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Being Proposed to By a Blind CEO

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"I don't want to have a blind lover like you, Gifer! I'm sorry, this time I want our relationship to end here! What will our child be fed if he finds out that his father is blind and can't work?" Raya was very disappointed when she saw her fiancé who was in the hospital in a state of sightlessness. "But, honey. Didn't we promise that we would always love until death? Why did you change this time?" "AKKHH! That was back then, Gifer! Before you got into this accident and went blind!" "I hate you! I don't want to see you again!"

Chapter 1: Calamity

Have you ever believed that God's miracle is true? I want to believe it too, but sometimes God plays tricks on me.


The sun's rays hit a girl's skin as she sat in the front yard of her house, right next to a cherry blossom tree, often called the Javanese sakura. Her head looked up, staring at the light blue sky. Her eyes glanced slightly at the leaves of the sakura tree that were swaying in the wind.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and enjoyed the heat from the sun. It was getting hotter by the second, but it made her feel comfortable. Suddenly a cherry blossom petal fell, right on his face. Then he could immediately feel the fragrant pollen of the cherry blossom. She opened her eyes slowly, and took the cherry blossom.

"What is God's next plan for my life?" She muttered to herself.

Her name is Belvina, she is a village girl who not many people know about her. Belvina or commonly called by the name Vina graduated with a Bachelor's degree with the Indonesian Language and Literature study program in education. But she doesn't want to work as a teacher.

It sounds strange, but that's the reality. For some reason, Belvina always thought that being a teacher really requires extra energy to teach students who are difficult to manage. Therefore, she decided to work in another field instead.

Belvina really liked nature created by God, even though every morning she could only see the sky, the sun, the Javanese cherry blossom trees and mango trees, it already made her heart happy and grateful for the blessings that God had given her so far. And this time, the girl only wanted to ask God for one thing, if it was granted, thank God, if not, it was okay, she thought.

"I once dreamed of becoming an employee of a well-known bank in Indonesia. But after I applied to be a bank employee, I was always and always rejected. Again God was playing with my life, I was confused about where to work again because my diploma was only suitable for becoming a teacher. I'm confused, should I work in another company?"


On the way from Kendal City towards Jakarta, the weather was very sunny, and people were passing by on the busy streets using their vehicles, especially cars. It was as if they were racing each other to reach their destination. One of them was a car occupied by a 27-year-old man.

He was driving at an above-average speed because he wanted to get to his destination, which was the city of Central Jakarta. In order to fulfill the wishes of his beloved who always demands here and there to immediately obey all his wishes. Even taking her to the end of the ocean once the man will do for the sake of his beloved lover. The man's cell phone rang and displayed the name of his girlfriend, Raya.

"Hello, darling. Where are you? What took you so long? I've been waiting for you here for a long time, you know!" Raya's tone sounded loud in the man's ears.

"Yes, one moment, dear. I'm on my way to Jakarta. You just wait, I'll be there in about half an hour," lie! It was all a lie to convince her lover not to be angry with her.

"But you're really coming, right, Gifer Fernandez? You don't intend to lie to me, do you?"

"Yes, I'm not lying really-"

The man named Gifer's sentence was cut off because a car from the opposite direction lost control and hit the car driven by Gifer. His eyes bulged when he realized that danger was about to befall him.

"Oh my, Noooooo!"




Gifer's car was pushed to the left violently, until it hit the road divider. The cell phone Gifer was holding also fell onto the passenger seat next to him and still had the voice of his girlfriend calling him earlier.

"Hello? Gifer? What's wrong with you?"

There was no answer from Gifer. His head hit the dashboard hard, his eyes continued to bleed from the broken windshield that shattered his corneas and his body was covered in bruises.


'There has been a car accident in which both drivers were seriously injured. Both have been rushed to the nearest hospital. The names of the people involved in the accident are James Nimuel with car license plate GT78Y from Pekalongan and Gifer Fernandez with car license plate KJ345E from Semarang.


"Huh? Who was in the accident? J-don't-don't our son? Honey, how is this? Gifer..." Gifer Moms who heard the news from the television immediately dropped the glass she was holding in shock. The glass had even broken into pieces. She put both hands in front of her nose and mouth.

"If you look at the license plate and the name, it looks like Gifer's car, dear. But let's just check there." Gifer's father was still frowning, he was curious and couldn't believe the news he had just heard. But, no matter what, they had to check it directly, afraid that something would happen to their only child.


At the Pekalongan hospital, Gifer's parents were very panicked and ran to the emergency room. Because earlier they had confirmed that at the scene of Gifer's accident, there was the man's cell phone left in the car. That way, they were even more convinced that it was their son who had the accident. In front of the emergency room, Gifer's parents kept chanting prayers that there would be no serious injuries to their only child, even though it was just a wish.

The doctor who treated Gifer had not yet left the emergency room. Making the parents bite their fingers even more due to excessive worry. After waiting for a few minutes, the doctor came out of the emergency room and informed about the condition of the patient Gifer.

"Are you the family of the patient named Gifer Fernandez, the victim of the accident at Palem 1?" immediately nodded to agree with the doctor's words, Gifer's father seriously wanted to listen to the explanation of what the doctor would say.

"Yes doctor, how is our son?" He asked. Who is the parent who doesn't get hurt if their child suffers an accident? Surely all parents will be hurt. Enveloped in quite a great worry denying the events that are currently happening.

"His condition is currently critical after the accident, there are no serious injuries in other parts of the body. It's just that after I checked his eyes which continued to bleed, it turned out that there was a shard of glass that hit his cornea. And it is very likely that your child will go blind. We have tried our best, but it is very difficult just to save the cornea that has already been damaged. Please if you want to visit him, but only one person, and take turns," After saying that, the doctor left the emergency room.


Gifer's mother's heart was cut, tears fell from her eyes. The feeling of sadness, fear, and worry hearing the condition of the doctor who said that Gifer would not be able to see anymore hit her heart. Gifer's father tried to calm him down by rubbing his shoulders.

"Honey, don't be sad. I'm sure, Gifer will be able to see again. We have to try to find an eye donor for Gifer," the husband calmed his wife gently, so that she wouldn't get lost in her sadness.

"We have to, we have to be able to find an eye donor for Gifer no matter what," the traces of tears that continued to flow down his wife's cheeks increasingly made the eyes have a little pocket.

"Yes, I will try to find an eye donor for Gifer so that he can see again. But, it will have to wait a long time. It's not that easy to find an eye donor. The only thing I'm afraid of is that when Gifer wakes up, Huh... I hope he won't get angry and blame himself." Her husband looked down sadly. Meanwhile, his wife just nodded her head repeatedly to agree with what her husband said.


To Be Continued

Chapter 2: Conscious Gifer

In Central Jakarta, the sky looks so clear, decorated by clouds that move here and there following the direction of the wind. Now, at Soekarno-Hatta airport, there were two girls who looked like they were waiting for something. One girl had long, back-length hair that was deliberately styled with hairpins tucked above her ears and the other with short, neck-length hair was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and jeans. Sunglasses were always perched on the noses of both girls. To avoid the glare of direct sunlight, they walked hand in hand while pulling their respective suitcases. They were Belvina and Anggi. Currently, they are still confused about where to find lodging in the city, both of them are still walking without a clear direction and where they are going.

"Huh, I'm really tired, Vin, let's stop for a while. Oh yeah, where are we going to find a place to stay? Or should we just rent an apartment?" Anggi asked Belvina who spontaneously stopped her footste


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