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An Affair With My Billionaire Boss

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Erick Louis. A CEO in the entertainment industry. He is everything any lady would want. Rich, handsome, hardworking and yet secretive. Erick badly needed a secretary after his assistant quitted her job because he didn't reciprocate her feelings or sleep with her after several attempts to seduce him. He finally met Reina, who caught him off guard with her looks and curves, plus, upon hearing that she stripes in one of his clubs before she quitted, made him quite interested in her. He started having an affair with her in his office. However, Erick was married and was expecting a child, but he couldn't keep his hands off his new secretary, she was his fetish in human form. And he wouldn't stop putting her legs on his shoulders, even if it meant the end of his marriage. But what would happen when his wife finds out about their secret affair and Reina finds out that he is married?.

Chapter 1

“Reina!!” Her boss yelled angrily. She heaved deeply, before going to answer him. He was currently outside the coffee shop, and that was when Reina wished silently that he doesn’t hurl hurtful words at her. “How dare you!!” He screamed and she raised her head, confusingly. “I don't understand--" She was saying until he interrupted her. “What don’t you understand here, b*tch,” He cursed and Reina shut her eyes tightly, trying to stop the tears which were threatening to fall off from her eyes. She always found the word ‘b*tch’ hurtful because she has a crazy past, so hearing it from her boss hurts a lot. “You broke my cups,” He barked, and that was when Reina became shocked. “I did no such thing,” She defended herself. “So who did then?” Her boss raised his brows. “Well, I don’t know, but I’ll suggest you ask the rest,” She said and that was when he opened his mouth in shock. It wasn't expecting that from her because he found her rather easy to tame and manipulate within seconds, unlike the rest who were bold in terms of situations like this. He was perplexed but refused to show it.“I have always known you to be careless Reina, but I never knew you to be a liar,” He statedReina was dumbstruck and shocked to her bones. She froze on a spot as the tears she was trying to hold in fell carelessly on her cheeks. She heaved and used her palms to wipe the tears off her face, before removing her apron. Furthermore, she picked her purse and made to leave the coffee shop, when the voice of the man she hated the most made her halt abruptly. “Where the hell do you think you’re going to?” He demanded. She shrugged and turned to face him before smiling widely. “I quit!” She said, and her boss gasped shockingly. “What did you just say?” He was utterly confused because he wasn’t in any way expecting what he just heard. “I resign boss.” Reina shrugged before turning her back on him and walking out of the place stylishly. On her way home, she couldn’t help but wonder if she made the wrong decision by resigning from the job. She sighed and shook her head, trying to wave the thought of her head, but it didn’t work. She suddenly got an idea, she quickly wore her earpieces and played interesting music on her phone before skipping her way home. She was a few meters away from her house when she saw a Notice on her door. She slowly removed the earpiece from her ear as she silently prayed, wishing for it not to be what she’s thinking. She took a few strides to her door, where she saw the most heartbreaking news. Her house rent would soon expire, and Reina had no idea that it was this soon. She quickly remembered her money that she saved when she was still working and quickly opened her door before rushing to her room to check it out. She sighed sadly when she saw that the money she saved was little compared to what she had to pay soon. She suddenly became down, and she remembered that she had nowhere to go to if they were to throw her out of the house. She was in deep sh*t and there was no other option left for her except the one staring right at her. She was doomed, and she knew that better than anyone. Her hands shook as she sighed out in frustration. She sat on the floor and rested her back on the wall, crying as loudly as possible until her eyes sighted the drinks on the shelves. She quickly rushed towards the shelf and opened a drink, she started drinking directly from the bottle and at the same time, she was crying. Her heartfelt heavy, and her chest weak and unable to avoid the void she felt inside. All her life she knew that she was mistaken and a mess, if not, why would her family abandon her in an orphanage?“What do I do now?” She whimpered loudly. She drank and cried loudly. “Why does that man hate me to this extent,” She sniffed. “My rent would soon expire, and I also quitted my job, what the hell was I thinking?” She questioned no one in particular. “What do I do, where do I run to?” She closed her eyes in thoughts, before opening it swiftly. “No! No!! I won’t go back,” She sighed. “I promised myself that I would never go back to stripping, Never!!” She said.“But what can I do?” She drank from the bottle, before facepalming herself. “What….….” She said drunkenly. She stood and tried to walk towards the table to take her phone from her purse when she staggered and fell back on her butt. She was dead drunk that she felt no pain even with the impact of the fall. Her eyelids felt heavy, but she blinked the continuously in an attempt to see more clearly.She crawled and brought out her phone before dialing a random number. She didn’t know whether the person picked or not, but she started talking“I resigned from my job,” She said. “What?” A voice sounded from the phone.Reina smiled and took the phone closer to her ears. “Are you hearing me?” She laughed. “Yes, of course.” The voice said. “My boss insulted me a lot of times but I tried to endure it, but I just couldn’t take it again.” Reina said crying loudly. “I’m sorry about that.” The voice said. “But now things are difficult,” She said“What happened?” The voice sounded worried and Reina laughed dizzily.“My rent would soon expire, and I don’t have any money on….” She said with a slurry voice and dozed off, letting the bottle of alcohol slip from her fingers. “Hello…!, Reina!!!” The voice screamed fretfully, but the sound of her snores made her calm down. “So she slept off already, seems she’s drunk, or else she’d never have told me this.” The voice muttered and chuckled before ending the call.

Chapter 2

8:44AMReina opened her eyes slowly to an unbearable headache and her phone ringing continuously. “Arrrggghh,” She groaned loudly and stretched her hands to her phone, before picking it slowly. She answered the call and placed it on ears when she saw the number was an unsaved number. She shut her eyes tightly because of the pain she was getting from the headache. “Hello.” A deep masculine voice resounded on the phone, which made her open her eyes swiftly to check the Caller ID again. She managed to sit up and tried to sound good. “Please, who am I speaking with?” She raised her brows, confusingly. “Ma’am, you are to come for an interview in EL Entertainment Industry by 9:30am.” The voice said. “What…” She trailed off when she discovered that they’ve disconnected the call.“What just happened?” She creased her brows, trying to understand what exactly happened a few seconds ago. Almo


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