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Accidentally Kidnapping The Don

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Imagine you planned to have your boyfriend kidnapped, delivered to your blindfolded and gagged. You f*ck him, and pull the hood off after, only to be face to face with a stranger. That stranger, you quickly lean, is the Don of the Cosa Nostra. He's all too pleased to have taken part in your kidnap fantasy. Please note: This is a short, lighthearted, funny erotic story.



I pace the room and wait. Everything is set up. Everything is going to be perfect. I know to others, this will look like a crazy thing to do. It's not, though; if anything, it's hot. Maybe a little crazy. Who am trying to kid? It is crazy.

Yasmine laughs while looking at me like I'm a fool. "This is crazy. I can't believe you're going to do it," she says, and I smile. I am, and I will enjoy every second of it. Actually, I'm sure both me and Dean will enjoy every second of it.

"He will love it! Especially after the meeting, it gives him something fun," I explain and wait for the call. I know it was a long meeting. He had already warned me he would be busy for hours. This is just something fun to help him unwind and enjoy himself.

"Ryan knows what he is doing, right?" She asks, and I nod. It's not that hard to kidnap someone. You grab them, throw a bag over their head, and are done. At least they make it look that easy in the movies, it actually might not be. Who knows?

"Yeah, I've told him to wait for my call. This is going to be amazing," I laugh, and she looks at me like I'm crazy. I'm not. It's fun. That's all.

My phone beeps, and I answer.

"Hey babes, how's it going?" I ask.

"Finished now. Stressed, though, I won't be straight home. I might meet the others for a few drinks first. Is that okay?"

"Dean, you don't need to ask. Sure, it is fine. Where are you?" I ask, grab out the phone, and type the message saying 'now'. I get ready to hit send.

"Literally opening the door to leave," he laughs, and I hit send on the message. "Call soon," he ends the call, and I laugh.

"God, he's gonna murder you when he finds out that him getting kidnapped was your freaky way to have fun," Yasmine laughs.

"He gets fun as well, Yas, not just me," I explain.

"They know he needs to be alive, right, and that this isn't a real kidnapping situation?"

"Yas, they aren't fools. If you're staying, that's fine but don't talk when they bring him in. Then you need to leave anyway as it will get a little x-rated," I joke and we both laugh.

"Only you, Demi, would have your boyfriend kidnapped, blindfolded, gagged and f*ck him," she laughs, and I nod. He knows it will be me.

"It's not like I'm raping him. We have our safe signals," I reply, and she groans. I see the lights and jump up.

"God, the poor guy, you realise he will be scared shitless, right?" She stares at me and I laugh, I watch as Ryan and Tom pull him through and tie him to the chair.

They nod at me and leave with Yasmine. I watch his body thrash against the chair. A bag is over his head to stop him from seeing. Walking over, I straddle him.

"Guess who," I whisper, and watch his body still. His head falls back, and I imagine him trying to say, d*mn you woman, which makes me smile harder.

I stroke along his chest before reaching his trousers. Unfastening them, my hand grips his c*ck and moves over it. He groans and pushes his hips higher.

"I figured after your big meeting, I would surprise you. Are you happy?" I whisper, and he doesn't respond. Laughing slightly, I roll the condom down his length.

"Will me f*ck*ng you make up for me kidnapping you?" I ask, and watch his head nodding. Moving, I position myself above his c*ck, slower lowering myself on it.

My hips begin moving as he thrusts up slightly, only small, but it's all that he is able to do, considering he's tied to the chair. I move faster, grinding down against him, watching as his head falls back and he groans.

Moans escape my mouth as I orgasm, my body settling against his. His muffled words cause me to laugh.

"Okay, I'll remove the mask and gag. Next time, you kidnap me, though," I say. Moving, I pull the hood off and scream.

Jumping up, I stare at him. "Sh*t! Oh f*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!" Screaming I kick his shin and he frowns at me. "Sorry, f*ck! What do I do?" I panic and pace, the guy mutters something and I remove the gag.

"I'm sorry," I quickly say, and he chuckles.

"Oh, it was worth it. However, if you don't want a bullet in the back of your head, I suggest you take the phone out of my pocket and hit the name Evan and let me call off the rescue," he says while smiling.

"No, no, because, no. Sh*t!" Reaching for my phone, I hit the number.

"That was quick, Demi," Ryan laughs.

"Who the f*ck have you kidnapped, Ryan! It's not Dean! I f*ck*d him, I f*ck*d a stranger," I shout and he laughs.

"Not falling for it."

"It's not a f*ck*ng lie, Ryan, who did you kidnap?" I ask.

"Not to interrupt your meltdown, Doll, but I would appreciate some assistance in getting this off, considering I have no hands." He points towards his c*ck where the condom still is.

"Who is that?" Ryan asks.

"Whoever you kidnapped, get here," I shout and hang up. Turning, I look at the guy, and he nods down.

"I'm not touching you there. Just wait." God, what have I done?

"You already did, princess; it was amazing as well," he smirked, and I glared at him.

"I really suggest you do as I say and call Evan," he explains.

"No! Not until I get Ryan here to find out what to do," I say.

"Then can you at least cover my c*ck before I have a show?" He smirks, and I step towards him. My face scrunchies up, and he throws his head back, laughing.

"You already touched it and f*ck*d it, Doll. Stop pulling faces like it's about to come alive again." He smirks, and I groan. I reach for him, then stop.

"I can't, eww no! Sorry, but I can't touch it again," I say while stepping back, and he laughs. "I'll release one of your hands, just one enough for you to reach," I say and walk around the back of him. Unfastening him slightly, I release one of his hands but keep his arms tied down with the rope.

Pulling his arm around the front, I release it and watch as he sorts himself out. I f*ck*d a stranger. Someone I don't know. I should have listened to Yasmine, this is a disaster, like, why did I think this was good?

Groaning, my head falls back against the wall, and he sits smirking at me. God, this is bad, like burning in hell, bad.



I stay sitting on the chair and can't stop smiling at her. She's wild and feisty. Which I fucking love in my women, but this one? She likes the risk. That is obvious because here I am, tied to a chair in her apartment.

She fucked me without checking I was the right guy first, and I remember her words. Next time, I kidnap her. I will. She can count on that for sure. That's my mission going forward: find out who she is. What she does in life, where she goes and who she is close to. I want to know every secret she has.

Then, I will kidnap her back and fuck her.

If she survives, the longer I don't reach out, the more chance there is she will have a team of men swarming this place and breaking down the door with guns. Then she will be dead, as they won't ask. They will just shoot. Which I guess is my fault. I trained them to do that if I was ever taken.

She's freaking out, though. My eyes look across her. Her black hair flows

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