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Affair With The Mafia

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Cheryl Jacqueline Alejandro, her life is full of perfection. A charming, beautiful face, seductive body goals, rich parents who always give everything, also a handsome fiancé who loves her so much. Carlos never left her, never had an affair, and was attracted to other women. Carlos just stares at her and never turns to anyone. However, Carlos' loyalty just made her feel curious with foreign gazes that watched her like a hungry lion. Rafael Frederich Wagner, a man she knows as her sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend. In a smoldering fire game, Cheryl finds herself on the run with Rafael from pursuing a foreign mob who is trying to catch him. In her heart, there was a big question mark about who was the man who was running holding her hand. Who is the man who looks so thirsty when staring at her body? Who is the man who dares to burn her skin with a hot seductive kiss? And then, Cheryl is in a tremendous vacillation between continuing her life with her fiancé or choosing another line with the new man in her life. The man who made her fall in love differently, faster, smoldering, and made her crave a foreign desire that surged in her body. Forbidden, but kept calling her to come closer, as if calling her name in a seductive voice. Should I fight the world for you? —Rafael Frederick Wagner— *** Should I fight the world with you? — Cheryl Jacqueline Alejandro—

Chapter 1 Mysterious Terror

Cheryl's eyes shone sharply to stare at the rearview mirror on the right. Her hands moved quickly to turn the steering wheel, turning the car she was driving to the right side without giving a signal in the form of a turn signal.

The sound of a car horn from the opposite direction echoed and startled Cheryl. She still accelerated the speed without caring about the curses of other drivers who were disturbed with her.

From behind, three high-speed Bugatti Chirons were trying to catch up with her. They passed every car on the highway to get closer to Cheryl.

In a rage of emotion and fear, Cheryl pressed the gas pedal to accelerate her speed to cut through a crowded highway in the middle of the night. The streets of Manhattan never sleep even though it's already 2 AM.

“Cheryl, are you crazy? We could die if you keep speeding up your car!”

Cheryl glanced briefly at Veronica who was sitting beside her. A look of panic was evident on Veronica's face, but Cheryl ignored Veronica and preferred to focus on the road in front of her.

A black car managed to find a gap to overtake Cheryl. They blocked and tried to stop the car that Cheryl was driving.

"Sh*t! Who are they? Why follow us?!” Veronica screamed in panic as Cheryl nearly lost control of the car. Less than a second, the car hit the road divider.

Cheryl glanced back at the back, two other black cars were still following every movement of the car she was driving. She didn't know how long she would be able to drive the car at high speed, but for now, Cheryl had to make a surprising move to turn the car around so she could escape the two cars behind her.

“Can you call Alejandro's bodyguard? Send them our location. Ask my Daddy to send a helicopter right now!” Cheryl shouted while still focusing her eyes on overtaking a black car that was trying to block her way.

“I called Mateo, but he didn't answer!” Veronica answered while keeping her focus on the phone in her hand.

Cheryl could see Veronica's hands were shaking with fear, but she didn't have time to just say soothing words to her. Right now, Cheryl was feeling scared too.

Since leaving the Alejandro International Skyscraper Building—the family company now led by his older brother, her car has been followed by three mysterious black cars. Cheryl had no choice but to try to speed up her car to avoid their pursuit. However, now Cheryl felt that she couldn't take it anymore. If she further increases the speed of the car, then it is certain that she will die if she cannot control her own car.

“Call anyone who can save us, Vero! I can't hold them back any longer!" Cheryl lost the composure she had shown earlier.

Veronica didn't give any answer, but she lowered her head to operate the cell phone in her lap.

"Rafael! Help me. There are three cars that have been following Cheryl and me. They chase us!”

Cheryl heard Veronica scream with the phone tightly to her ear. Cheryl doesn't really know who Veronica is calling. The only thing she needs is help to get out of the mysterious cars that have followed her since she left Alejandro's office.

“I will send you the location. Please help me!”

As soon as Veronica hung up on her cell phone, they both screamed loudly when they were attacked by the car in front of them. That car suddenly stopped, so Cheryl did not have time to press the brake pedal. The left side of her car grazed the black car, leaving an ear-splitting screech.

First, the front of the car, followed by the shock of the car's rear when a car suddenly hit her from behind.

Cheryl lost control. She tried hard to press the brake pedal to stop the car. However, when a car collides, other cars will be dragged into the vortex, causing a pileup.

Cheryl's heart skipped a beat. She took a deep breath, then tried to regain control after the car had spun twice after hitting the back of the car in front of her.

In just a short time, the toll road experienced traffic paralysis.

“Cheryl, let's step on the gas pedal! Let's get out of here!” Veronica exclaimed in a panicked voice.

They are both fine, but not with a few cars that briefly graze Cheryl who loses control after being hit by a mysterious car following her.

Smoke began to rise from several vehicles. In fact, there was an explosion on the shoulder of the road where a white car seemed to have been crushed after hitting the road divider.

Cheryl's legs went limp. Her hands shook with fear. Various flashes of car headlights surrounded them, and some people started to get down to see the situation, but neither Cheryl nor Veronica dared to get out of their car.

Cheryl thought the accident would end the terror she got from three black foreign cars, but she was wrong. Because less than a minute after the car stopped turning, Cheryl could hear gunshots from two black cars far behind her.

Those people who had tried to get out to look around began to cry out in panic at the sound of gunfire. The cold night in the middle of the toll road has become a terrible situation.

One shot…

Two shots…

Until the last, the bullet could penetrate the window of Cheryl's car. The sound of broken glass made Cheryl's body shiver with fear.

Beside her, Veronica also screamed in fear. She tried to find her cellphone, which had fallen under the chair, but her hands couldn't find that object.

Cheryl's heartbeat was getting louder and louder. Her eyes trembled with fear when she saw one of the driver of the car colliding with her begin to walk down while brandishing a gunshot.

Cheryl's fingernails gripped the steering wheel tightly. Amid the sound of the gun, Cheryl tried to start her car's engine.

The rumbling and commotion was heard again. However, it wasn't the sound of the crash or the gun firing but rather the sound of a helicopter approaching.

Cheryl turned her head around her. The three black cars stopped a few meters away from her had disappeared in seconds.

Disappear without a trace.

Daddy. The only person that crossed Cheryl's head were her Daddy or maybe her older brother, Mateo. However, as soon as a man dashed down from the helicopter towards her car, Cheryl's brows furrowed deeply as she found neither Daddy nor her brother. Even Cheryl realized that the two helicopters that made an emergency landing in the middle of the highway were not the helicopters belonging to the Alejandro family. There is a large symbol that says 'RFW' on the helicopter's side.

As soon as she read the abbreviation of the letters, the danger signal filled Cheryl's head again. She was preparing to start her car when Veronica suddenly jumped out of the car and approached a strange man who was not far from them.


It wasn't Cheryl but Veronica who cried out in a trembling voice while hugging the man in the black jacket tightly.

Rafael. Cheryl repeated the unfamiliar name in her heart as she tried to remember the name of someone Veronica had mentioned on the phone a few minutes ago.

Cheryl breathed a sigh of relief, her body decaying and limp, when she realized that the two helicopters parked not far from her belonged to a man who Veronica had contacted.

Cheryl's head suddenly felt heavy. The adrenaline pressure she had been feeling had made her feel weak. She still clearly remembers when her hands shook with fear, but her feet kept pressing the gas pedal to avoid the pursuit of the mysterious people. She also still remembers when a bullet went through her car window, which caused the glass to shatter into pieces.

She almost died in an accident, and her head almost got a hole by a bullet.

"Cheryl! Hey, what's wrong with you?!”

Cheryl heard Veronica scream in panic. She ran back into the car and forced the door open.

At first, Cheryl didn't really understand why Veronica called her name with a worried look, but as soon as her eyes felt heavy and difficult to open, Cheryl realized that she had almost lost consciousness.

The last thing Cheryl remembered before her eyes were completely closed was the soft pat Veronica gave her. Also, the agile movements of the foreign man who had hugged Veronica. He opened the door beside Cheryl and reached out to get Cheryl out of the car.

Out of the corner of her eye, Cheryl could see that that man was carrying her running through the chaos on the freeway to get into the helicopter.

Cheryl tried to move her body and opened her eyes, but her body felt very weak. Weak. His eyes were heavy, and her head was very, very dizzy.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine."

Cheryl could also faintly hear the man's voice as he was trying to calm Veronica who was crying in fear while holding Cheryl's wrist.

After that, Cheryl completely lost consciousness. She couldn't see or hear anything. Her eyes were completely closed and she didn't have a chance to maintain her consciousness.

One thing Cheryl knows, she fainted after successfully escaping from the pursuit of strangers who continued to follow her car.

Chapter 2 Stranger's Apartment

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

Cheryl squinted as she tried to adjust her vision to the bright lights. Her hand moved slowly to massage her aching head.

"Want to drink?" Someone helped Cheryl to get up from a lying position. He held out a glass filled with water which Cheryl immediately gulped down.

Her throat felt dry. As the water began to move down her throat, Cheryl let out a low moan as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Your head hurts? I have some painkillers that can help relieve your headache. You want some?"

Cheryl lifted her head to look at the man who had been restraining her back so she could sit and drink properly.

Cheryl's eyes blinked repeatedly. A flash of images of what had happened to her flashed through her head.

“Vero,” Cheryl mumbled in a low voice, “where is Veronica?”

"She's taking a shower upstairs," that man removed his hand from Cheryl's back and sat in front o


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