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Daniel Grace

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WARNING: MATURED CONTENTS. "What.. what do you want?" Regina asked, moving backwards calculatingly from the predator whose eyes scanned her length like she was a prey about to be devoured completely. She kept stepping back but he grabbed her arms and yanked her over. "You're my wife and I have all the right to do whatever I want with you!" Daniel whispered harshly. He grasped her wrist, pulling her over to him. He swirled her around then he pushed her down on the bed. She gasped as her dress went up her thighs due to how hard he pushed her and pinned her hands above her head. Regina could only tear up when he hovered over her with his gaze dark and his face blank. What did she do to deserve such an ill-fated life?. ------ "Where do you think you're going?" A deep cold voice resounded behind her. "Far away from you," Rachael snapped, turning around to face him but instantly bit her tongue when she saw the deadly glare and his handsome expressionless face. "I just saved your life, you almost died," he pointed out like she was supposed to thank him. After everything he did to her, saving her was just not enough. she shivered and wrapped her arms around her wet body, her clothes drenched while she tried to cover herself like it'd take the cold and loneliness away. "Should I be thanking you?" she asked with a brow raised and she couldn't help but wonder where she got the courage from. "What else should I do then for you to know how I feel?" he asked, his voice gradually rising for the first time. "Nothing! why?! because I'll never forgive you. you killed my father and I hate you!" Rachael yelled, the cold giving her the courage and boldness she never had. Derek stood there with a surprised look she never thought he could make. slowly his eyes turned dark and cold, his jaw clenched as he walked closer to her. She moved against the wall in fright as he neared her, his face just an itch away from hers as he clenched his fists. "f*ck!" he exclaimed unexpectedly, punching the wall behind her and it made her flinch back in shock and fear. He stared at her with his bloodshot eyes while he breathed heavily before he walked past her. She quickly fell down on the cold ground and sat on her legs, unable to keep herself up. She wept bitterly, she just missed her dad so much but he was gone, he killed her father.


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