turned hot.

He stood up and took off his clothes revealing his drooling worth body – strong arms, hard toned chest, hard abs, deep v-line.

Which woman wouldn't fall for those?

Sam laughed and kissed her right cheek.

"Don't think just because you look cute when you blush I'll let you go", he said and gropped one of her breast, squeezing it hard while he licked her other breast.

"Don't touch me. Ahh", Jennifer screamed and started moving about.

Sam moved one of his hand to her vagina and


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